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again, I have taken a couple weeks off to spend getting our new house in order… this is mandatory behavior for any grown man. it is imperative in fact to get your home in order at some point. besides raising your kids, this is one of the final stages of getting your grown man on. I have lived in condos and apartments for all of my entire life. I’ve copped condo’s worth more than huge houses across america, because LA property is high (so is San Francisco and New York) so a decent crib near my condo is like 2 million at least…. that’s a lot of super good credit and a lot of risk these days. for those who have never taken or not yet taken a loan against their house and been living in the area for over a decade, salute. y’all some doing well sons of bitches or just been misers with your money… We got a spot in a nice neighborhood in LA and I figure, damn; I spent a grip on toys, on cars, on living…. shit on snaks and food! Just going to the movies costs $100 each time me and Nic go out, so it ain’t easy and now with the baby, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. but it’s 6:11am and I’m writing this blog entry because I feel so damn rejuvenated off my life now. Everyone in my family thought I was going to have a baby at 18 or 19, naw… I was way too selfish and responsible to fuck around like that. I couldn’t have asked for a better time and with a better woman.

I even tried to cheap my way out of the honeymoon because I wanted to get back on my grizzly, but Nic wasn’t having it and I’m glad. I’m glad we went someplace different and grown, no clubs, no youngsters… I’m glad I took a little time off work, I needed to. But now that we have fully moved into our new home, I’m on some different shit. We didn’t go too hard, we found the perfect starter home with everything we need. Got a backyard that was featured in Home and Garden magazine… FINALLY A BACK YARD! I still tried to convince Nic that we should move downtown to a high rise condo with a view. thank god she talked me out of it… I love going to BBQ’s and now I can have one… I love having a BIG office. bigger than any of even my fancy office’s when I was a VP at Priority or Aftermath… I love having a real ass kitchen and a legit ass dining room… I love having a front yard! wtf? with a gate…. love having a proper ass security alarm system and surveillance cameras! and I love having our own big space with no punk ass neighbors to share a wall with. what I don’t love? having a driveway with 1.5 cars to fit lol… all good though. R8 is gone any day now and hopefully my 7 will turn into the new body style Range or else, we push a pana and get it washed often. But I’m not trippin…. my old, big kid ass is really growing up and I’m only about 4-5 years late lol….

I’ll be back to posting pics soon of some new jewels and other things that are superficial but cool and I got my 1000% be@rbrick collection gallery event this week…. so stay tuned, I’ll be back to blogging events and work…. I’ll be in Hong Kong next month or early May…. but won’t miss my boy Mayweather’s fight. I’m lightweight looking for my next chess move too. Friendly Earth is blossoming into potential fortune status… IF will always be around and I’m thinking something for my kids future; hmmmm…..

meanwhile, god bless and I appreciate all the readers who come here

and to my fam and friends, I’m looking forward to hosting real events at our new house. i.e. the superbowl, fights, bbq’s! it’s gonna be a great summer! oh p.s. still waiting for some furniture to hit our home from europe and shouldn’t be here later than mid april. so hang tight, until then I don’t want anyone in our home lol… and Rex, can you send me that 65″ LED you fucker? thanks

peace and go get that future you always wanted!


p.s. if you know anyone who has a Kaws 4 Foot companion for sale off ebay and knows cash is king, holla at me. appreciate it.

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