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I think right about now if you follow music closely and unless you’ve been sleeping underneath a sombrero then you must have heard about the kids called “ODD FUTURE” aka OFWGKTA
it started off with a spark in the streets…. a co-sign from Kanye and their first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and then it was pretty much over.
the best part about my lil homies is that they WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO! literally.
their management team consists of Chris Clancy who I’ve known forever and was the muscle and marketing behind Eminem and 50 Cent and we’re talking major major work was put in…. and his wife Kelly has been putting in a lotta overtime with these kids. Tyler the ace of the crew has his 2nd album GOBLIN dropping next month May 10, 2011 and his video for Yonkers has over 6.5 million views!!!!! off word of mouth pretty much and just web buzz……
they killed Coachella(I knew Pharell was gonna be on stage rocking with them, but I ain’t no spoiler!) …. and all their shows have sold out in the past few months and upcoming shows all over the USA are sold out pretty much

so I been hanging with them when I’m around the block and they’re just funny ass great kids, LA kids who are about to take over….. I can’t say their like a new Wu Tang, they’re so different from that…. they’re like a Rage Against the Machine meets Gravediggaz…. just some new new.
be on the look out for them

a few days ago I was on the phone talking about them with a friend of mine in Texas and he’s already seeing the major buzz and I pull up to Diamond Supply and there they are all gathered in front talking shit, skating acting a donkey….. 2 minutes later I drive off and Tyler crosses the street in front of Supreme and gets hit by a pickup truck and some mexican guy driving it and he goes crazy…. Tyler socked dudes window out and went insane and screaming and shit and I couldn’t put my window down because I just got it tinted lol…. but mannnn, I seen it happen literally before my eyes and Tyler’s skateboard was still underneath the dudes car hahhaa…. man I tweeted about it and then like 6 minutes later Tyler tweeted about it.

a couple days after, I seen odd future again and we went to the grove and I heard Tyler Perry was there (I fucking hate Tyler Perry) and I wanted to see Tyler heckle the shit out of him, but by the time we got there, he had already left…..
I went back up on the block and then shook out, I’m gonna make a few of the Wolf Gang members some cool little chains


my boy Alex was there getting some footage with a new artist and my boy S Dot was taking pics…. Alex just directed that new Bitches Aint Shit video with Nipsey, Tyga & YG (all 3 are good homies of mine)

and the block was hot….


this is not Tyler’s steez…. he doesn’t care about diamonds really… but he likes yellow gold….
in this picture, he said “look at me, I’m big sean, I’m lame” lol….
I’m not the most religious person on earth, but I do like our jesus pieces….

earlier in the day, I had a sit down with my boy D Crooks and we sat down at Robata Jinya (YEAAAHHH)


it was D’s first time there and so I ordered the basic shit that everyone loves… but we also ordered some other things and everything is always delicious! but the oysters, chicken liver, chicken yakitori and other things I’ve never ordered before were crack!
the homey B Lavish from Crooks by total coincidence had a meeting over at Robata too….

so the meeting with D was to help him with his new accessories and jewelry line called PangeaLE and for those who are really trying to get them super affordable chakra bracelets and chakra rosarys and key chains and fresh ass buddha style necklaces…. then check them out

matte black beads, 7mm thick and with silver and black rhodium beads with white diamonds buddha necklace…. on some deepak chopra type shit

good luck D, much love

now yesterday, I had lunch at La Scala with Homicide and chopped up shit about the wedding and stuff….
then after we shot over to my crib to get an exclusive interview with matt (owner of and be on his documentary about sneaker collecting and how the internet changed it. we have been talking about this for over a month now and it’s gonna be a year long project for Matt and he wanted the perspective from OG’s who were doing this way before niketalk or nike park was around…. he also wanted some stories about AMC and why not get 2 out of 3 of them… RIP DJ AM.

we chopped it up for an hour and a half almost…. lotta stories and memories…. we had to let these cats know who are under the age 25 that, the yeezy’s aren’t shit….. broke down some history on old school kicks and to be honest, by the time we retired from sneaker collecting, cats like Maestro were like 17 and didn’t even really prolly know who the OG’s were in the business.

speaking of throw back shit?
here’s a picture from 1989…. taken on Solano Ave. in Berkeley, Ca fresh out of the chair of Johnson’s Barber shop….

I’m rocking OG AIR JORDAN IV’S, not retros, this again is 1989…. I’m in High School….. rocking the OG polo rugby shirt too

again, it’s always mad love,
thanks Matt, thanks Nice Kicks

watched some bullshit playoff games, but had no money on them (thats why they were bullshit) lol
talked to the money team for a sec…. everythings GOOD in vegas….
took a nap and was getting ready for this new IF and Co facelift

woke up and worked on some things and then headed out to Playhouse to check out my little homey Eric Dlux who I haven’t seen in a while. a long while….

same ole shit…. 2 years later and it’s still packed there

IGGY! and Rose’!!!!!

me and dlux on our cat daddy shit!

2 bottles? naww…….

5 bottles…. forgot that Eric Dlux is a ciroc boy….

thanks Igor always… elie too and kelvin
shout out to the homey Vinnie and my big boy DJ Triple XL!

everyone have a safe weekend!
I’ll have the new webpage up for the weekend wrap up!


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