Glad Rags Ink = Poor Quality & Bad Business

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the thing with me is, I’ve been successful because: 1. I maintain high quality products every time I sell anything with my name or brand on it. and 2. I always make deadlines and in fact, we’re the quickest turn around jewelry business in the world.

so recently I hired a company called Glad Rags Ink to handle a simple order. not only did they fuck up the delivery date promised to us, they produced piss poor shitty quality goods to us. the thing is, I’ve been around clothing and the garment industry ALL my life. my uncle made jewels…. BUT MY MOTHER WAS IN THIS BUSINESS FOR 40 + YEARS. My best friends in life own L-R-G and Diamond Supply Co. for 10 and 15 years and before them, I had friends at Stussy and other places. I know what shit quality is and what decent quality is and what these clowns produced isn’t either.
Do the right thing and give us our refund or remake this product asap. otherwise deal with the repercussions of having a person with a large following let the world know what type of scum you are

Robert Pfeffer

Glad Rags Ink
2821 Pomona Blvd,
Pomona, CA 91768


spread the word and know that I’m like David Horowitz, we fight back. we fight for the consumer; we don’t accept guys who DON’T stand behind their word or their work. now his ass will suffer like the bum ass loser his company is.

everyone have a good day. I always do fair biz and make sure the customer is happy. this dude fucked with the wrong person and fucked up a lot of future business and as well as his reputation. thank god we have a plan B.

don’t be sad because YOU guys fucked up. I would never ever even worry about some shit that was my fault or something petty. but you’re talking about a release with my name on it, something that took 20 + years to build to this level. and a mom and pop store in chicago that put their money up front because of your shitty experiences. I’ve been in business a long time, I’ve had bad experiences too, but I stand behind my work. if it’s not what we agreed upon, I would give the customer whatever he wanted. that’s how I built respect. don’t hand me some shitty low grade print work and expect me to be happy about it when 1. it was poor quality and 2. wasn’t on time. pure facts. not opinions up for debate. that’s bad business. period point blank. you have to take losses in any biz. this WAS NOT the battle to fight. trust me. and like someone previously stated. whenever this business name is googled, they will suffer the consequences. I didn’t become rich by fucking over people. I didn’t even gain money by bad mouthing anyone. when dealing with “professionals” doesn’t matter if the business is small or big. professional work is professional work. our store is in the hood and we compete against Harry Winston daily and the ultimate lavish of elegant jewelers like chopard have outsourced work to us…. I take pride in that. what’s wrong is wrong and I have never bashed any business who just made a small mistake. I dealt with it in a civil manner at first, they wanted to act like bitches and so I took care of it on my own. don’t get mad because you tried to fart on me and I came back and shit on you. the come back is always worse and I sleep fine at night. I don’t jerk people. the work is poor. don’t be thick or in denial. I look at flawed diamonds through a 20x loupe daily… you don’t think I can see poor printing quality from plain site????? we should have got a refund or a quick turn around on a reprint and even Vince agreed to that. but you did the wrong thing and not only was it wrong, it upset me. google me bad mouthing any businesses in the history of this blog and you won’t find any. maybe a bicker about bad food or poor service. but this was all around shitty.

again, I was an asset to your company, I could have gained you many jobs and a better rep no matter what anyone else said previously. I serve as an internet yelp to people, that’s why social networking is so dangerous. you fucked me with a small dick, so I came with mandingo and inserted it anally. now you deal with the repercussions of the your actions


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