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so there’s gonna be around 3 blog posts into 1 on this entry and that’s because I just finished getting a massage then a nap with my simple ass! I was so tired from running around and running my mouth all day to these youngins that I needed some rest….. so I’m blogging now at nighttime because I have a 8am call time for JIN the movie tomorrow and that will go until 9pm or so….

so a month or so ago, I was asked by the Fly Society Team to be in their lookbook for spring/fall 2011… I didn’t ask questions, it’s fam, so I just do whatever they wish usually instead of how I would for a client or someone who I didn’t know…. even though it’s business, it’s a good look for both of us…..

now I didn’t know what to expect really, but I know once they hired consultants, designers and marketing cats…. they couldn’t just be peddling some tees and a few hat designs… well I mean like 3 designs or their logo and thats it….
but NAWWW…. I walked in and there was like 6 racks of gear and I mean at least 20 different graphics and mad colors and jackets and wovens and flannels and snap back caps and hoody’s and mad other shit!

(a few promo items I got from Felix and Terry)

so back to the photoshoot; a lotta famous skaters were there, famous producers, famous actors and so I was the only one who wasn’t famous lol…. that might change after today maybe?(hint, but thats all)….
so they shot downtown at The Social Trust and before my homey Nino walked me in, I saw a mexican restaurant at the entrance and I saw…… yup mexican coke and I knew it was ON. lol

went upstairs and chopped it up with everyone and they hired a barber to cut everyone up, so I got edged up with the straight razor and went through all the gear and just spent an entire day with all my homey’s and made some new friends….

when I got there, they were already shooting the girls….

my lil homey Tristan from “The Wire” and “Beverly Hills 90210” was there and he’s always shown love and is also a IF customer for those who didn’t know….. looks like he was goin over some lines on his samsung tablet lol….
I saw him eyeballing my mexican coke and LV bag smh jk


TK was there early gettin his fade on…. the barber was from the LBC and was wet with the clippers!

now you know TK ain’t comin to a photoshoot without some 1 of 1’s on or some early promo’s!
these supras are kinda crackin! I’m gonna have to bug the kr3w for my pair!

Maestro chillin out in front of the TV along with others…. eating bagels and shit waiting for their time to get shot….

After Terry got out of the seat…. I had to jump in and get my laser tag surgery

the owner of the Loft and photographer had an ill dog coolin out with everyone…. I love dogs and this little girl was so smart! I don’t know what it was, but I assume some sort of Collie, Terrier, Poodle mix… really cute and so well behaved around so many people…. like 40+ heads in there easy

the rest of the day went by pretty fast…. the catering was good and healthy (courtesy of LA CAFE)

and here’s some random shots from throughout the day


and for those who got bored…. were on their computer or played COD

no cat daddy here CATTTT DADDDYYYYYYY!

ex-pro skater Jimmy Goreki was in the house… and if you don’t click on any pic on this blog, you must click on this one! hahaha, NOBODY, FOR REAL THOUGH, NOBODY GOT SWAGGER LIKE MY GUY JG! peep the velour peter pan slippers and no socks! dudes steelo is too ill! I always have a good time if Jimmy is around, he’s livens up the energy

much love to Kev D, Nino & Quy and of course all the FLY SOCIETY team and just everyone involved! it was a pleasure to work with my fam on a business thing on their side and not me making jewels for them or running on tour for shoes etc… I think I shot 4 or 5 different looks/outfits for them and I hope I didn’t turn their cameras into stone with my mugg….. at one point dude had to get a different lens for the vertical long screen, not widescreen to capture my face proper like….
shout outs to SKEE TV and Karmaloop TV in the house and got footage of everything!
good to see you JUNE!

I wish I had a better camera that was more compact…. I may invest in a G11 or something, because the SLR is just too big to carry around.


so now that we’re done with that….


for all my asians who follow the chinese zodiac and understand the chinese calendar… know today is a big day!
to start it off, there was a party tonight at Soho House for Hennessy that Tristan and TK were goin to, but I was waaaay too tired and I was also supposed to go to Drais tonight to support party rock wednesdays and Homicides 1st night back AND MY BROTHERS FAR EAST MOVEMENT are rollin through too…. but I got that early ass call time and I need to get right.

so just about 2 hours ago, my homey Tony Nguyen aka the Asian TK stopped by as a representative of Belvedere and Hennessy…. he brought me a very special dope ass gift!


I mean, the red envelope(you already know if you’re asian, chinese especially) was dope enough for me… but the flask over the henny bottle was next level… check out the detail on the flask… and it’s red for the special occasion… THANK YOU TK, MUCH LOVE, AND HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR… GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!!!

so since we’re on some FAR EAST shit….
let’s keep it rollin….
we made some affordable Buddha bracelets chakra style and the strings and everything….
except, we only iced out 1 bead…. we did one in white and one in black and I already sold 5 without even posting them on the blog!


simple and clean… I like the white one and I like the black…. we used the black one today for the photoshoot
we’re gonna make another few sets to sell…. but for now I think we have a couple in the display unless they sold today

now to the expensive shit….
my cousin JR had to take these pics with an iphone because I wasn’t around, but I had to show it off because it was so damn ICEE!!!!


17 carats of all VS diamonds and it’s nice and heavy and all prong set…. all white on white aka Christina Aguilera!
now I wish I could say this was very affordable, but I will say if you buy jewelry on the reg or got that real jewelry budget, then you already know, this is in much closer range than the tennis style bracelets etc…

aite y’all…
gonna watch some korean gangster flicks to get back into character! I think Nic got me acting too soft as of late! haha….

see y’all later


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