Food Coma 2010

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otherwise known as Thanksgiving or Turkey Day….
I didn’t blog on black friday because I was too busy working and barking orders
anyways, I got home today after some more work…. and I didn’t do a damn thing tonight except think about ordering some food, think about going someplace…. but all I really did was sat my ass in the bedroom doing nothing still full from thursday nights feast! so why not put up the thanksgiving pics? ok
my sister and brother in law when in town during thanksgiving GET IT IN!
always the best, everything homemade and even the drinks are excellent!

here’s pics of the food…. why? it’s my blog

they always have a menu… even though it’s not a formal event… just fam


that is NOT rose’

I have a lot to be thankful for…. this was the 1st time everyone minus pops got together for thanksgiving dinner in maybe 15+ years? (my sister in law and brother in law’s family live outta state, etc) so it was a special night…. what most take for granted…. I don’t get to see that often… and although I’m not the best at keeping up with everyone in my family and I have a pretty disoriented all over the place fam, I know I can make the decision as a grown up to make a stronger effort to see everyone on my own if we cannot all come together…. Nic’s family is huge and they all get together often no matter what…. that is fucking awesome.

My cousin CC just had twins the night before thanksgiving… 1 boy, 1 girl, how fucking lucky and blessed is she? and my cousin in law victor! congrats!!!!
My twin nieces are doing well and are healthy and I cherish the time I spend with them and my nephews….
I picked up my Mom and drove her to the dinner and I haven’t done that in a long time either….. due to the communication barrier me and my mom(who is the closest to me next to my sister) didn’t ever have small talk or even deep talk…. it was more, stay out of trouble, stop buying new cars, get married…. you catch my drift?

the girls dressed up as pilgrims…. and they got braces (I hated eating mashed potatoes and shit with my braces)

the most precious girls in my life….. the dogs are my cousin CC’s…. but Nic has 4 dogs!

speaking of dogs…. I love ripley!(top darker) she’s getting old and I don’t have the same relationship with quincy (ligther weimaraner)


I went ala mode on that ass! and that shit fought back like the law! smh


they catered to Nic’s pescatarian diet….. it ain’t easy to be vegetarian when it’s thanksgiving, but my family is very attentive to certain needs

the only bird I’m fuckin with….


we have seating assignments always at family dinners at my sister’s house… she used to kill me back in the day…. “BEN, THAT CHAIR COST $3,500! DON’T SIT IN IT!” smh lol…. where the fuck do you want me to sit then? Her house is a museum…. but I am the same way lightweight with my nice shit…. and I love her house and her :p

now I forgot to take pics of my plate, the stuffing and anything else… because once this delicious soup came out in front of me it was a wrap release party! then the tryptophan kicked in, the itis kicked in… even pepcid complete(which btw is FUCKING SOLD OUT AT EVERY SINGLE RITE AID, DUANE READE, WALGREENS AND TARGET ALWAYS!) couldn’t even save my food coma ness…..

the worst part is that I ate a huge dinner at Houstons the night before and ate at Nic’s family’s house before…. like 15 lumpias, a gang of other shit that I regret so much now….. (apolo zero regrets fuck you)
and EVERY TIME I GO TO MY SISTERS HOUSE, no matter what for, I fall asleep! but Nic said If I fall asleep this time, she’s gonna be mad at me. lol…. fawk my rife! even my nieces started to talk shit….. uncle ben all you do is sleep and wear a different watch(wtf?) so my monkey ass laid up in different parts of the house tryin to breathe….

I was never good at this game…. and my nephews were busy playing games on the ipad and iphone….
I was scoping my sisters nice shit to see what I was gonna steal…. her cashmere hemes throw almost got jacked!

and btw, our family dinners start at 5pm always when my mother is involved… shes in bed by 8pm, 9pm at latest! because she’s up at 4am to be at work by 4:45am to start her day at the bakery….

I woke up mad early Friday morning…. NOT for black friday, but to go to court downtown to turn in a fix it ticket….
so I set up a court date online and they gave me til August 2011(DAMN, SHIT IS BACKED UP HUH?)

then I took my ass back to sleep….

the weekend wrap up will come soon.
much love


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