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this man is one of the very few people who can actually prove that “the loudest one in the room is usually the weakest” is a untrue statement…. although, what you see on TV in interviews with Pretty Boy’s cockiness and the negative things are a bunch of inflated untruths… the champ is a solid man! After spending some time with the man, only thing he is guilty of is balling out of fucking control…. dude is more down to earth than even I am and I’ve calmed down a lot. bottom line is Floyd Mayweather Jr is a normal guy, but he’s also “the champ”, but extra swagged the fuck out beyond belief and one of the nicest celebs next to Ellen Degeneres that I’ve ever met.

not only is this a hard working man who utilizes every single second that he is awake, he is misunderstood by the general public or by the media who catch bullshit like what you saw on TMZ about his gate security guard and things because I spent some time over there and the security guards love him…. but more importantly, I see that floyd has a good heart, this guy is one of the few people who has a rich camp, not only rich in currency, but rich in love…. AND THAT’S THE TRUE DEFINITION OF WEALTH! this cat don’t like seeing anyone do bad in his circle. If you rollin with the champ, then you are covered and in good hands…. real talk. his whole crew consists of stand up men, not fronters, not fakes or story tellers…. it ain’t bragging if you’re telling the truth and I can co-sign that first hand from witnessing the most stunting I’ve ever seen last week and I know I didn’t even see 1% of the capacity of Mayweathers stunting abilities…. but like a coach knows when he’s around natual talent, this is beyond that even….. this is refined well groomed stunting… it takes 10+ years to get to be this good at living life to the fullest!

boxing? cmon, the champ is in tip top shape…. he doesn’t drink or smoke at all….. only reason he pops bottles is for his boys to get right and have a good time…. when all the stunting is done and what comes 1st before all that is that he is a great father to his kids…. and a great uncle to his nephew who I will speak more on later…. there’s cats who go in and then there’s Floyd who goes INNNNN! I mean, he reminds me of how I like to think when I’m up on my grind and don’t want to sleep ever because I feel like I’m going to miss something…. he truly gets high off seeing his friends and family have fun….. and he’s the most spontaneous person I’ve ever met in my lifetime….. so add all that up and then I compare how he lives to 3 other BILLIONaires that I know and 2 out of those 3 billionaires I know stunt hard, but its different shit…. they don’t have an entourage like Money May…. so without further ado, lets talk about my new homey aka The Champ….. (MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON ALL THE PICS TO MAKE THEM ENLARGE!)

last week I get a call from 1 of Floyd’s personal security guards and he says, yo Champ wants to fly down there to check out some of your jewelry and I said, ok when? I’ll shut down the store for him(something we’ve not done for anyone ever) and he said i’ll call you back…. so then I waited a while… and then no word, the next day, the champ tells me to why dont I stop bullshittin and get a plane ticket out here and bring some heavy jewels….. I asked should I get a return ticket? he said man just come out here…. now understand this, I’ve dealt with everyone from big time rappers to even the biggest most famous celebrity ever Michael Jackson… and sometimes, well actually more than not, they were flakey and not always on point….. I got the job and the job done, but they weren’t people I saw a future with or treated me with a lot of respect….. so I got a plane ticket to las vegas and brought some jewelry with me and this is something I would never do before…. I didn’t even have a set time and place other than, be in las vegas and you’ll be picked up at the airport, don’t trip….. I was also told, when the champ is betting on a game, he don’t like to be bothered, so I understood, but couldn’t truly understand until I got in front of the champs face and see this shit first hand….

I get to Vegas and instead of having Kip(floyd’s security guard) pick me up, I hit up my fam fam Josh D who was already busy as fuck setting up a ridiculously huge event for David Guetta called “FUCK ME I’M FAMOUS” which was being flown in from all over europe and there was a lot going on with that…..(put it this way, Guetta was getting $200,000 just to DJ the event) but Josh sent for me and he’s an ex boss for a few casino properties and got a lotta juice when it comes to the clubs and shit…..
so I get swooped up in a benzi and head to get lunch at the cosmopolitan hotel…..

we get a quick bite to eat at Holsteins (food was surprisingly fucking good especially since it looked like a western country burger diner that belonged inside the golden nugget, not the new hip modern cosmo hotel)

after that, remember, I have no agenda and zero itinerary…. and I still have no word from anyone in the camp really and I figured, these dudes musta went all out the night before and later I found out that is exactly what happened…. they were up til like 8am and floyd had to handle some personal affairs and then obviously get some rest before he could get on with his day with me….

so I hit a pop up office where Josh was setting up the catering to decorations and all types of other shit while I tried to take a quick 10 min nap…..

so now I got so bored…. I started to watch some crazy videos on Josh’s computer that he saved and all of them were street fight videos or the wildest shit like a cat vs. an alligator! smh…..

go so bored that I bought an app on my iphone that super imposes images to act like they’re talking to chatting with celebs…. lol

I did that because the office next to Josh’s is a guy who takes care of all celebrity talent for all the properties they own and seen pics of paris, etc….

so just as I’m almost about to pass out from being tired and I’m getting restless, cranky and impatient carrying around a duffle bag with jewels in it…. all of a sudden I get a call from Ricki (floyd’s manager/promoter and best friend) he tells me to meet him 10 minutes away from the strip and I’m still slightly skeptical that I’m being set up to be robbed lol. smh….. so I’m also tired as a motherfucker.
so I have Josh take me to the designated spot and since Josh is my VIP liason, I know he knows a lot of people who are tied in the same social circles with big timers, so when I see Ricki, I ask him if I can bring Josh with me to the champ’s house…. he said he didn’t know, he’d have to ask the champ (which is understandable, this isn’t his hotel suite, it’s his house) and the champ said it’s cool…. now when you see Josh, you can tell he’s a very non offensive looking white boy lol…. so we’re good!
we head over to the champs house and he lives in a gated community and right next door to the Maloof brothers who are friends of mine…..

the maid lets us into the champs 10+ million dollar mansion and I’ve already seen the most beautiful homes on the planet literally…. so I’m not tripping on that, I’m more concerned about chatting it up with the champ and seeing what’s good….


now this is what you see directly to your right when you first walk into the champs crib….
and it gets filled up weekly or daily or whenever he wants it filled, but there’s always tons of champagne for celebration purposes whenever needed….. immediately I saw the Perrier Jouet Rose’ clear flower bottles…. he had a whole lotta other shit too in there, but who cares lol….. he’s ballin!

the dining area and near the back patio outside is where we spent most of our time where you can see a view of the las vegas dessert and strip and of course he has an infinity pool that looks off into the horizon LITERALLY!

as you walk all the way to the back of the house which later I didn’t even know this, but that entire fucking section of that house was a convertible and doors opened up like transformer with the touch of a button!

you see this as you walk back into the dining area from the outdoor or convertible or transformer patio


I chop it up with Ricki and Rick is also a poised cat who just chills and handles the champs business…. he’s the head promoter of Mayweather productions and owns a management company called Regal Management Group(manages Canary & P-Reala) and also manages the Champ and does many other things…. he’s not a flossy type cat, he likes his adidas kicks and his polo gear. cool motherfucker….

his brother Canary Chello is loud and talks shit and makes me laugh… I love this cat for real…. we got along real good! he’s a rapper under the Philthy Rich Records imprint…..

around 30 minutes later, the champ comes out and gives me a pound and we all say what up and I say, mannnn I’ve been waiting all day fam! he tells me, sometimes its like that with great relationships, sometimes you gotta wait a while and says it with a smile…… I don’t even break out jewelry immediately…. he asks us what we feel like eating and literally says what do you want to eat? I say, where do you wanna go, he says NO, I’m going to have my chef cook for y’all, so what do you want to eat? I said…. shit, I’m easy, let me get some bbq chicken and some potatoes and vegetables and we’re good….. anything and everything that I could possibly want to eat or drink was at the champs crib, no bullshit. I MEAN EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING!

so we sit down as the Duke vs. Arizona game just came on…..
I had no idea Floyd bet this game…. so I show him some jewels during commercial breaks and he likes a few things…. but I can tell this isn’t about the jewels really, it’s about the swag period.
as he’s looking at my jewelry, he takes out his briefcase and his backpack and unloads a few things for me to see… I won’t show pics of everything, but the pieces I saw were amazing, simply amazing…. VVS1 E color to IF D color stones and every single piece had a 5 carat solitaire rock in it just chillin smh

those 4 watches above are almost 4 million dollars total in cost. no joke.
every single one of those above is factory set and factory made, no aftermarket parts and GOD DAMNNNNN THEY WERE ALL HEAVY AS HELL!
they are the most expensive watches I’ve ever seen in my lifetime let alone got to hold them and check them out….. they were even more expensive than Michael Jackson’s chopard piece
The champ told me one morning he woke up on a good day and said he wanted to spend a Million and drove over to the strip and did exactly just that…. dropped a mill ticket on 2 items of jewelry smh….

floyd and his artist Canary Yellow Chello checkin out the IF and Co work…..

Ben Baller and Money Mayweather…. a pic worth billions lol

now strictly for stunting and shitting on people… when have you ever in life seen dog tags that had 30 pointers in them pave set? russian setting type shit? I mean these things have stones bigger than the stones in my dunamis watch bezel….. and these were 18k gold, stupid silly shit. no rapper I know is spending money like this on dog tags, none….. most rappers I’ve seen and are selling records still rock some fake pieces, let alone shit this beautifully set.

so while he’s looking at the jewelry I brought and he keeps checking out shit during time outs and commercial breaks… I’m lookin at his partial watch collection and throughout all this time, he’s being so fucking humble lol. I can’t stand it mane! I’m like wtf? he’s looks over like, I do some things…. or I got a few things lol.

this again, isn’t everything and this alone shits on everything I’ve seen from the billionaires I know who have ill patek philippes in their collection, etc etc

as I’m looking to the side, I see an all black AP royal oak offshore and I mean it’s fully completely flooded in black diamonds and done with PVD the right way!


the champ asks me, do you like that? I’m like, yeah, that’s cool…. the champ says Hold That if you want to.
Josh seen me rock it for a second, but this is too much to accept and let me earn it first, I can’t be rocking anything of his…. so I kindly hand it back to the champ.

so the game gets to half time and duke is up….. the champ says. let’s go, and I don’t even know what the hell is going on….. he tells ricki to come on and tells me to come on and I tell Josh, roll with me….

so a couple homey’s are left at the crib along with the chef and maid and assistant with all the jewels and everything left there…. so I’m like damn, the amount of trust is insane, but fuck that, where are we going? I didn’t want to ask, so I just shut up…. I was sitting shotgun and we’re in the new body 2011 maybach 57S and shit is NICEEE! but I’m used to sick nice rides already….. just still want to know where the hell we are going….
we leave the community gates and then I really wonder where we’re going and so I ask finally, yo where are we going? the champ said, cmon BENNNNN, we gotta get my money! and I’m still baffled as I’m hungry, jewels and my things are left behind, I didn’t even bring a change of clothes except some extra socks and boxers….. we pull up to the M casino (a newer casino off the 15) and park. okay lol. check this out….. not only did the champ not park in a parking space, he literally pulled to the side of the casino and made his own loading zone…. I said yo, you ain’t worried they’re gonna tow your shit? and with every time I asked him about something I was concerned about, the same answer always came out of the champs mouth, don’t worry, it’s okay, we good, thats okay! smh lol

so we walk inside the casino, the sports book sees the champ walking and he screams out to dude, gimme my money! you know I hit! as I see 1 guy preparing racks on top of racks on top of racks, another guy shows Floyd this story that ESPN ran on him with his big bet on a chicago bulls game from a night or 2 before…. I ask, yo champ, how much did you bet on the game? he said 100 racks homey!

now that is the actual ticket! crazy thing is he laid down some more money on the Butler game…. but this was only the first half for duke! DUKE ENDED UP LOSING THE GAME! smh…. his attention span is so short with things, he bets 6 figures on a half? mannn, I was blown away, but this is nothing as he continues to get to clowning!

P-Reala (CEO of Philthy Rich and artist on PRR) meets us at the casino and he pulled up in a beautiful red cabernet colored new body S Class with the LED’s on it…. the champ copped it for him just last week….

we all boss up and we head back to the trap to eat and chop it up….. with $200k on us smh
the champ asks Ricki, yo what kinda car you want? i’mma cop you something new….. and I look back at Rick and he says, I want that coupe…. later I found out, he was talking about a CADILLAC CTS COUPE! wtf? Rick already drives a new cadillac… wtf? huh? i’ll explain later….. so…

as we enter the gates of his crib, there’s a stretch of maybe a 1/2 mile of straight road with speed bumps every 12th of a mile…. and I hear the champ say, let’s jump some bumps!
I’m like awwww shit man…. we’re doin 120mph and I’m holding on to the handle like wtf is this guy doing???
we start literally jumping over these speed bumps and after the 4th one, I hear a crack and i’m like Yo champ! chill man…. I think something broke? he said thats okay…. “you shouldn’t buy something if you can’t afford to fix it!” lmao lololol…. I mean not once did he raise his voice the whole time I’m chilling with him, I ain’t met a cat who was cooler!

the champ is in a good mood and again, VIP isn’t the word to describe how I’m being treated; he’s treating me like he’s known me for over 10 years! I mean, this is how I treat my fam fam, but on a much smaller scale cuz money ain’t a thing, when your last 2 fight contract was for $115 million! and he’s steady making money too…..

so we get back to the house and he shows me his garage…. but again, it wasn’t all his cars there….
he got a white ferrari f430 scuderia, a white bentley GT supersport, a white ferrari 599! and a black mercedes benz sprinter van….. and of course the all white maybach 57S
so he says, let me show you the house……
he takes me upstairs to part of the house and I’m like damn this shit is crazy…… NOBODY EVEN SLEEPS THERE, BUT HIM AND HIS MAID AND HIS KIDS I’M SURE FROM TIME TO TIME AND HE GOT MORE GUEST ROOMS THAN THE HILTON HOTEL! all fully furnished and all freshly made up…. he shows me his wedding ring which was like 99.9% all consistent and all VVS1 cushion cut stones all eternity set around with a border of pave perfectly set and then we get to walking and I said, hold up boss, I need to film some of this shit….

so again, he shows me his upstairs garage, his movie theater and because it was dark in there, if you look carefully, there’s curtains opening up on the top part when I said ohhh mannn awww mannn….. he’s also saying, you don’t think that asians ball or act like this huh???? haha making fun of me for stunting years ago on my dub magazine shoot….

and then we got to the belts. how the fuck could I ever forget the belts? at the end of the video you can hear mayweather scream out, oh oh oh ohhh yoooooo, snap some pictures so we can send it to him…. “him” being jo koy aka pacquiao fan #1 and so I sent a pic out to Jo Koy who is a comedien and also is pacquiao’s cousin lol and got no response… usually he’s filled with shit talking, but not tonight! lol

I had no choice but to send him pics of the 7 belts and no crazy new weight classes, all the same sanctioned WBC OG weight classes, not some made up shit. the champ is 41 and 0! the only undefeated champion next to rocky marciano


now if those aren’t priceless family heirlooms, then I’m not korean….. sheeesh

from this point on the champ calls me BEN BALLIN…. or BEEN BALLIN… no more Ben Baller, so that is my official new Las Vegas Moniker! lol
he also had money on another game he won that I didn’t know about, so he’s 2-0 for the night so far…..

but the champ had to do a quick interview for ESPN upstairs in his crib…..

he then came back and
so we go back into the room to watch the Butler vs. Wisconsin
the spread was butler had to win by 5 in order for the champ to collect his money….
and the whole game butler was up buy like 12 to 13….

during commercial breaks and halftime again, the champ checked out which jewels he wanted to cop and then he called his nephew over to the crib….. his nephew is 17 years old and is so damn poised for a teen ager, this kid is like his son and the champ treats him like a boss already, but the kid is a good kid…. he’s got on a AP royal oak offshore with the entire case fully flooded and the rubber band and i’m like, that’s a nice watch for anyone let alone a 17 year old….. and he copped his nephew a SRT-8 Challenger for his birthday too…. the champ didn’t even know which one he got him lol…. but money may’s nephew pulled out a sock and inside of that, was a fully flooded AP royal oak offshore like my old one with the fully flooded diamond stainless band! smh… but this kid isn’t the average spoiled punk rich kid I’m used to seeing in Beverly Hills or NYC, he’s a good kid and he’s very well taken care of as all of Mayweather’s family is…. he makes sure not only that they’re watched over very well, but the champ teaches his nephew the rights and wrongs and makes sure he doesn’t make mistakes in life that he’s made before….

so mayweather decides on a few things and puts some jewels on his nephew and since he’s been hitting all night long on winners, his nephew decides to get something custom made instead, so I’m making him a nice set up….

we all sit down to eat and the food is delicious…. the chef used to be diddy’s chef for 3 years and now cooks for the champ…. she made exactly what I wanted and asked to eat along with some requests by the champ….

the game is close and with 3 minutes left its a 7 point game…. now you know, these fuckers on the screen aren’t worried about the spread, they’re worried about the W…. so I look at money and at the time, I didn’t know the spread! the game gets down to 4 points and I look at the champ like, aww man, and he says “thats okay”
but the game ends in free throws and bad moves by Wisconsin and Butler are the 7 point victors!

so I know it’s on! the champ is 3-0 with me around…. shit I must be good luck! haha and from what I hear from everyone, when the champ is betting, he watches carefully who’s around when he wins or loses on games… and obviously he don’t like to lose….. and they also told me that he’s so fucking competitive, that he’d bet somebody on the street, anybody! haha, he’d roll dice in a restaurant if he was called out…. last thing I think in my mind is that this guy is scared of Manny…. I won’t say anymore on that fool pacman.

so the chef baked us cake too, so we’re eating 2 different kinds of cake and kickin it in the crib, everything is good, life is great…..
I asked the champ, well the last flight to LA left at 8:30pm and so where am I staying? he said, mannn BENNN, DON’T WORRY! I got you, you in good hands! these hands right here, you with money! (haha)
so he’s like where you wanna go shopping? you need some clothes? what you need? I got you Ben, don’t trip!
I don’t really need any gear, I know I’m good, so it’s on….

I’m part of the team….. Money said, I got an asian on my team now!

so meanwhile…

I start to play 1 of the 3 casino game machines that the champ has while he gets ready to go out….

did you see what was inside that back pack? that’s like a 1/4 to 1/2 a million… I didn’t ask
fyi, everyone’s seen the bands that say $10,000 on a stack of $100’s, but he had bands that said $100,000 us currency smh mannn…. that’s how he goes out! on a regular!

so after the champ gets ready, he calls a few of his peeps, his security team and we get ready to head on over to the Las Vegas strip…. we’re 3 cars convoy deep, but while we’re waiting on a phone call, the champ and his manager Ricki start to get to battling in games of spades and dominoes…. smh, that shit lasted about an hour!
and before I know it, I’ve been at the champs house for almost 9 hours! just kickin it…. btw, the champ had 4 different apple 17″ macbook pro’s lying around for community use….. all fully charged too lol. so we were all good on a t1 connection…. around 42 flat screens all over the house, I can’t even begin to explain or talk about it…. there was a game on every single tv in the crib. you’re never bored, something is always cracking…..

the champ was gettin in rick’s ass in some bones…. but then Rick started to make a comeback!

we got beats bumpin throughout the house and jokes and everyone is in a good mood…..

we finally get in the bach and head down the 15…. just me and the champ… we’re bumping 90’s music off sirius satelite radio…. talking about everything from clubs to society…. we exit and hit a red light by caesars palace….. after waiting around 30 seconds, he says, the champ don’t wait for red lights and on the strip, he runs the light…. I said yooooo wtf? he said, that’s okay, don’t worry, what is that? $300? $400 ticket? I’ll let my lawyer handle it if it’s a problem lol(he actually did that 2 different times in the night now that I remember lol)….. so we pull up to the Mirage and we’re greeted by the valet, as I see the homey big Kip and he opens the door, I see the champ, give the valet $100, then we get to the entrance and 4 guys open the doors for us…. he gives the 4 guys $100 bill each…. we walk by a few other peeps in burgundy blazers and he hands them $100 each too…. then the Executive VP of the Mirage guest services comes over to greet me and says, we got you a corner penthouse suite on a short notice, we’re sold out tonight too…. here’s your keys, then the champ hands him some benji’s and then says, put this on his room and make sure he don’t have any problems with anything…. the guy says okay no problem champ. and then the champ gave him like $500 for taking care of me…. wtf? by the time I actually got to the elevators, the champ had gave out maybe $2,000 in tips for no reason, just because they were standing there lol…. smh

so me and Josh go upstairs to check out the room…. I don’t even take pics, but it’s a fly room, reminds me of my room at the vdara…. now it wasn’t the craziest room they had but it was fucking boss’d out and had everything I needed for sure! as soon as I walked in, there was a huge fresh fruit platter with a letter greeting the champ and gouda cheese, carrs crackers and a bottle of Dom P….. so I’m not even paying attention, I wash up quick and put my things away and lock them up and head down stairs feeling fresh….

now the champ is downstairs gambling…. he’s got a few hundred thousand in his hands in chips…
the champ pulls me to the side and asks me quietly, yo how much your flight cost? and what I owe you? I tell him and he hands me a couple chips and it’s beyond enough to cover…. man….

we sit down and hang out at the high stakes black jack table and ricki and canary are at another table….. me and josh are just chillin…. he gave us all a few stacks to gamble with too, smfh, he gave a person he didn’t even know $2,000!!!!! and some fans wanted to take pics, he did and I think he handed them some chips lol jesus christ!

we gambled until around 5:45am or 6am and meanwhile we hit a bar inside the casino and ordered everything you can think of…. drinks wise…. I don’t even remember if we were up or down overall… I know I lost some of it, but I wasn’t trippin at all…. I think the champ broke even and everyone else was just chillin, happy….

Josh finally leaves and I am beyond exhausted… so I get back to my room and Canary also gets a room next to mine…. so I say peace to the money mayweather fam and the champ himself and say thank you for everything!


my hands are jittery as hell! I’m tired… lightweight drunk… fuck it, good night!

wake up the next day and I start to take pics of the room lol


now this is sorta old…. I’ve seen this in one of my baller homey’s cribs here in LA, but it’s still boss shit! haha

Untitled from ben baller on Vimeo.

I had to record it lol….


so I got woken up by a call from wifey and a call from Wayne who is like Floyd’s protege’…. I’m like it’s fucking 10am???? man I’m taking my ass back to bed until around 12 at least!

but then I hear some banging on the door and I’m like who the fuck is this????
it’s canary chello and he got some kush lol….
I let him in and we chop it up and order $200 of room service

I had to get ready, so chello is filming a day in the life with his flip cam and I go downstairs to get some things…. I got a tshirt that is so fucking pissy that I don’t know what to say….. but I charged $112 worth of things I needed to get right for the day to the room compliments of the champ…..

so we are coolin out, just maxing, getting ready for this P-Reala video shoot which he dropped my name in on the song (I didn’t even know… much love homey) and Rick comes up to the room and we get the mini bar poppin and order some more food…. Wayne dropped by too, so I had a lot of the mayweather camp inside the room…. we watched the games and then I filmed my parts and then packed my bags quietly and got a limo to the airport…. the room was paid for another night, but I got a lotta work to do, some more things to finish for the champ and a trip to chicago I gotta get ready for…. and I can’t even write anymore….. with the champ, his boys just leave because if you don’t? the champ is so spontaneous, that you might fuck around and end up on a jet to hawaii with no bags…. thats how he lives for real! I mean he takes his private jet to LA to just eat at roscoes and then flys back!!! so I had to leave, otherwise, I’d still be there right now real talk…. and wifey woulda been mad! there’s so much I’m sure I left out and forgot to say it’s crazy…. like how the champs car got towed and he didn’t even care…. he called his assistant and had them ring over the maybach 62 and left the car in the impound for a week and wasn’t trippin on the bill or the daily rate that grew each day his whip was there! LOLOL. FUCKING BALLING! he parked the car outside the casino and blocked mad cars and left because he was about his money!!!!!!!! I have to say, before the trip, he was my favorite boxer next to Mike Tyson in his haydays…. but Floyd IS my favorite boxer and a fucking idol. smh…. this cat balls so hard, I really can’t even speak more on it….. there’s things like I said I prolly forgot to say and there’s things I just can’t say due to the privacy of the Champs estate etc…. so I got mad respect for the boss.

oh yeah, I asked Rick, I said why the fuck out of all the cars you could choose, did you tell the champ you wanted a cadillac????? Rick said, homey, I don’t get into all those european cars like you and the champ do…. I don’t care homey, I’m a pimp…. we’re from michigan! we drive caddy’s!
mannnn…. much respect to you too bro….. there are no clowns in team mayweather trying to rape the budget…. nobody is complaining and not only that, they are all very happy and everyone stays in their lane and plays their position…. unlike a lotta other camps I see that claim a lifestyle, most of them are full of shit… not the champs team. no way, no sir. they’re doin it to the fullest degree!

thanks again Champ!

as soon as I got home, I saw this….

I’M TELLING YOU, THE CHAMP IS A BEAST WITH THIS GAMBLING SHIT!!! CARDS, SPORTS BOOK, CRAPS, WHATEVER! he’s an animal! and I fuck with him and his crew heavy duty!

remember, I was just in San Francisco, then went to LAX, then LAX to las vegas and then finally back home…
I fly to chicago this week…. seattle, next week and then back to vegas for more rounds with the champ and team mayweather…..

what a fucking time!
so I went to vegas… came home with RACKS ON RACKS ON RACKS… and this T-Shirt

now if that ain’t the most boss tshirt you ever seen before, then I don’t know what to say!
lol…. those are the white tigers that bit Siegfried in the head huh? smh…. I’mma keep this shirt forever!


see y’all soon.

peace and love!

remember y’all. we’re not here for a long time, just a good time!

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