Fig & Olive Drunk Bored Game Weekend….

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So friday was just work and work…. but got it in at Barney’s Green Grass for lunch (1 of my top 10 lunch places in LA for sure) and then at night, couldn’t figure out where to hit so we stayed in….
I got a bottle of Patron Silver and we played Yahtzee because there wasn’t a movie out that we wanted to see or even rent! smh…. but drunk Yahtzee is underrated! btw I won lol

before we talk about food anymore…. let’s get it in with some work!
my boy proposed to his girl last week and we made them their dream engagement ring…. I wish I could show you the box, but we gave him our prototype (the box has an LED light in it so it shines on the ring when you open the box)
…. enough…..


we micro pave’d the halo and made a perfectly set prong band eternity style and the center stone is VS1 and is almost 3 carats total with the center stone being hearts and arrows and triple excellent…. nearly colorless

a different shot….
and now

he didn’t want to give her just 1 engagement ring….


so he made her 2 engagement rings…. 1 in all white diamonds and then a mirror image in all black diamonds….
I couldn’t get a great angle or image of the black diamond one for some reason… but it’s exactly the same….
we lasered a special “quote” inside the ring and she freaked out when she saw the ring period.

thanks again Matt! god bless…. and say hello to the haters for me.

Saturday, we got it in early at Fig & Olive; now I have been wanting to eat here since before they physically opened, as soon as they announced they were building one right near our house, I said, we gotta go here…. but as you may recall from reading my blog, the last few months have been weird ones…. so anyways, we have ate at the one in NYC a few times and loved it each time. But DAMN! the one here in LA is just amazing…. after eating brunch here, I have to say this is the best Lunch I’ve had in LA…. now lunch isn’t very fancy usually, but this place gave me a better lunch than the Polo Lounge or Mr. Chows…. and that’s already at a Bentley Mulsanne level, so this is on some Veyron levels… but the decor is just super clean. I know at dinner it jumps off here because we’ve called 2 times and reservations were booked and I don’t really plan too far ahead for meals.

anyways. I just found out this morning that the President, Barack Obama will be eating here for dinner tonight! the food is delicious, the ambiance is cool and I want to do my birthday dinner here in the upstairs rooms…. the bar is cracking for the above 30 year olds…. and the last dinner on the weekend is served at around 12:30-1am so this is the pre-jump off spot kinda. I was impressed. But more so I was happy and satisfied


place is just as sexy as Bottega Louie, but better….. why? because it’s on the westside of town haha


the crostini’s are insane! (mushroom truffle, prosciutto, shrimp) and so damn perfect! you can order as many different types as you want, but mix them up in 3, 6 or 9….

dead ass serious, I never had a more tasty or tender steak in my life…. and put into a panini? I was like damn! the potatoes were golden crispy on the outside, soft like mashed potatoes on the inside…. I’m not even a fan of paninis so much, but this was crazy. I’ll take this over the $50 kobe burger at the Polo Lounge. the salad? Fig & Olive specializes in salads…. so they’re side salads are even dank as hell


the 2 poached eggs over salmon in a bread bowl is crazy. I can’t even explain it. the salmon was so soft, it was damn near soup, but still enough texture to let you know what time it was…. but the flavor was incredible…. I love a great poached egg btw…. and add a little bit of sriracha? GAME…. blouses.

so anyways, the price was very nice too…. like Bottega Louie prices, not Polo Lounge or Mr Chow prices….
I will be back here tomorrow and this week and next and next….

then we headed off to the Santa Monica Place and did a little bit of shopping… the weather sucked big time! we were gonna head out to palm springs, but there was thunder and light chance of rain and the freeways were closed off due to a fire… so thank god we stayed….. and thank god I got to meet this guy

smfh…. no need to say anything else

headed back to the trap to take a nap
later had some sushi and drinks with friends and had an after party at our place…….

so again, another BORED game, not board game
this is what you do when you live in LA and realize there isn’t shit out there for you!

for real though…. we met up with some friends…. ate at a very simple non pretentious sushi bar… very easy. and then we drank until 1 and everyone kept it safe…. that was good times!

Sunday…. woke up to Ocho Cinco on TV rocking my gold beats


thanks again to my homey Karen Civil

watched the korean movie “Sunny” and honestly, I expected a LOT more out of this movie…. maybe there was too much hype, but bottom line is this movie didn’t live up to any of it….. smh

Boardwalk Empire looks promising though….

so now, I’m off to meet a very high power client!
I mean my best client next to Jonas or the Champ…..
then tomorrow we are closed and I’m thinking of taking off a few days, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work when I’m off…. so holla at me anytime if you need something made for someone dear in your life… which means yourself too


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