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so the homey’s are back from their almost 2 month tour with Mike Posner and then a few weeks in Canada Free Wired! while they were gone a few things happened….. they’ve been #1 on billboard and #1 on itunes…. and their single “Like a G6” went platinum!

so they came home yesterday to do another milestone…. they did the tonight show with Jay Leno and KILLED IT…. but before that aired they had a welcome home show for Walmart at the Keyclub on the Sunset Strip….

to be honest and you could ask anyone, I’ve been hanging on the sunset strip since the very early 90’s….. and djing there too…. and not since Usher, Jermaine Dupri and Puffy had their huge bash there in 1998 have I ever seen a line outside the Key Club like this before….. AND IT WAS EVEN LONGER, THE LINE WRAPPED AROUND THE STREET AND BACK DOWN AND PASSED THE ROXY! I couldn’t believe it…. there were over 1,000 people easily outside when the venue only holds a couple hundred max!

I mean, it all started from a few mutual friends, James reaching out and us sitting down for a meal at Mishima…. then I said fuck it, these cats got potential…. I don’t know if it’s because they’re so humble and laid back that I think they never thought in their wildest dreams that they would reach this type of worldwide success, but I felt it as soon as I hit a few shows with them and once they started touring and especially when I heard G6 for the first time…. I’ve said this before in my blog entries that FM really genuinely loves what they do, not for the money, but for the LOVE and they love their fans…. it was not an easy road like some artists have had due to nepotism and other things…. they did this the hard way and I’m just so fucking proud I don’t know what else to say….. same goes with the Stereotypes who produced the album…. all of them are seeing crazy success right now…. and it’s just beginning for real.

to all the haters, I shouldn’t even address you, but when you been doing this for over a decade and finally get the shine that’s deserved…. it’s corny cats who hate who don’t even get heard…. none of this music is about slapping bitches, fighting or shooting people…. it’s about having a good time and the FAR EAST MOVEMENT is living their dream right now…. they’re wide awake while living it.

from the deepest part of my heart, James, Kev, JSpliff and of course VIRMAN, CONGRATS! SALUTE!
you fucking made it. you guys are bonafide stars now.

last night showed how much their show has grown too….
the intro is on some major rock star shit from the 1st time I ever seen them perform…. their set has been groomed and seasoned and blossomed crazy….. overall, you can’t say shit now.
last night was the best show I’ve seen and the way they’re cutting into acapellas on the bridge of their songs and then jumping back in full sounds and all is like them being DJ’s on some OG shit but everything all together now in sync as smooth and like a surfer on a perfect wave….


the homey’s “the Stereotypes!” HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON! they got it in last night at Drais!



my fucking guys put on a performance last night! FUCKING ROCK STARS IS WHAT THEY ARE NOW!

the show ended with Rocketeer and again, I appreciate them having me in the video and what you cats need, I got your fucking back and we riding til the wheels, brakes and frame falls off!
much love…. sorry but it was like midnight when the show ended and I was supposed to hit Drais, but I had 4 other people in my car and didn’t wanna deal with dropping them off and other shit….. then valeting and then hearing Ian spit in my ear about how light skinned guys are cool…. but Happy Birthday again to Jon from Stereotypes and much love to FM!

we hit Du-Pars for their world famous flap jacks….

when I got home…. I couldn’t sleep… I watched the tonight show with them on it and remember I’ve had a lotta success with music, had a lot of artists I worked with, had a lot of heartache and headaches too….

but just being around FM’s energy…. this is the best group of musicians/artists I’ve dealt with ever.
I think to myself, what if I was just the asshole that I usually am and decided to be a hater against cats who look like me and appreciate dance music, hip hop just like me??????? I could have easily been a hater and said fuck Far East Movement, them cats are gay and I’m not co-signing them for shit…. I believe it would still have happened for them…. but if I was even 1% motivation to them, then I did my job and I’m glad to be a tiny part of them even if it’s in my own mind…. I love all the texts I got from FM while they were on tour after they ran into readers of my blog or followers from my twitter (remember I don’t like to say I have fans) and them telling me that people hadn’t heard of them until they heard me talk about it…. fuck, that shit makes me happy…. if I can promote them and help, then again, I did my job…. IZ you next baby boy…. do your thing.

everyone have a blessed day



p.s. oh shit! I almost forgot!
it was so good to see my little cousins Jen and Carol there last night! I love you guys! hope you had fun!

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