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what was I expecting though? is this the happiest place in the world? naw…. do girls and kids love this place? absolutely… so I can’t wait til my parents take their grandkids here…. but until then… damn shit don’t have that same feeling it did obviously when I was a kid which was 40 years ago. smh
We got to Disneyland around 11am and stayed until 7pm and luckily got to get on every single ride we wanted to go on and didn’t wait longer than 20 minutes which is pretty damn amazing. it wasn’t too hot or too cold, just right, like 68 degrees the whole time. the food is def poppin…. only time I’ll ever come back is if I hit Club 33 again (check my previous blog just over a year ago on Club 33 and google club 33) and obviously go to take my kids there, but until then… $360 spent at least for 2 people to eat, park and hang out? I dunno… I rather have copped something smh lol.

oh yeh…. this was my 1st time ever inside California Adventure and let me tell you 1. $26 extra to hop over here? shit sucks, BUT at the same time the Hollywood Tower of Terror is thee best ride out of both parks combined, so its a real catch 22. oh and Matterhorn was closed down smh.

I got some gifts for my nieces and nephews which was good, but I couldn’t even find a legit plain mickey tshirt without a damn disneyland logo on it. smh, but again, junk food? all the way turnt up! thank god it wasn’t too hot or cold and food prices are better than the airport where I seem to spend more time at….

anyways, this blog entry is more like a flicker/kodak account…. so I guess peep game, or scroll down to the Chan Ho Park video to get continuous laughs

either we went on a super slow day or they stepped up on more trams and more employees… because there was a crowd, but we didn’t wait for more than 5 minutes.

to read more of my disneyland trip… click on the link below!


this ride was the truth… just too short of a ride!

well as mentioned, that was the only thing worth checking out… the roller coaster is ehh… pass…
so headed out of there into the main park


I do look kinda happy here huh?

waiting in line…

I love tigger

only cool part of Pirates is checking out folks eat at the Bayou… smh

this might be worth the $360 + for the official meal and experience with all day hopper pass paid for and no waiting in line at all ever!

who hates this? nobody


the haunted house used to be 1 of my favorites at the park…


now this was my favorite thing about Disneyland… the submarine… now it’s called finding nemo… nemo wasn’t even sperm or an idea when I was a kid. it was just the submarine ride and I thought the world of it…


how can you have a major ride closed down? smh.

swear to god this ride was 42 seconds long

don’t ask… it just looked cool and I haven’t been on this for a long time. what a waste of time, unless your fat ass is really too lazy to walk to espn zone and the other restaurants outside disneyland

because the monorail was so wack, I had to strike a fresh pose

this put me in an immediately good mood!

seen Woody and his bird


I don’t remember if this was called Toon Town in the 70’s… but I do know that shit looked unreal… almost like I was inside the Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace

maybe the picture of the day…. I was hyphy!

she won… I was disgusted


as we were leaving (perfect timing) the parade was going on… I stopped to get a candy apple for the road and some rock candy and some of those big ass lollipops for my nieces and nephews…


on the way home and before we hit up K-Town for some food… I wanted to stop and check out the other Banksy and I saw these guys painting over the “ING” which is so odd because Banksy painted that “ING” and fake covered it on purpose…. wtf? and the parking guy was BUGGING! he must be pissed that everyone wanted to take pics and not pay for parking.

anyways, got a lot of work to handle today… Truth, I’m coming for you bro…. Damon, comin to see you… gotta handle some B.I. then gonna hit some peruvian with my lil homey Ryan Grant!

P IZZLE, sorry I didn’t get to catch you, but I saw the bezel we made for you, jesus, that is a VERY BIG DIAMOND BEZEL, cho shim lil homey.

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