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I don’t want a reblog or repost or whatever that shit is called…

but this is the type of vintage gold chain swag I’m on these days….

all 24k except the last one is 18k

too bad that shit is like finding the lochness monster these days
and these chains don’t even need charms

remember, unless you have a chain like this or anything vintage, you will never get melt down value for a chain, if gold is currently at $1800 an oz. that means 18k is $43.40 a gram BUT if you were to sell to cash for gold, you’d get around $25 a gram, a pawn shop would give you $30-$35 and a store if you were trading in for a new piece or chain, they’d give you the same maybe up to $40 but again only for a trade. remember, there are refinery fees, all that jazz. but if you have a solid gold suisse bar of gold or a american eagle or krugerrand coin you’re gonna get at least dead meltdown value, but you can get more on top of current gold value easily. since there is a premium for bars and coins. so when you buy a chain and lets say later you want to melt it down, like seriously and it’s not a piece that would appeal to many others, so it’d have to be melted down, you’re going to lose money on the labor which can be anywhere from $5 to $20 a gram depending on who is it. Cartier charges around $130 to $150 a gram for 18k!!!!! just know, unless you were copping jewels in the mid 90’s or early to mid 2000’s then you are not buying gold chains for an investment. if you buy raw gold, yeah, ok, but anything with little labor involved, you should be okay with. Even a basic cuban or franco link chain will be much more than whatever the daily current gold prices are. if you have a 14k 200 gram cuban, don’t expect to pay $6,600. there will be at least $5 to $8 in labor or premium costs on top of whatever gold costs, then shipping or whatever other costs go on top of that, then whatever mark up jewelry runs for. so even the mall shitty stores that don’t even carry any necklaces heavier than 60 grams are going to charge $60 a gram. just a footnote for those who have no idea. remember though, once is has a fancy name lasered on there “i.e. HW or tiffany and co. or even jacob” you are going to pay for a name. nothing else. unless you’re dealing with shitty down south jewelers.

when talking about custom made jewelry? you are paying for a mold, gold labor, diamond setting and so much other stuff, but we won’t get into that right now, this is just about gold chains. we had 42 cuban chains and now we have 3 left. you don’t think people called 100 stores or at least 8 different stores to see if our prices were close to what ours were going for? that was just a gift for y’all. but most of you have no fucking clue how expensive gold is. you just do 2 + 2 math and it’s not that simple. I wish it was.

anyways, easy lesson

p.s. random, but the guys who are producing my show….
they’re not fucking around
read about them here: ELECTUS
the CEO created: biggest loser, ugly betty and was the co-creator as well as exec producer for: the office, the tudors and my production company has a few big shows coming out…. they also currently have Mob Wives on air right now and I can’t wait to make a cameo on there lol! man can you imagine me on that show? I’d have to choke a mob wife!


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