GEARS OF WAR 3…. (limited edition console)

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thank you Microsoft, thank you SA studios (cartoon, estevan, nate, victor, marco & everyone) and I appreciate everyone from xbox360 staff who have allowed me to be one of the tastemakers to always receive things early…. this time around again, I’m in love with this game!

so this limited edition console is on sale I think at midnight Sept 20th, tues (only certain locations will have a midnight sale) but for the most part comes out whenever your local gaming store opens on tuesday the 20th…..
this is the last of the trilogy for this series….


stock room anyone? I’m selling them out of the trunk! lol. jk

only selected few were gifted by SA studios and Microsoft for the tier 1 gift package which included everything


it comes with fully loaded… 2 custom GOW controllers, a game, all the stuff you need, even has batteries for the controllers!

I played the game today at the studios for like 15 minutes and was hooked! but I got a lotta shit to do and also I’m getting out of town! so I could see myself chilling and playing this on my new 70″ LED slim screen that is coming soon! and play for hours and hours being anti-social! lol

thanks again to the SA Studios and Microsoft/XBOX360 staff…. too cool, too kind

shout out to my big homey’s: Ice – T and Slick who are in the game and apart of the game
much love

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