Formula Drift, me x Fatlace meet! Mister Cartoon Diamond G-Shock

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hope everyone had a great weekend!
hope everyone who doesn’t know about my SKAM ARTIST family has seen the video underneath in the previous blog entry…..

on Saturday, I headed down to Formula Drift to work and finally meet up with Fatlace aka Mark Arsenal and also link with the homiez Cartoon and Estevan and a lotta cats I wouldn’t expect to see at a drift show showed up to make a cameo…. shout out to the Tap Out & Hitman gear family (Dan & Dan) much love and nice to meet y’all formally, I’ve heard nothing but good things about you guys….

so on saturday early morning, we finished making Mister Cartoon’s Diamond G-Shock for him… After all the many many years of him being my mentor, he is now finally a client of mine which means more to me than any big time money client because it’s now come around full circle. If it wasn’t for Toons, I wouldn’t have started my own business, as big as my ego is/was or as big as his ego could be if he wanted it to be, he took time out of his busy as all hell schedule and turned my levels down and talked to me and was not a stepping stool to my success but more like the manual! thank you Cartoon! I appreciate it big homey….
hope you enjoyed your gift!



and oh yeh, copped a new Ipad the other day…. it’s on display at the shop


SO anyways, I head off to the LBC and when I get there, I see the homey Mo who is a bad ass photographer!(thanks Mo for sending in the pics! you too Willy T) I walk in and get my credentials and badges so I’m good… walk over to the Metro PCS booth and NOS energy drink booth to say hi to my fam…. do a little bit of walking around before I get into some press and watch the drift show and then search for Mark Fatlace so I can punch him in his face!

and then a few more booths….

walked over to say what up to my Rogue fam….

they’ve been sponsoring a few drivers/cars in the drift scene for the past few years… the suites were where it was at!

and right outside the VIP area…. Scion rented out the KOGI Truck for their VIP’s only… thank god the SA family got love with Scion…. so I got it in!

finally cartoon arrived to the booth and I had to show him the watch asap…. HE WENT NUTS!


and since Cartoon is a big Nike/Vans head…. sneakerhead…. I had to put him in some Supras! Toons was rockin the Black Duct Tape Vaider Highs…. shit shocked me! haha

the homey/graf artist legend Slick, the homey/actor Clifton Collins Jr. and the OG in everything Orlando A showed up to support the SA family…. again shout out to Dan the CEO of Tap Out


After we poli’d at the booth with all the homiez… we headed over the NOS energy Drink suites and watched the drifts for a while…. everyone was so fucking cool man. I’ve seen drifts lightweight, but shit just got everyone open… eyes wide open! haha… it was crazy to see Toons and others buggin out on the cars goin sideways at 75mph!


the homey Estevan had the all access media pass catching flicks of them drift cars from the nose of turn 1!

here’s a short clip I took on my blackberry of one of the drift qualifying races.. so after all the politic’in and chillin with homiez, I had 1 last duty to attend to…. punch mark fatlace in the face! I went to a few booths looking for him and couldn’t find him… so I had my homey Willy T follow me with a camera video me walking around the show to find mark… I realized he was on the whole other side of the show, opposite side of the track and finally caught up with that fancy son of a bitch!.

walking up the bridge… I realized there were some ill ass VIP style cars on the other side, but I didn’t have time to take pics, I just wanted to see fuckface, I mean fatlace!


so I finally get over the bridge and I see this jerk Mark Fatlace playing Street Fighter on his IPhone!!!!!! this guy challenged me to a battle on SF IV ultra and it’s not even out yet, but I’m sure he got it already, smh!

Mark got scared as hell once I broke out the Nunchuks!


so I knock the phone out of his hand and we go eye to eye, but in his case, he was eye to diamond chain lol

we had a few words…. and then he fucked my whole life up… I mentioned how much I’ve wanted a datsun 510 1970 to 1972…. and he’s like check out my car… MY EYES POPPED OUT MY FUCKING HEAD!

this motherfucker owns a Vintage Classic Datsun Skyline GT-R!!!!!! right hand side driver!!! OMG!


After we made a temporary truce…. we set a date to battle with the PS3 controllers on Street Fighter IV ultra and that’s in less than 2 weeks in front of mad people so they can witness! BLANKA!

shit I need to really practice

oh yeh…. even though I’m on some slim shit lately…. I still had some ice on… and brought these just in case nobody had a PS3 lying around to get our fight on! I thought maybe we could shoot some craps just for fun…. lol

walking back over to the Booths and back to the Metro PCS booth, I ran into some usual suspects…

the homey Nick Hogan and Caleb….


what a long day that was….


after I left there, I was exhausted, but I had to head over to my little nephews birthday party…. hung out with my family and caught up with everyone…. glad to see my family and I’ve been spending more time with them lately…

went home and rested for a little while then I took my date to McDonalds for some Filet O Fish and McCafe Vanilla Latte’s lolololol…. then we went to go see a movie at the Beverly Center… smh, last time I saw a movie there was around 13 years ago maybe longer and it was Jerry Macguire… the theater hasn’t been upgraded since then… jesus, I mean I want to do a grimey ass photoshoot there inside the bathroom. I mean it was so damn retro… sad thing is back in the 80’s the Beverly Center was the shit! the dope spot to go see a cool indy film and I used to frequent there as a kid and I miss the arcade! I saw Repo Man there when it came out…
so we went to go see the Runaways…. and honestly the movie was pretty good, it was a little long, but funny thing is it coulda been longer and I wish they got a little more descriptive in other parts of the film as I felt it lacked in certain areas…. went home and passed out!

woke up Sunday to some trife ass schizophrenic weather so I wanted to stay in, but I needed some good Soontofu from an OG spot in Ktown…. kicked it for the rest of the day and just got in some relaxation… it’s not about all the fab times and fab places you travel to with someone you care about…. it’s the quiet time that makes you (in my opinion)…. later in the evening, I walked across the street for some sushi IN THE RAIN! it’s only 1/2 a block really, so I didn’t want to drive… but it was all good…. some miso soup with sriracha sauce… some edamame, I ordered some handrolls and some black cod and sesame chicken….

smoked a spliff with my shorty and fucked around on photobooth, then passed out…
life is good.

thank you

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