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if you didn’t know already, now you know that… PRO SKATEBOARDER MONEY IS NO JOKE! you know I’ve worked with lots of pro skaters…. but never with a Vert champion like my latest client PLG.

he came by way of my brother Nick Diamond and ordered a couple very unique chains and a watch.
when we make jewelry this intricate in detail and in a 3 Dimensional format, it’s always interesting.

the pictures he sent me of his 2 beloved french bulldogs….

so then my genius mold maker “Jimmy” got to work….


he’s cold with the skills! but you already knew that from past work

and then we casted it into gold…..


1 yellow gold (solid) and 1 black gold(see end result after PVD) (solid)

then we got to setting diamonds and…..


we obviously used yellow gold and white diamonds for the tan bulldog and also dipped the mouth area with a brown gold rhodium….. for the eyes we used chocolate diamonds to give it a real effect. We had to mess with things a few times to make it look perfect.
for the black bulldog, we didn’t want it to be too black, hence why we used white diamonds on the black gold to give it great contrast. shit came out excellent! and we also used chocolate diamonds for the eyeballs.
14k gold bead chains and all the diamonds used were A grade.

much love to my homey and new client PLG. congrats on all the tournament first place trophies! now you have your reward/gift to yourself!

I got a couple other things in motion right now…. a LOT of jesus pieces are being sold and made (I MEAN MORE THAN EVER!)

but I made these Bead Earrings for my boy’s wife….
we didn’t do prong set, we just did super tight pave’ and they are heavy and Rose Gold

when we do it this way, it’s not lined up like prong set ones, but there are much more diamonds over all. so that means bigger carat weight. but these are really clean.

so the weekend?
nothing much
Friday night, got some dinner with my Worldstar Hip Hop fam at BOA and then we went to go see “The Immortals” and that shit was trash. a 4 out of 10 for real…. but I got stupid love for Q, J and Tea… y’all always welcome in my city and know that I got you 1000%

Saturday, it was my little nephew Jesse’s bday, so we had to show some love!

1ST BIRTHDAY? = BIG DEAL! happy born day Jesse!

diamond lifer already!

it was also his sister’s bday (she had her own cake) lol

so that was fun…. only thing is that I busted my ass on a spot of oil prior to that, so I threw out my back and my head hurt smh….

went back to the crib and took a short nap to get ready for the fight… ordered some catering from Plancha’s Tacos which put me in a better mood real fast!

fight started and…..
let’s just say this. Manny may have got the W, but he struggled hard to get it and only because it went to the cards and solely because Marquez’s trainer is an idiot!!!! when Marquez was clearly winning the fight, the trainer should have said, you are getting your ass kicked! you are losing and GO THE FUCK OUT THERE AND FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!! but his dumb ass said you are winning this fight? I mean, even Emmanuel Steward said, that is a cardinal sin to say that to your boxer during a fight! smh….. the cards were close too, but if you want to take down the champ, then you need to KO that motherfucker. the other problem is whether or not these fighters have boxed 3 times against each other doesn’t matter…. Marquez made Pacman look ordinary as fuck. He busted Manny’s face pretty good too, and busted his lip in half. I’ve never seen Pacman get hit like that and have almost ALL his punches blocked and countered like this before….. if that’s the pacman that may fight my boy Money May? it’s gonna be a hard and long night and a big loss for Pacman, so everyone get focused!

but the fight wasn’t boring, they definitely boxed.

after that, my lil homey Taco from Odd Future thought it’d be funny if he changed his twitter background to this

after I messaged him, he took it down

I just got it in at work and then had my movie premiere for JIN at CGV cinemas in Koreatown….


it was good to see the homies Justin and my other ktown native Dumbfoundead…
it was a really good time and it was nice to see my korean folks all get together at a great theater and I was hyped to see the movie being played at one of my favorite cinemas in my hometown.

The movie came out great and it’s a short film, but I hope they can make this into a full feature, because I want to get my Gangster swag back on!
I’m really hyped for Justin with what’s going on with him and he has another way major premiere with Twilight tonight for “Breaking Dawn” and just got from working in Korea….. I’m very proud of my boy IL who directed this movie and his accolades from the AFI

after that, it was Plancha Taco’s time again! haha
while we watched Boardwalk Empire and then I got my schedule for the week together

headed to Chicago for a day to work so check me out if you’re in the windy city on Wednesday
or check me out tomorrow for the Wale and Pusha T show in Hollywood.

peace everyone!

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