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So yesterday was a homebody day for the most part, didn’t leave the house. Just slept, rested and ordered chinese delivery and continued to chill. It’s a great thing to do once in a while, especially when you grind so hard during the week. So I headed Gabrielle Unions b-day bash in the hills… she had the party @ my friend Steve Rifkinds house and I love going there, always tons of space, but again my pet peeve; NOT ENOUGH BATHROOMS! anyways, beautiful home on the infamous Mulholland Drive. My homegirl Porsche was on the 1’s and 2’s and it’s always great to see Gabrielle and the old school fam. She finally after sooo many bday parties finally made this her “BRING IT ON THEME” party. invitation said “you must come as your favorite athlete or team supporter” so I came as myself lol. Nicki aka Gabrielle had a photo booth set up like it was a hs dance or prom and honestly, shit was fresher than any of the photo booths I’ve seen @ parties. She had some OG R&B’s performances at 11:30pm to 12:30am from Portrait(here we go) and the rapper Yo Yo and some others, but it was so crowded downstairs, I just chilled in different rooms. OH and Gabrielle and her homey’s dressed up as cheerleaders and their squad was called the “HOMEWRECKERS” lol

Tracey, Alejandra, Stacey, Stacy, Uncle James!!!!!!! it was great seeing you all. Shout outs to Duane Martin (I dj’d his wedding! lol) D-Ray, Eriq LaSalle, John Singleton and my man Gaby(shade 45) were all in the house, of course a special shout to Mojo, Steve Rifkind and my man Anthony Mandler who is killing it right now and has been on fire for a minute now. Me and Anthony go back almost 18 years and we had a nice chat! The night ended early and not cuz I was over it, but I think maybe a little burned out and tired from Halloween still. So I headed back around 1:15am and called it a night. oh yeh forgot to mention, out of all the mansion or house parties or events period that had shuttles, THESE SHUTTLES WERE ON POINT! she had the small yellow school buses (to go with her High School Theme) and they literally left every 5 or 10 minutes even if there were only 3 people in it. kudos on that Gabs. Hope you had a blast.


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