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well honestly…

Friday started out real slow. I was a hot mess waking up and I felt like one of my motorcycle accidents had happened… but I knew I had to get right for the evening because the homey Nas was coming through to my b-day party and I was sharing my b-day party with my lil homey J-Cole….

anyways, my suspension was supposed to come from germany on friday, but didn’t…. so I went into work and talked some shit over with my cousin…. had some work we need to finish (ewayz, I got you bro) and had some homiez coming through from out of town and I just wanted to rest…

I got a direct message from my favorite tweeter @fatjew and shit was hillarious…


so I get home to hurry up, change, shave, cut my wig… to meet up with an old friend of mine…. she is one of very few women in my life that I have no love interest for…. but hold it down! haha…. at one point she was also 1 of the biggest models in tokyo, since I’ve had so many jealously issues with literally 4 different long relationship girlfriends, we don’t get to hang often… but she wanted to take me out to dinner, so we could catch up. so we hit up the newer katana off 3rd street east of la cienega… it wasn’t bad, but def wasn’t nozawa or kiriko or even matsuhisa for sushi….. but the company was great…. we talked about everything possible in 2 hours… then she broke out a Joans on Third peanut butter and chocolate cupcake… shit was perfect!

maya always brings me back ill tiny trinkets from japan from candy to even toys and cool shit since 2000 when we met…. she would hook me up with rare nike’s when I collected… well these mints are the SHIT! thanks maya!

so I ran back to the tilt to get ready for my 2nd bday party…. change shirts… I got literally 3 of the same in every color shirt of L-R-G spring 1…. like a plain black long sleeve woven? yes 3 of them… 3 of everything! I’m a simple man!
turned my phone off cuz everyone wants to get in, but the shit was already over capacity…. so my lil bro Rob Kardashian comes over to roll with me and then we go to pick up the homey Jimmy Boi and the homey M who flew in from Tampa…. we get to hyde, vip the whip and walk in and I see my homey Eunice in the spot…. somehow within literally 30min the already small place was fucking packed! already, we start it off, bottle of goose and I got the drank on deck…. funny thing is it’s been slow for the past few months, but when you drop over 6 figures with SBE (hyde, area, sbar, katsuya, sls hotel, etc) they tend to treat you well (thank you Jae for everything!) and they broke out a full blown bday cake! I was sooo full and I don’t think any of us ate any of it… I was so far gone I don’t remember much after this point but a few details…. Nas saw it was too crowded. I MEAN I WAS HAVING A HARD TIME BREATHING and so he stayed for only 10 minutes. I lost my camera case, but not my camera, Rob and ADAM, Tamara, GOAT got me a bottle of Veuve and I drank half the bottle in a matter of 10 minutes, so then I thought it’d make me feel better, but it made me feel actually worse….. then I decided to fux with the oil and from then on. who knows. lol… but I did get to hang with my homiez who didn’t make it to my bday party at playhouse and my friend Amanda and her fine ass homegirl Joi….
We jumped in the 7 and got some Thai food (I was told) and then headed back to the tilt…

me and Rob on our way….

the crew early….

it wasn’t even a shitty cake… it was pretty serious!

got robby on that L-R-G program early!

don’t let that smile fool you… Jimmy is a hooligan!

Joi, Curlie…. Eunice and JB in the cut


and thennnn..

it was pretty much game over at this point. peace 2 fingers

after the cake and multiple bottles, they brought me milk, malibu and some other kinda drink and cookies… but I felt so bad, all I wanted was water to sober up.

this is how crowded this fucking club was!

shout out to my homiez: Lumbo, Nick Diamond, Bee, Jerry, Javier, Lo, Brittany Dailey, FSAS Felix and who am I forgetting? JOY! I love you girl, thanks for coming!

champagne sprayed on my shirt…

my trainer and homey Adam aka the GOAT and yes I’m outro


woke up late as hell!
headed down to pick up M and Jimmy to head to my store….
walked in and the homey M was in heaven for real!
showed him the pieces, the work, the chains and all the above….

my cousin got a new piece as a wedding anniversary gift and I had to take a pic with my phone… it’s the new Rolex Datejust II and it’s 41mm so significantly bigger than the last model datejust and it’s fucking ill! I can’t wait to ice that bitch out!

we stayed at Icee Fresh for a while, then M decided to cop a new chain and cross… we’re making it now, so it’ll be ready soon; just a clean diamond solitaire necklace and matching cross (obvi i’ll show pics) and we head back west, but I cruise down crenshaw to show the homey’s some LA hood sites…. roll down the shaw and head to my homey Nick Diamonds pre grammy soiree’ at his Diamond Supply store and said what up to the homey’s…. Stevie Williams and Chico Brenes and I forgot my camera at the house, so I couldn’t take pics of the event…. we ate them gourmet burgers at Golden State and then headed to go see my fam Tal, Ash(supra) and graf aftist Revok do a piece at the DCMA store…

revok stay reppin kr3w and supra heavy! (bold II cam pic)

after that, it was almost 5pm, so I tried to take a nap cuz I’m fucking all the way exhausted!
smh…. I wake up and it’s 7:30pm! I’m late for the homey Fabolous’s grammy party. Fab was nominated for grammy, so DEF JAM held an event for him at Phillipe Chow’s…. I got there fashionably hella late and walked in the same time as Fab did lol.
we sat down and had dinner and I saw a bunch of cats from the bizness there. Seen my homey Twin in the spot(he was my direct lifeline to Jeezy… but he movin and shakin with others now) and I saw some cats I haven’t seen since Pac or Biggies death! like Don Pooh and just random OG nyc cats…. still in that music game(smh) but again, forgot my camera and I knew from that moment, IT WAS GONNA BE A LONGGGG ASS NIGHT! I couldn’t go back home, so I said fuck it… was choppin it up with some OG’s and my homey Slim Thug who I ain’t seen since we did the Comedy Central piece on the Daily Show….

(the homey Won G) I know there are more pics… but I gotta dig or my boy Johnny Nunez gotta send me some…
So from there, we headed to the House of Blues for Trey Songz show/concert and that place was fucking bedlam! it was just a god damn mad house, started to get anxiety… shook from there to hit up the SLS hotel…. then shook over to see my fam Jus Ske spin at Playhouse…. after playhouse ended which was around almost 4am… headed over to a private party at the new W Hotel in hollywood for a neyo party….. got home around 9am and was comatose….

woke up at around 12pm only to hit the bathroom in a bad way!
went back to bed and woke up again at 3pm…. washed my ass and went to go link up with my mom’s…. thought she’d have some Juk for me, but she brought me kim bap instead and some herbs and medicine…. got some food and came right back home to try to rest. fell asleep around 6pm and woke up again at 9pm…. reading bbm’s from Drake and mad homey’s about WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO TONIGHT? I’m like fuck this I’m too old for this shit…. fuck the grammy’s. I really don’t give a fuck bout the show and my bro Homicide hits me and says you feel like hittin up this Wil I Am interscope private event at Jimmy’s? I said man, honestly, I’d go, but I’m just too beat… Homicide felt the same, he just finished 3 shows back to back to back and was just happy Kobe hit a buzzer beater and our Lake Show won against the punk ass Celtics… so he was like If you roll, I’ll go, only way I’ll go is if you roll… I said I’m undecided brodie… woke up like you know what? I can see Drizzy Drake anytime… I hit up my homey 40 and he was in toronto, so that almost sealed it for me… Guys and Dolls is already crazy on sunday nights, so I’m not trying to fuck up my work week for another party…. these days, cats are not buying jewels by me being out in the clubs… so I rather save some money and chill out.
I hit up the Grove to go see Edge of Darkness and kept it real light and turned my phone on silent…. the movie was actually real good, not excellent, but I was entertained. Got some food at the Farm of BH and just maxed out for the rest of the evening…. updated my facebook, replied to some emails… got a good week this week….

dropping my car today, SO I WILL FINALLY HAVE PICS OF SHAMOO! the bitch been breaking necks all weekend long!

then I’m headed to KR3W headquarters for a Supra meeting for the BB collab and S.L.A.T.E. show

p.s. last year, I went out literally 10x in the entire year in LA, I don’t like being in the LA club scene because the shit will swallow you up and fake your whole aura out! it’s crazy too because I was born and raised here, but cats come here and get lumped up in the head and really confused… girls thirsty to meet someone big or make it big, guys are just as bad…. everyone’s got a meeting, everyone’s fake busy, everyone’s fake friends… everyone’s “GRINDING” not to hate on your motivation, but NO YOU ARE NOT, SHUT THE FUCK UP! but anyways back to the point… I’ve been out 4x this year already and I see the fake shit, I participate in the industry(I fucking hate this word) game and whatever, try to make networks I don’t already have if thats possible or connect dots I haven’t yet connected….. so I’m lookin at this new breed or musicians or entertainers and it’s fucking pathetic… make me want to change professions… I saw SOOOOOOOOOO much horrible jewelry, I mean not from A to Z it was awful, the diamond setting work was trash, the diamonds themselves were trash…. it was fucking embarrassing. everything to these new cats is “good enough” jewelry…. now if I wanted to sit down in a decently lit room and show them where and why their jewels are horrible, they’d be all fucked up in the head, but it’s bad business to bad mouth another jeweler, but it’s even worse when you aren’t even using “I” clarity diamonds, all I saw was “CC” clarity diamonds “cheddar cheese” shit looked like these jewelers took a hammer to their watches and pendants….. smfh

anyways, enough yapping and complaining

remember to always: “MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!”

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