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okay well friday I didn’t do a god damn thing!
I mean during the day, I handled some work and shipping and shit like that, but it was pouring rain crazy!

I mean pouring like a mothersucker…..
I remember watching some basketball and then searching online for a date/time to throw my bachelor party

right before I went to sleep…. there was a loud ass noise outside my window and I thought a UFO had just landed for real!
I walk outside and it’s raining and around 41 degrees….. and see a car down the street has crashed BAD!
I mean when I walked up the guy was crawling out of the window and this rear axle was all the way fucked off and his front axel and 2 wheels were now almost under the drivers seat! the wheels were completely smashed and I didn’t see any damage to the streets or the curb really even…. dude got out and he looked ultra emo, maybe was on his way home from a twilight marathon and I asked are you okay? I’m gonna call 911…. he said, yeh actually I’m fine…. he had a bump on his head and he told me that he fell asleep at the wheel. smh…..

this dude was driving a ford explorer and it got shrunken down to the size of a ford escort
I mean damn, he didn’t hit anything in the center divider or any cars parked on the street!
thank god…..

saturday morning, woke up to more bad weather and the weather was so bad, for the first time in around 80 years, it was snowing in LA (the valley’s and tujunga area) and hailing hard in parts of Hollywood and studio city and north hollywood…..


walked into my living room area and seen this


no refrigerator so that means no food!
man, gonna be another week til my kitchen is finished!

from that point, I had to get some lunch obviously as I was starving and thirsty….
we went to this new Indian spot in Beverly Hills called Saffron…..
I like Indian food, but I have to have a good place or it fucks up my feel for it for a few years….. I had some good indian food actually last time I was in NYC and there’s some spots in LA that are good… but nothing sorta modern and quick… this spot is fucking good!
I got the Tikka Masala Chicken and the Curry Chicken combo and Nic got the Tikka Masala Tofu and the Chick Peas….


man it was soo good we went back there for dinner right before the oscars sunday night!
btw, south Beverly Drive is cracking now! damn, when I was wondering those streets as a teen going to Beverly High broke as fuck wanting to rob kids around my age, there wasn’t much on the street… but now, they got mad spots to grub and shop at. sad to see the liquor store has been gone though.

okay, so my boy Shaq Diesel had promised me some tickets for the Celtics vs. Clippers game…. but this was over a month ago before my birthday even….. so I was hoping he came through with my seats… (shout out to Sam from Black and White rentals! damn fam, thank you and I wish you coulda came with me! I owe you buddy!)
I had 4 tickets to the game and 2 of them were row A right behind the Celtics bench, 2 seats over from that last game I went to…. technically floor seats since we got tunnel entry and all that and the other 2 seats were 4 rows back from the center and awesome seats too! I can’t be mad at free seats to see the most exciting player right now in the NBA vs. the best team in the East, the team I hate, aka the Smeltics!
I hit Twitter to see if anyone wanted to go, Nic didn’t want to go, fools were bullshitting and I had over $1,000 seats and $2,000 seats! so finally I hit up Homicide who always declines, but he didn’t this time because he knew we could heckle the shit outta Boston and he’s the next best insane Lakers fan next to Nic’s dad that I know….




bum ass Luke Waltons dad was in the house…. prolly wishing his son wasn’t such a useless player in the NBA…. he’s so overpaid and I can’t believe he’s still on the team…. so once his dad got away from Telecasting, I made sure to talk shit since he is a Smeltic

so early on, the celtics were playing great and getting in Boston’s ass, but I just knew that shit wasn’t gonna last unless it got to the 25+ point advantage….. I was really bummed to see my homey Baron Davis get traded and more bummed that Mo Williams wasn’t suited up to play…. I just wanted to see Boston lose period…. and in LA.
WHAT WAS SO FUCKING CRAZY WAS THAT THERE WAS AROUND 55% CELTICS FANS AT THE GAME! like where the fuck did all these Boston fans come from? I couldn’t believe it! It was sooooo disrespectful! like they don’t come to Laker’s games wolfing all that bullshit! last game they got chairs thrown at them….. smh
I mean I couldn’t believe it; when I turned my head away for a second or was on my phone and the crowd screamed and roared, I thought the clippers were doing something good…. but looked up and it was because the celtics made a big play smfh.
throughout the whole game, I was getting mad texts and shit about people saying they can see me and Homicide at the game…. and then Blake went ape shit on a alley-oop dunk

and me and Craig went HAM! I mean….. damn, I was trout mouth and all!
shout out to the homey Paolo for screen shotting that for me.

we ordered mad junk food and then at half time went over to the chairmans room….

I love entering the arena via the players entrance aka the Tunnel…..

the clippers were up and kinda owning the celtics so bad, this is how KG looked right immediately after half time


here’s some random pics


so after the 4th quarter started…. the celtics made their comeback and never looked back… it was never a blow out by any means, but the clippers just couldn’t get right!

it got so bad with the effort or “wanting” to win that I had to bring TOMCAT out to see if he can talk some shit into the clippers

meanwhile towards the end of the 4th, it got a little close…

so me and Doc had a little conversation lol

all in all, that was the most energy I’ve seen or felt inside a clippers game…. even though they were outnumbered in fans, that was the most hyped I’ve ever seen a clippers crowd period! Billy Crystal and Pat Sajak were there and some other cats….
this one kid walked up to me and was like, “hey are you famous or something? like what do you do? you’re walking around like you’re somebody?” and I’m like? hmmm I don’t wanna be a dick… I’m like “naw I’m not anybody” he then says, you have on a lot of jewelry, do you act? and I’m like wtf? no, I make jewelry and then as I’m about to walk away, his friend comes over and says do you want a pic? oh sorry, I mean Ben will you take a pic with him? and i’m like huh? his boy says, oh yeah, we read your blog every week! and then I’m like, what kinda lame dickhead approach to someone is that? like if you read someone’s blog and like it, why would you ask those chump ass questions or have so much air in your chest? makes no sense…..

I did meet a couple cats who I shook hands with and gave dap too, much love…..
I had a great time at the game, it was a bitch getting out of there even with the $150 valet smh

Sunday morning….
Nic was out with her mom early going to a bridal expo in pasadena while I was out headed to my mom’s for lunch and to catch up with my fam…. it was slow and my sister was already on her way out as I was barely on my way in…. she had to dress 2 actors for the oscars and btw, CONGRATS JEANNE! she was 2 for 2! she had only 2 actors to dress…. christian bale and melissa leo and they both won best supporting actor/actress! that’s crazy!
but she dresses peeps every single year…. was cool to see both win though…. she’s been dressing Christian for a while now

so I get it in with some korean chicken soup, then head to my store to do some work.
when I got there, we were melting down some gold

and then….. I had some small g-shock orders to pick up

the top center watch is a Baby G-Shock but in the true 6900 shape and we’ve done a lot of baby G’s, but this is the newer one from a year ago or so….. we’ve done a few, but most just go with the most common 3 sizes/models that are already out…..

this one is obviously super clean and is sitting on top of the plain g-shock’s with the diamond faces/dials

and then we made someone’s girlfriend a Chanel inspired flower ring for their middle finger (lol)

and my hands were shakey from too much mexican coke…. so that’s as good of a iphone pic as you’re gonna get….

shook outta there to deliver the jewels on a sunday
and then headed over to Fairfax real quick to say what up to my supreme/diamond fam

as I was walking into Supreme and chopping it up with the homies,
OFWGKTA walks in and immediately acts a fool…..
tyler and taco start acting up and honestly, I never really paid attention to them cats, but Tyler had me dying just from the stupid shit he was saying to random customers and people on the streets… he’s a funny motherfucker and he needs to be acting asap! my fam Chris Clancy manages them and is also responsible for the promotion power behind Eminem… but is on his own now and not with Interscope anymore…. I really think Odd Future could blow up crazy huge! good for them…. finally LA has a different type rap/punk rock style that brings back that wu-tang meets pharcyde feel.

I’m so outta the loop, that my boy David in Austin, TX had to tell me that Kaws did a release with Supreme on Friday and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have ever known…. the line is sold out and I guess the homies held me a tee in my size and gave me some goodies from their new spring line

the kaws tee is cool, but the hanes supreme tees are my everyday shit!

anyone ever try Dolofin? it’s a salvadorian headache medicine that isn’t approved by the FDA here lol…. but it works!

now youngsters won’t get this hat…..
but if you saw the last Supreme fitted from a year ago with the ICE CUBE font from death certificate, then you’d know they’re paying homage to OG gangster rap, specifically the west coast shit

and what kills me is that because I grew up in this era when this shit dropped and was the illest album in the world… and the fact that I had the OG hat from the Slauson Swapmeet from 1991 “NIGGAZ4LIFE” NWA album and nobody had that, it was crazy…. kinda fresh that supreme consistently goes to the street level for their collabs…..btw, kermit the frog is gangster too!

big shout out to Jeff over at Supreme!

so after that, I chopped it up with the youngin’s odd future again and then shook to the get some food at Saffron and then to watch the knicks vs. heat game (haha heat! I just hate the celtics and then the heat and I’ve never been fond of any NY team period)….. watched the terrible oscar awards…. the hosting sucked, thank god Social Network didn’t win shit because it was a very good film, but didn’t deserve the best film or best director and definitely not the best actor awards!

I can’t believe I saw every single oscar heavy or pretty much every academy award nominated film this year period! except Winter’s Bone….. King’s Speech was great too….. but so were so many movies this year. a good year for great films.

I knew natalie portman and christian bale were locks for the oscars… everything else, I couldn’t call it.

I got a gang of shit to do today, but not much planned for this week, so holla at me if you need something done… this would be a great week for interviews or anything else…. it’s the first week this year so far that I’m not heavily booked or crazy busy!

much love

thanks for reading

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