GOLD IS TOO DAMN HIGH! $1,410.10 an OZ.!the weekend wrap up… WEEEZY IS FREE!

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so before I even get started on what went down this weekend…..
woke up early in the AM to this:


fawwwwk me no glide
fyi…. when my cousin started to run the business in his pre-early teens… gold was like $290 to $350 an oz…. max! this was when I was buying gold chains and shit at $300 an oz and stuff…. this is bad for business! smh
what a terrible way to start the week!


so Friday, I wake up and orders keep coming and coming. shit is a blessing, but also driving me insane…. I swear when I can stop being cheap and afford an assistant, I’m hiring one…. It really pisses me off to see dickheads hire people, treat them like shit and then pay them nothing! and they also don’t get shit worth of experience from the hazing! If you work with me and for me, you’re gonna definitely LEARN!
with that said, I can’t even get someone to send out some goodwood jesus pieces to my vip clients! smh….
rex, marcus, scott…. your GW’s are in route!

so after handling biz at IF and Co…..
(always click on images on my blog to enlarge them)

btw, we got new pouches…. we still have the microsuede joints, but these new leather ones are kinda illy…. but we’re going to laser the logo on much better…. but be on the lookout for these when you cop jewels from us!

so nothing else has changed except the weather… what the fuck in cat dicks is going on?
it was 97 degrees on friday afternoon and I scooped up the homey 40 for a quick lunch at La Scala so he can witness the best spaghetti bolognese on earth(no lie, not even 5 star spots in Italy are fucking with their spaghetti) and their world famous chopped salad…. along with 2 latte’s and 4 orange juices lololol 40 you’re a nut!
we chopped it up some more and it’s always good to see my tdot folk…. he’s buggin though off how it’s 40 degrees and colder in the TO while he’s burning up in cargo pants and a drake tour tee in beverly hills…..

so vegas was up in the air as we didn’t think that Weezy would make it…. so I was supposed to head out to Vegas that night for 2 hours max to grab some bread, but It worked out that I didn’t have to go….

instead my monkey ass took a much needed nap and met up with my AMC (murder crew not mack’s crew) brother Max Murder for a hot sec….. we got a few hennessey’s and jameson’s straight up at the Grove and chopped it up…. brother, I wish you the best on your journey to being a normal human being lol… I love you max
(btw if you don’t know who max is, you’d lol because you’d never be able to imagine the 2 of us hang with each and have so much in common…. he was wearing matchstick skinny denim before the emo’s wear even rocking or before it became urbanly cool to and btw, he rocks a IF and Co watch)

so Max loses his keys which were actually in my house and ended up being a blessing in disguise because I bought 2 tix to see DUE DATE at the grove and the line was only 900 people long and since it was like 75 degrees at 9:30pm there were only 439,000+ people at the grove…. fuck me
so I drive him and katie to my house and then me and Nic headed west to century city where I copped assigned seats via ipad and made life much easier….! awww got some of the chocolate chip cookie dough treats from the concession stand and almost vomited (DO NOT BUY THAT CANDY, IT SUCKS!)
sat down and enjoyed 76% of the movie… I’m not totally sold on this Zach dude and haven’t liked him in anything, not even in Heartbreakers with Jennifer Love Hewitt when he was skinny… didn’t like him in the Hangover…. but he wasn’t so bad in this… DUE DATE gets a 7 out of 10 in my book and they coulda did with the shooting or the mexico scene…. or shortened the mexico scene really and cut out the gun shit.. *SPOILER!*


woke up early as a motherfucker!
headed out on a 1st class flight to Chicago to meet a client in person to close a deal!
I went from 80 degrees to 45 degrees! fucking sucked!
but I was only in the Chi for like 9 hours max!
got my fried chicken, walked down the magnificent mile for a sec and checked out louis vuitton….
didn’t even get a hotel room! We sat and had coffee at the Hancock building to kill time!


p.s. I didn’t think birds could fly this high and for them to take a shit this high? good for those fuckers

while I was wearing a bubble goose and long sleeve and jeans, everyone else was happy about the weather rocking long sleeve tees and pretty much shit I wear on a hot day in LA (very proud of you fux)

so headed back to ORD and back to warmer weather…..

as I’m headed out, the homey Johnny Boy sent me a mms message of him and the homey’s at the new stunt spot and it made me lightweight sad that I don’t have a bike anymore and especially all the amazing times I had on 1 wheel, sometimes 2 and especially our rides down the coast from marina del rey to manhattan beach all the way down to harbor city! damnnnn….

so as I log into my gogo inflight wifi on the plane… I see that Weezy DID SHOW UP TO THE VEGAS SHOW! I’m so fucking bummed about it, that I email 40 and he hits me back just as bummed because he truly didn’t think Wayne would show up, that’s why 40 flew back to Toronto to handle OVO business…. damn

I got that shot from the one and only Derick G who in the shot taking flicks of Drizzy and Wayne perform Miss Me…. I heard Vegas was beyond en fuego that night and all through the night…. but eh…. fuck it, so many more to come, but continued congrats and cheers to my famo Drizzy Drake… what I can’t stand is hearing about fags like Brian Nevius who is a super extra lame who thinks he runs shit in vegas when everyone he tries to fuck with don’t even know cat…. smh… I got a link from a friend to his twitter page and he’s sending out tweets about my folks like he was hanging out with them…. son you’re a bottle host, you look like tom arnold with worse hair, cmon son lol

so I get home and crash


woke up to stress with a project I’m working closely with with Anita on some new jewelry designs and of course shit never goes smooth…. *sigh*
met up with her, both of us in our pajamas…. randomly on the 700 North block of Canon Drive in Bev Hills lol

then I shoot down to my store… I did get some extra sleep due to the daylight savings shit….
draw up some new shit and check out completed shit and grab orders that need to be sent out, etc…
(shout out my man Saif Rubie in London who just copped a 15 carat Gucci Donut Bezel all white on white digital watch from me… it’s on its way fam, thanks again)

and then on the other spectrum of things…. smh

as I’m looking through some appraisals from the local GIA gem lab downtown that we got appraisals for some Houston cats who wanted to know what their watches were worth, I Shaked My fucking Head…. these clowns in the south steady use CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS! SI3 at that! (fyi GIA doesn’t even recognize SI3, that would be a I1 in GIA’s book) and if these guys would spent a little bit more with us, the appraisal would have been double that and they would have got SI1 legit stones in their shit…. I just can’t have them bullshit stones even if the average joe on the streets can’t tell the difference smh….

and they never use gold watches, ever! always stainless steel shit down there and some of these idiots rhodium a stainless steel watch with gold rhodium! what the fuck! too much jewelry cheatin and cheapin

but you know what?

(blackberry pic)
that’s when I kill them with the 50 carat total VS1 E color ALL PRINCESS CUTS AND ALL INVISIBLY SET with 6 more princess cut diamond solitaires weighing 2 carats each on top! with the same beautiful quality/clarity!

shit is straight up dancing with the stars for real! but on my wrist!!!!

so I get a gang of work done and head over to McDonalds to get my MCRIB on!

you already know… .extra bbq sauce and extra pickles! and a motherfucking Dr. Pepper!

so the Raider game starts and I am amped! we bout to take 1st place with this win and it was an exciting game except for all the punk ass referees that almost cost us the game for real!
we got the W

so I’m amped as fuck and bout to get ready to head over to my girl’s parents crib because her mom is making me Chicken Adobo!

Adobo and the LAKESHOW??? cmon… life is grand!

so while I eat my delicious filipino dish…. and watch the Lakers massacre Portland….
me and Nic shoot out to Target so I can get a pack of white tees and some carmex….
as I walk into the Target, I notice the sign to where things are and what floors they’re on is clear, but not 1000% clear…. and I’ve been having sore eyes for the past 2 months or so…. I can see everything fine, but from far distances I have to squint…. I’ve had perfect vision since all my life, even better than perfect…. for example, I could see “Tony loves Allison” on a goalpost on the football field written out from the opposite goalpost (110 yards) lol…. that seriously precision sharp vision!

so as a joke, I ask Nic to hand me her glasses and I noticed that that exact same sign now looks like it’s in HD…
FUCK I MAY NEED TO GET GLASSES! DJ COOLWHIP AKA DR. TERRY! I may be visiting you this week

so anyways, the Lakeshow are 7 – 0 and Lebon’s and DWades gay ass Heat are steady losing!
btw, did you see that response video for Lebron’s weak nike commercial? they killed that clown!
legacy’s don’t leave…. and btw, LBJ YOU AREN’T A LEGACY! you have no rings, you coulda won something there if you stayed… you didn’t need to be a traitor…. don’t say shit about Kobe… he’s bout to have 6 rings and he’s been with us since he was 17! what???? yeh we had shaq… but when shaq left, he built a new team and still go it in!

fuck off

lastly, the rolex auction ends tomorrow before 11am, so go peep it out! the link is a few posts below this one…

I AM SUPER FUCKING HYPED TO SEE THE NEW KOREAN FILM “AJUSHI” starring Won Bin who was great in Tae Guk Ki and Korean films have been some of the best world wide! and they just happen korean films so it makes it that much better….. trust me if you haven’t seen Old Boy or Chingu, then you’re slipping!
and that new CGV cinema in ktown is the business!



looking forward to the KR3W x Crooks collab party this thurs….
everyone suck it easy and have a great day/week

god bless

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