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So basically this entire weekend was food oriented (when isn’t it though?) but not oriental….. hardy harr har
started out with a beautiful friday…. me and Nic headed up to the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge for lunch….. she got the tomato soup and shrimp caesar salad…. I got the $45 kobe burger

this was me and methamphibian’s trademark burger in the good ole days!

after that, handled some more delivery’s…. I got a lot of messages in regards to how happy my clients were of their new sale purchases…. especially marcus in texas…. he changed his bbm pic to his new gucci watch and his status for 2 days was black and yellow friday! shit even said that on a saturday smh lol.

friday night, headed over to my favorite thai spot to get some pad see and larb and tom yum….. when I was pulling out of the lot, I glanced and seen a funny bumper sticker…. it was so funny I stopped the car and got out. (I NEVER DO THAT)….


I have seen so many bumper stickers…. but never these 2.


me and Nic and the kid Cody went to go see “The Fighter” at the Cinerama Dome….
from the previews I didn’t expect much, but it seemed more decent for some reason as the rotten tomatoes reviews came in…. (btw, I’m hearing TRON is a bust of a film outside the cool graphics… everyone keeps saying the film storyline sucks; *sigh*)
so we go in with not very high expectations for this movie…. and immediately, Christian Bale has me chuckling….
it wasn’t until around an hour into the movie that I realized who this cat was in real life because I remember his fight vs. Arturo Gatti. And wow. the story was amazingly translated into film and the background characters held it down! what a fucking hard luck story, hard life these guys had. I mean damn! I don’t want to say much, but it really inspired me to go outside and punch someone. I was so juiced towards the end of the movie! crazy….
Christian Bale will definitely be nominated for a best supporting actor oscar and I think he might win this shit! man!

so we went home and I called it a night around 2am because I had to be up at 8:30am to cut my wig, shave and get ready for this big day ahead for the MARVEL VS. CAPCOM PREMIERE + FOOD TRUCK BATTLE!


woke up at 8:30am, pushed snooze like 3x… then Nic finally woke me up around 8:45am and I got up to handle my biz….
I get a text from the homey Marcos from SA Studios and he sends this

“line around the block already” damn! some slept there since 10pm to get a chance to play this game!

so I’m like deezammm…. we were worried that we might not be able to fill the 200 person capacity theater!
I get fresh and head on over to the venue….

park my whip in front and there are a few hundred in line easily… 300 to 400 peeps!


yeah man…. shit was all the way serious!

it’s been 10 years since this game has had a sequel! so kids/adults were fiending for a chance to get to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (game releases Feb. 15th, 2011)

so I get prepared…. for my MC/Hosting job…. get mic’d up and me and Jarrod Deanda (formula drift) start talking it up….


here’s what part of inside the venue looked like before we let anyone in… it got so hot at one point, I started to get nervous and pant for real……


team Capcom food truck… which I represented! which had Chef Greeny aka Eric Greenspan aka TEAM BLUE!


team Marvel truck which Jarrod represented with chef ludo aka team red (boooo)

it’s about to be a food fight in this bitch!


chef ludo and chef eric greenspan gettin their battle in early on the marvel vs. capcom game…..

chef ludo is a french chef who’s been cooking since he was 13! he was the head chef at L’Orangerie which from what I remember is 1 of thee fanciest nicest restaurants in Los Angeles, if not the entire west coast…. like for real, the maitre dee makes 6 figures! he also is very well known for his pop up restaurants that move every few months called Ludo Bites…. his dish for the day was an Incredible Hulk Burger (each chef had to make a dish to represent the game) his burger had a green tint on the bun and green ketchup…. we’ll get more to that later

chef eric greenspan went from washing dishes at a very nice cafe up in the bay area to killing it here in LA and is owner and founder of the Foundry restaurant on melrose…. he won the national grilled cheese contest in 2008 and 2010! not only that…. he recently beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef!!!! crazy!

the ballot boxes…. each person who attended were given a red and blue ticket to vote with….. also the tickets were used for a raffle for the marvel vs. capcom 3 game and some souvenirs from the game.

I can’t even list how many bloggers or shows were there for the event…. from g4 to la times to people from the food network…. btw, this was all streaming live on the website along with on monitors around the venue and also being filmed for something else that I can’t remember because I had so much shit on my mind to remember what these major talking points were for the game and chefs smh. lol

once they let people in…. it was on and poppin! early!
there were appetizers provided by Gran and Papas from downtown LA and they made some delicious apps!
they had a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a unbelievable mac and cheese with beef brisket mixed inside!

I was seriously limited on what I could take pics with because I was speaking on the microphone to the audience/crowd often…. and couldn’t get to my camera at all times (fail)

I know for sure there are a lot of professional pics that will be up somewhere either on capcoms site or SA’s site… so i’ll link more for sure!

greenspan gettin it in! he’s behind the 2 assistants and was sweating like a muggafucka!
when I interviewed him before the battle…. he broke down his background and said something funny but true! “TRUST THE FAT GUY! FAT GUYS KNOW HOW TO EAT!” awwwwreaddddy

now chef ludo was straight off the plane from paris for real! we needed subtitles for everytime he spoke! haha
he was gettin it in as well and was rocking a 1 of 1 undefeated chefs shirt

I got the 1st bite of the hulk burger (my opponents meal) and it was fucking delicious! Ludo put velveeta cheese inside the patty (which he used with 3 different kinds of meat) and it oozed out… sorta like a gourmet juicy lucy!
btw, if you didn’t know Eric Greenspan’s the Foundry is known as the best gourmet burger in LA…. even rated higher than Father’s Office which to me has been reign supreme since the day they opened their doors so I’m hyped to check it out!

now again, I forgot to take a pic of Greeny’s “RYU FIREBALL” smh. slap myself! while I was walking around interviewing people, talking trash to jarrod and team red/marvel….. I forgot to take a pic of his delicious dish!
the Ryu Fireball was made with a Bao (roll you see often in chinese dim sum or restaurants) and it was so damn soft! he used some sauteed cabbage to wrap up some super fresh seared tuna sashimi and along with some pork grindings and his special miso mayo mixed with sriracha, I was a fan immediately… so was Nic but that’s cuz she’s a pescatarian and doesn’t eat meat lol….. but seriously, this crowd was more of a gaming crowd with not so much the most cultured tongues or taste buds, but all good… this was for fun.

food snobs? yes indeed….

this was the line for the food that never ended it seemed… and I have to give much props to the attendees because there was not 1 single shove or push from anyone or even a hint of a fight….
all the food was free, all the drinks were free and unfortunately, there was not enough food to go around and now I feel bad because I had around 6 or 7 ryu fireballs and 2 hulk burgers and a gang of mac and cheese!

btw, at around 1pm which was a couple hours before we shut this thing down, there were still a few hundred people outside trying to get in! wow

a serious gamer being interviewed by a serious gaming site….

so around 1:30pm we got all the ballots in and gathered around the main room’s table and I unfortunately couldn’t take any pics because I was pre-occupied talking to the judges and the chefs….
our judges were legit!
we had Joy Yoon who writes for Slam x Hype, Vogue, paper magazine and a ton of other publications and has a big food background and is publishing her first book and her resume is really too long……
we also had Adam Sessler who is host of a very popular show called “X-Play” on the G4 network…. nuff said!
and then we had Patrick Green who has very strong ties to many restaurants and chefs in the LA area… and also founded a food app called “LA Street Food App” and has a few guides to LA restaurants….
and lastly we had food critic Betty Hallock who is the deputy food editor for the LA times… she used to work for the Wall St. Journal and also for a big gaming magazine, Tips and Tricks… so she had it down packed all the way around….

so the judging began and all 4 judges unanimously voted for Chef Ludo’s Hulk Burger
and when the ballots were counted Ludo also won the majority vote!

after that, we gave away 5 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 games to 5 lucky winners (to be given on release date of 2/15/11) and Nic’s brother won a copy! haha, hell naw I ain’t have shit to do with that, I had no control over the ton of tickets or the box…..

the room got really really hot and I thought I was gonna pass out…. but don’t fret! Cool Haus delivered Ice Cream sandwiches for the crowd!


even Catdicc Jr was gettin it in

as I was leaving at around 3:45pm…. there was still a line for ice cream!

After I finally dropped the mic and walked around and chopped it up with some homey’s; I thanked everyone from capcom and SA Studios and the homey Mo! (SA/ID Agency official photographer). I was honored to host this event and MC it and be apart of another SA x Capcom collaboration! Much love to Nate, Emily, Hunter, Marco, Mo, Estevan, Mister Cartoon and the whole capcom staff!

and a couple parting shots…..


this is how I felt by the end of this day…. for real! the team marvel dog wasn’t the only one!

I honestly don’t even remember what the hell I did after I left… but I passed out for a few hours…. woke up and we started to head to boiling crab but it was too much of a commercial… so we got some wine and fine eats up on sunset plaza at Le Petit four….

I think we rented some movies or something, but I was out asleep before midnight! GONE!


so woke up and it was hot as shit outside! it’s fucking december! I mean it’s almost x-mas! and it’s freezing with below zero temps in certain areas….. and as me and Nic head out to get mani and pedicures…. this is what it was lookin like

I had to mms this pic to all my peeps in the Chi and Toronto and east coast lol…. this weather for sure means the world is coming to an end very soon!

then we headed far west to the beach to get some food and some light shopping at the Santa Monica Place


you can’t tell me that don’t look good! shit was delicious! matter of fact, I’m gonna eat the leftovers for lunch today!

and then their view? no mall in LA has a view from their dining deck like the SAMO place…..

we did some shopping… correction: Nicolette did some shopping! lightweight…. there’s not much for me personally at that mall except for CB2 and Louis Vuitton… and I really think I have enough from both spots…

we headed back towards the tilt and stopped off at Marc Jacobs for some small gifts for friends and this is the best place to do that at….
we checked out BookMarc and they have all kinds of very very affordable gifts from $2 to $15 for anyone!
Nic got her friends some cool things which I won’t post because they won’t be surprised then….
and I copped a couple of these….


for $2…. you can’t beat this… I’ll keep them in the car to write down random bullshit! and it’s marc jacobs! haha
I walked next door to Marc Men and tried on this fly ass cashmere hoody! shit was like thee nicest and most perfect hoody for cold weather! I mean it was really the nicest cleanest hoody I’ve ever tried on… it was really heavy too…. then I saw it had a $4,000 price tag…. wtf? I’m cool… I rather have copped this 1/2 fur jacket from gucci’s winter collection many years ago and had Nic throw a conniption fit! haha, naw… I’m straight on all that shit

later in the early evening… we headed to glendale for dinner

have you guys been to Max’s Chicken?


there was more to the menu…. but I already knew what I wanted to kill!

Nicolette’s family got us passed a 30 min wait! thank god!

gotta have the Jufran to drown the fried chicken with! haha


I forgot to take a picture of the pancit…. but all I gotta say is, I got real quiet when that fried chicken and pork adobo hit the table!
I went to town on them dishes… I didn’t eat any of the pancit or the fish….

I just went in!

there was no space for Halo-Halo this time…. but Nic’s mom took care of that…..

After the severe food coma and the 8lbs that I gained this weekend….. we all hit up target and got some necessities like toilet paper lol…. and other things. I can ALWAYS find something to buy there. fuck man….


we’re wrapping up on less than 15 pieces left to make before x-mas!
just getting ready for the new year and new energy (I don’t know about y’all, but I’m gonna be the same ass Ben in 2011 lol)



oh yeah… Apolo, I don’t know if I can eat anymore smh…. I need to get on the 8zone program asap!

thanks for reading!

god bless!


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