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So last night, I went to the Clippers game…. I had floor seats, row A right behind the visiting bench which happened to be Minnesota. I’ve been wanting to see Blake Griffin play since last year and I remember telling him last year when I got seats from Rasual Butler(one of our clients) “yo I wanna see you play” and then Blake said “yeah, so me too!”

so now you obviously see, he’s been averaging double doubles, 47 point games, etc, etc…. but the clippers play really good against great teams, but they lose to shitty teams. the spread was 6.5 last night and I put a stack on the game on the clippers to make it an interesting night.

I asked Homicide again to roll with, I asked my cousins, none of these fools wanted to roll and these seats cost a few G’s EACH! smh…. so I asked Nic to roll with me and she hates basketball smh….

thank you SAM! aka SAMAN! much love… man, the vip entrance valet usually for Lakers games is $250, but I don’t know what it is for Clippers games, prolly $50…. but it’s the only way to enter if you’re heavy jeweled up or a star lol

so we walk in and use the lower concourse entrance, aka the players tunnel

sat down and man…. people were staring hard at my Louboutins…. I mean, I never got hit so much with the compliments…. crazy… and then they made their way up to checking out the ice, but we’ll get more into that later

saw my little brother DJ SKEE there and the homey Kai who got seats from the homey Baron Davis

sat down in our seats


I was just hyped to see Blake and I wanted to see mad dunks…. such a different scene from the game on Monday with the LAKESHOW…. but still was a lot of fun

so this is where it gets immediately funny

Nic says, the players keep staring at your watch, even the ball boy kept staring and he dropped the towel not giving it properly to one of the players and the players got mad…. then Beasley was staring hard at my jewels and told the other players to check it out, they were so distracted that the Coach (Rambis! SHOWTIME LAKER!) said “GUYS PAY ATTENTION!” lmao! them fools kept looking too after a few more timeouts…. they were also looking at Nic lol

so there were some good plays and shit, but no monstrous dunks and a lot of sloppy plays…
at 1/2 time, we walked into the chairmans room where most of the celebs or courtside ticket holders go to… shit is sort of a waste of time during a clippers game, but during laker games, it’s filled with A listers

I chopped it up with some folks and my homey Sam…. got a client last night who been reading the blog but didn’t have a # on me, so we’re gonna make him a chain
slapped hands with Baron and Rasual during the half and then sat back down…..


there was some bullshit ass officiating last night and I was loud about it…. they gave Rasual a technical and he was sitting on the bench…. smh so I talked a lot of shit…

in the 4th quarter there were some alley-oops, but by the Timberwolves, not the clippers, so I was getting heated and literally right when I said something, Griffin came through and Slam Dunked it coast to coast on 3 T-Wolves heads… this is when it gets funny

Beasley gets out of the game, they’re getting blown out by 20 points and I started to laugh I yell out “FOOL YOU GOT NO DEFENSE, YOU ARE TERRRIBLE” and so He gets mad and throws his towel hard as fuck on the floor… no big deal, then he looks at me and turns back and says “FUCK!” and I say “sit your ass down BEEZY!” and the ref blows the whistle and gives him a tech and then throws him out of the game! HAHAHAHAHA! wow! then the security asked me what was going on and they had headphones on and I said, I don’t know what you’re talking about G, I don’t speak english” they left me alone and Beasley got kicked out…. there was a lightweight commotion by the bench, so Skee texts me and says, yo, you know Beasley is crazy right? he’s worse than Game, he’ll try to fight you. I said IDGAF! haha

anyways, throughout the game, we got texts from friends and stuff about seeing us on TV watching the game…

shout out to Alie Layus for this picture…. I don’t know what the hell I was doin here, but my chain was ICEE

and then

funny shit….
I got to see a lot of old school friends and even friends from high school. I can’t wait to go to the Celtics game vs. the Clippers… I got floor seats for that game too.


gotta get ready for some work and then head to the Grove to support Apolo for this Oreo Cookies event…. and I gotta get ready for my new york trip next week which I’m kinda in the dark about since it’s for a top secret project by Brisk Iced Tea


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