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yeah mannnnn

Proh-gress with that 13 carat diamond Frogman on! and the rest are rocking too in that pic, but you might not be able to see them all….
Far East Movement reppin Icee Fresh watches on their world tour as an opening act for Lil Wayne on the “I am still music” tour! I’m just so proud of them always! so dope that they are continuing to keep it moving and FREE WIRED! this really is a dream and I’m so happy for them…. literally just 2 years ago or less, they were still trying to make this almost 10 year project come to life and now it’s beyond that…. I can’t to hear the new album…

much love homies!
I’ll be checking y’all out when you hit the west coast!

as for this week…. I will post some pics of some clean under 3″ type classy sharp jewels very soon….

here’s a sneak peak of a remix piece we did that used to be 5″ tall! but we made it cleaner and smaller and fully flooded this charm out! sides and all! (shitty phone pics, because I couldn’t get the focus correct, but I will have better pics up soon)


but this time without a bail; instead we built in a hole for the beaded chain to go through giving it a more cleaner, stealth look! enjoy MJ!!!!!

so we’re finishing up a nice locket for a buddy of mine and also making some really clean brooches for another friend of mine…. some shut the game down type shit…. just to put on his fitted cap!

other than that, still struggling with some tough times, but remember, “tough times don’t last, tough people do” and after all the shit I’ve been through. I appreciate all the good friends and family and Nic who have stuck by me during the last 6 weeks.

p.s. Horrible Bosses….. was Horrible. smh, I thought it was going to be a lot funnier… damn man, these cats aren’t bringing it anymore… and the judd apatow crew’s reign was over a while ago… that superbad and other shit joke type swag is just buns now…. 1 other movie I forgot to put on my honorable mention list though is: THE FLAMINGO KID! I loved that fucking movie! go watch it!


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