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I mean… the baby could be here any day. I’m anxious than a motherfucker and obvi my wife is beyond that and just wants the baby out. we’re 39 weeks right now. so our son will be here shortly!

meanwhile. I haven’t been in my store lately because I’m at home waiting for the baby to arrive…. but when I’m not at home, I’m out eating and damn, this past 4-5 days has been crazy! I think I gained 7lbs!!!! last time I did that in a week was when I visited New Orleans over a decade ago(after Katrina hit, I refuse to go back there and eat seafood no matter what anyone says)

so let’s start with thursday… hit me all time favorite italian joint “La Scala” with my boy Michael Trevino… for maybe 7 months or longer now, me and my fellow aquarian have been trying to get up to break break and just talk some shit… he’s always shooting in Atlanta for his show Vampire Diaries, so it’s tough and when he’s off, he’s traveling around like he should be and I’ve been all over. but finally got to chop it up over a chopped salad and bowl of spaghetti bolognese(hands down the best spaghetti I’ve had in my lifetime on earth. nothing comes close. Chateau Marmont is 2nd place though) and I know me and my dude will end up working on a project together somehow…

thursday night, I caught up with Catdicc Jr and my boy Peter and we hit up the Arclight for the midnight showing of the Expendables 2 and we ate at the cafe at the Arclight and it’s been a cool minute since I’ve ate there…. like maybe 10 years! but damn that shit was great! the fries were like mini baked potatoes and they have a full bar. we got it in and then watched a lot of action… the movie wasn’t bad at all. crazy to see all those action heroes all in 1 movie and man Chuck Norris brought the heat. his scenes were the best for real….

so Friday for Lunch I had to drop off that custom gold coin chain to my boy and he told me to meet him in Weho and I don’t like eating in Weho unless it’s Cecconi’s or like Madeo or Dan Tanas really…. but my boy is legit with his food choices and he never fails me. I was still really skeptical and he told me to meet him at this place called “O Burger” Organic Burger which obviously only serves organically made food and I was really skeptical because I’ve had those healthy burgers before and they’re ok, not bad, but not what I wanted to start my weekend off with……
WOW! after 3 bites, I had to say it was a tasty burger and they offer a egg there! after finishing that burger, I have to say it’s in the top 5 best burgers in LA. it could be top 3 to be real. I mean, it’s really really really fucking good. they only serve organic beverages, but their organic ginger ale was all the money!


much love to O Burger! I will be coming back oh yeah…

here’s what the charm looked like after I added a 60 gram 14k 4mm cuban link on it. such a dope chain, now I want to make something like it for myself….

it’s been so hot in LA. I mean triple digits hot. stupid crazy hot and I didn’t really have tints on most of my cars, due to getting fucked with more than I already do by the police, etc… but I couldn’t resist anymore. took it over to my boy Juniors shop “Fresh Tintings” in Reseda(he has 3 and soon to be 4 locations in So Cal) and he hooked it up with the best triple A finest pure ceramic tint made by Huper Optik


car is almost done… I CAN’T take off the front license plate because then I can’t park the car at LAX or even enter without getting pulled over. it’s 100% guaranteed and it’s such a fucking nightmare that I just want to leave it on. I also got $7000 in front license plate parking tickets last year so fuck that…. thank you again Junior! much love homey
so right before that sun set in the west coast, I met up with legendary photographer Michael Miller who specializes in West Coast Hip Hop artists…. he is a legend why? because he’s shot the late great tupac and Eazy E and NWA and so many more

those are just 2 legendary pics out of hundreds! thousands!
anyways, I shot with him for his documentary on west coast hip hop history
I was honored he even wanted to shoot me for it, but a few of my west coast legendary street cats reached out to me and I was game all in! we met up in Los Feliz, drove around Koreatown to downtown LA and then back around echo park and silverlake and reminisced about 1982 to 2012 really. crazy shit.

thank you Mike and much love homey. your book is incredible!

after that, I thought it was on at the crib and got some Links and Hops for me and Nic…. so I stayed near by and hopefully waited for our baby to come! I bought season 4 of Sons of Anarchy on sony stream and we watched the whole season in a day and a half! shit was good, but damn that ending was suspect! can’t wait for season 5 to hit next month!

Saturday morning, we hit this spot close to the crib in Atwater Village called “Canele” and we’ve been wanting to come here badly for the past 4 months, but when we’ve tried it’s been too busy and Nic can’t wait or just haven’t had the time, so I yelped them and found out they actually have a super duper official brunch…. so we shot over there like 11am and it was super cafe style restaurant as I expected, but damn when that food came out!

I said, hold up, only white folks in the kitchen? hmmm haha

one of the best omelettes I’ve had in my life…

they’re famous for their French Toast and WOW! that shit was waaay too big. I mean nobody could finish an order of this by themselves and it was hard to even make a dent with me and my pregnant wife…. but we sure tried. shit was unreal!

now their bacon???? THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD! HOLY FUCK! this shit was about 5-6mm thick! no joke and around as long as a ruler! it was juicy and thick like the black pork you get from a korean bbq joint! I couldn’t believe it.
the restaurant is a little expensive, but not like Mr. Chows or anything. I can’t wait to finally hit that spot up for dinner! won’t be for a while though, at least a few months until London can either come or my mother in law can watch him

and so later on in the day, there’s a spot about 10 minutes away where fat folks and foodies eat at and damn, I can’t believe I ate here after having that monster breakfast….

so later for a late lunch, early dinner… me and my boy Pete finally decided to check out “oinkster” in Eagle Rock…. GOD DAMNNNNNNN!!!!!
this place has been on food network for like 3 different shows, that diners one, anthony bourdain and guy fieri too…. they all been there, all raved about it, so I had to check it out.
the owner was a chef at a nice restaurant and he studied under Langers (world famous, LA legendary spot) to perfect their pastrami…. man! their pastrami is incredible, their pulled pork is incredible and their milkshakes are insane!!!!!


dee lishhhh uss

they have a veggie burger too! I heard it’s crazy good, so that means Nic can come next time!

to make things worse…. we went to BJ’s after to get a pizookie. smh
so fucking good

but yo
real talk?

woke up to this on my nightstand
I didn’t even know I went to McDonalds late night and got myself a Mcflurry smh along with mad other snacks… I was 169lbs about 10 days ago. I’m back at like 177!!!!!!

but that didn’t stop me on sunday….
I had a contractor come over to install some chicken wire underneath our house because we have fucking skunks and possums who like to sleep and hide there and that means I can’t let PeeWee out or else he’ll get bit or sprayed, so it’s a damn nightmare… also blocked out some things around the backyard to make sure they can’t get in…. also installed the 42″ LED flatscreen in London’s bedroom….

so while he was doing all of that, what did I do?

I went to Don Felix to try their Lomo and their shit is pretty official. I was surprised! and it’s only about 8 min from the trap which is closer than Marios… only thing is they don’t have the official Jalea like marios, but this will do… INCA COLA!!!

and then shot over to my sister’s house in the hot ass 105 degree valley to say happy birthday to my twin nieces… I always make sure to get them the best gifts! everyone in my family is excited for the baby to come! and it was good to see all my family as I’m sure I’ll be seeing them very soon again

what I didn’t do this weekend? I WAS NOT FUCKING WITH “ROCK THE BELLS” HELL NO! no fucking way!!!!! 100 + degree weather around 50,000 people? I rather be in county jail for 6 hours
but shout out to my folks who performed, especially my homey Hit Boy who did his thing with Cudi

what did I eat for dinner though?


if you ain’t ever been to Dinah’s friend chicken, you should at least try it once. it’s better than popeyes or kfc or even golden bird or churchs… (can’t fuck with Roscoes) but it’s good as fuck! and their pineapple cole slaw is bomb… the other sides are ok though. they got one in glendale and right by the Fox Hills mall near LAX. check it.

MAN I’M SO FAT. I need to walk this shit off…. but like in a few months lol

no magic trade show for me this time, next year though for sure to promote my Neff Watch

and be on the look out for my jesus tee collab coming soon in early to mid Sept! online or chicago only! exclusively at Jugrnaut!

word up!

last night as I was about to go to sleep….

pure fuckery…. I got a bb gun and next time I see one, it’s over. he’s getting lit up!

peace everyone!

god bless!

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