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so there’s only 200 spaces available and I know I personally invited a lot of people and I know soul assassins and mister cartoon invited a ton of people….
but this is an event you don’t want to miss!

free gourmet food, free drinks and gaming!
it will sort of be a iron chef type judging battle going on between chef ludo and chef eric greenspan!
fyi chef Eric Greenspan BEAT BOBBY FLAY IN IRON CHEF!!!!

I’m going to be one of the hosts and co-MC along with my friend Jarrod from Formula Drift….
I’m TEAM CAPCOM….. he’s gonna be team marvel….

so come down, we got tons of food, gonna be fun
it’s from 11am to 3pm
click on image for all the other details!

make sure you rsvp early!

okay, so yesterday was busy as hell! got those 40 chains finished and delivered!
we’re down to that 20+ but now I just got a couple more watch orders to fill before xmas….
then I can breathe easy!
I’m headed to the Bay Area for x-mas this year, so that will be fun and I haven’t locked down new years eve yet….. it’s still Travie and coldplay/jay-z in vegas…. or hotel suite here? or somewhere warm and beautiful(cabo)?

yesterday’s interview with aka hype men was amazing! so dope to get certain questions asked and how deep into hip hop these cats are…. and how angry Hot Karl aka Jensen feels about the new school…. and HOW MUCH I FUCKING AGREE! even though I’m not professional in music anymore, I still get my moments back in the game.

thanks again guys! shalom shalom!

after that, I took a nap and was snoring like a motherfucker… my girl always videotapes it smh
then we headed over to Robata Jinya for some amazing yakitori and other things….. ran into the homey Avo(another real jeweler downtown) who was Armenian posse deep! haha, but they got it in too and I think they had to drop a rack on all the food they were eating! but they drank so liquor always costs more!

Apolo Anton Ohno…. sir you are not ready for these calories G!
we gotta link up soon…. and yeh, if you’re not doing anything next thurs. fly with me to see Drake and Far East Movement in San Jose!

so after that, mashed up to the Arclight to see Darren Aronofsky’s new movie “Black Swan” maannnnnnn THAT MOVIE WAS SOOOOOO FUCKING DOPE! wow, from the opening credits I was in my seat and I drank so much tea and shit that I did not want to miss anything! I never thought Natalie Portman was all that hot as everyone else did until I saw this and I’ve seen everything she’s done and met her numerous times…. man SHE FUCKING KILLED IT! so did Vincent Cassel(who is just amazing anyways)…. but there was so much intensity! so much powerful energy and I love his way of film making! damn….. the scene with Mila Kunis and Natalie GOING FUCKING AT IT IN BED had me like whoa, whoa…. hello!
just go watch it, it was beautiful and dark and emotional….. Portman and Cassel will definitely have oscar nominations!

oh yeah, I had a heart to heart with my cousin Steve yesterday and man…. that was one of the only times I think we really had to check each other and see what was really good with everything in our personal lives… it was good. I love that guy. I owe him for real. Never did I think I would be doing this as a profession, thank you Steve
btw, we got some new gucci’s in and we got a new style smaller Mens bezel that is larger than the OEM style, yet not as flooded which makes it more affordable….


so we have 3 different styles to icing out these Gucci watches now

gonna leave the shop and ship out some things and then maybe head to this Hundreds x Garfield art show tonight


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