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the weekend wrap up is here again and I was all over the place this weekend!
I got it in at the shop….. ran around getting ready for the evening and also had to put out some fires…..

then my man Felix the Housecat got in town for a special party he had to DJ and to get his new watch! Felix tours like 300+ days out of the year, no joke…. only person who I know that travels more is Steve Aoki and they both need to slow they asses down!

Felix is truly a real OG in the music game and is a helluva DJ! well his birthday passed last week, so it’s only right that he got a nice Black Diamond casio G-Shock! Once that heavy black gold piece hit his wrist, he was sprung!


thank you Felix, enjoy! much love to you and your beautiful family!

got home and tried to take a quick 45 minute nap before I had to shake with Nic and Apolo and Ally to get to La Vida for Nic’s LolliMe bikini fashion show!

We shot over there early…. like 10:30ish and there was a line outside… good to see some familiar faces at the door, security guard wise and doorman wise…. I don’t get out much no matter what anyone thinks.

Nic got her show organized early and I chopped it up with some homey’s including my boy DJ 5 Star.


La Vida actually holds up to 1,000 people, but in 3 parts…. the place got very packed around 11:15 and the fashion show didn’t start until around 11:45 and they cleared out the VIP patio area and put up a runway for the show….

thank god this area wasn’t crazy packed like the front of the stage area… this was Nic’s table.

I think I was staring at Nic


the only asian girl in the show… why? I don’t know lol

look at Apolo’s face! haha

I forgot to mention that I couldn’t take pics because I HAD TO MC THE SHOW! smh haha…. I did okay I guess, so I asked Nic’s brother to take pics if he could, he is Nic’s partner in the company!
I was surprised to see so many cameras, no not cell phone cams or point and shoots but SLR’s and shit…

some of the girls from the show with Nic….


La Vida was packed and the dance floor was packed… funny how the table next to us was a customer of mine and the other table was a few Clippers bench players table…..

me making fun of Apolo for wearing his Omega…. but really he’s making fun of me because he’s endorsed and getting paid for wearing a fine timepiece lol

Jade Ashley was in the house, Capo was in the house, crooks were in house….. even my fam fam Baron Davis(ACTUAL NBA CLIPPERS STAR, not bench warmer) was in the place…. it was a good time
they comped us a bottle for the show and then I copped another bottle, but didn’t OD!

shook to the house around 1:45am and made a stop at jack in the box for finger foods! haha

we got home safe!


woke up to a text from my lil homey Travie McCoy who was in town to perform the Sunset Strip Music Festival with Smashing Pumpkins and Kid Cudi….

I got tickets, but thought the show was at night time, it was during the day and way too crazy packed and I’m not fond of places that have Port a Pottys. #NO

so I rolled by Travie’s hotel to chop it up and talk shit early on….. met up with my homey Truth too for a second…

then went back to the trap to grab Nic for some lunch at the grove
I haven’t had an actual steak in almost 8 months! so I ordered one….
got our favorite vanilla latte’s and then shopped around for a day bed for my 2nd bedroom….

Saturday Afternoon was also a get together for my brother DJ AM at Travis Barker’s shop “The Fast Life”
I just paid my respects by talking to his fam and Homicide about it, neither me or homicide showed up and It’s hard enough to still believe that our bro is gone…… I drove by and seen the homey Kev E Kev outside and hit him via text to let him know it’s all love always….

went back home to watch a couple bad DVD’s…..

Nic made me some dinner…. then I shot over to Travie’s hotel to get it in at Colony for the after party to the SSMF….
while Trav was getting ready, I went up to Dejesus and Mano’s room and Mano is the human roledex/catalog for vintage Louis Vuitton and vintage shades….. me and mano got a lot of mutual friends and talked shit about Cazals to everything for a good 20 minutes…. he hurt my feelings with some vintage Chanel shades….
I hurt his with other shit lol

I threw on the Cazal 858’s but these are the retro version with the collab with Swagger….

but peep game on these ridiculously ill Versace shades…



we’re late to the club/show (no way?)
and so we tell the driver that he needs to put the pedal to the metal!
bad move rap dudes….. THIS DRIVER SPAZZED OUT AND WENT APE SHIT! He drove the limo like a getaway driver on a heist or like the limo in True Lies was being driven…. this was a stretch limo too! smh….
no joke, we were on the opposite side of traffic and everything! jesus. even deJESUS lol

we got there safe though…
ran in there deep too!

as soon as we walked inside it was packed waaaaa worse than La Vida was, but I mean like DAMN!
and I tried to take a pic of the crowd, but I couldn’t keep my hand straight!

but once we got to our roped off area, we were straight for a sec!

2 bottles of Goose and some brews for only an hour appearance? I’m not fucking mad at you TRAV!

speaking of fresh vintage sunglasses…. WOW! OG snakeskin Emmanuel Khan joints!
if you had these in the late 80’s you were doing too much! actually three much!


the homey Blake! (used to be with karmaloop) showed up and partied with us!

fellow #teamscumbag member and one of the illest professional photographers I know (dead ass serious) QUANG!

so after kickin it for 20 minutes… IT WAS SHOWTIME!
Travie owned the audience from jump!
he did a couple songs off his nappy boy mixtape and album….
then went into a dope ass intro!
he said, if you got $20 in your pocket, wave your hands up in the air, if you got $100 in your pocket, wave your hands up in the air! then he said if you got $500 in your hands, put your motherfuckin hands up!!!

then DJ MANO threw on the classic by Barrett Strong “Money” (that’s what I want)
you know it goes like…. “the best things in life are free…..”

and then went right into his smash hit Billionaire and the place went ape shit!


at the end of Billionaire, Trav had Mano run the hook back again….

then let the audience sing it in acapella….

here’s video snippets of Travie performing Billionaire and then the crowds acapella….



so then after Trav finished his set, we kicked it a lil bit more… the club promoters brought out 2 bottles of champagne and we sipped bubbly and shook….
the crazy limo driver was outside and we told him WE’RE IN NO RUSH TO GET BACK TO THE HOTEL! lol….
before we ALL got in to the limo, Dejesus made sure he grabbed 4 of the ugliest women he could find possible…. smh…. and to make things worse, he copped 1 of those hot dogs wrapped in bacon made out of Teradactyl meat! but real talk, I think the Hot Dog looked better than the swiss bust downs he scooped smh

this fool trying to hide the hot dog (no homo, but I rather it be yes homo)

too much goose? too much champagne? or time for a new camera?


don’t let that smile fool you! Quang got tricks up his sleeve! haha

so we got back to the telly safely…
I had a great time, but wanted to head home because I missed Nic…

so we snapped a group shot of the homey’s!


woke up early and chopped it up with my mom and fam and caught up to speed on things….

SAD DAY! DJ AM’s cat who was with him during his toughest times from during the addiction to drugs to his sobriety to his final resting…. well Mugsy died recently…. so at 11am where Adam is buried is right where they were burying Mugsy.


again, I just don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t show and see anymore of it…. just fucks me up so crazy. I just want my boy to rest….. flame and say whatever the fuck you want(for the idiots who ain’t been there early on) but selling t-shirts with surrender on the side of it? shits is disgusting…. heard they made over a quarter mill that night in vegas hmmm? rumors….

then waited for Apolo and his friend to pick me and Nic up for a beautiful brunch at the Mondrian…. Asia De Cuba

we got there and it was nice outside…..
the food is always delicious there, I suggest anytime of the day!
we ordered 6 entree’s for 2 guys and 2 small girls!
and 2 very large appetizers and a fruit platter…..

their world famous Calamari Salad (the dressing the bananas make this joint!)

the mango’s were insanely ripe! soooo good…..

(cue Nate dogg from “Next Episode” song “HOLD UP! WAAAAAIITTTTTT!!!)

now this worm was break dancing on the piece of mango! I mean, smh…. good thing we’re cool because this was just fucked up! while walking inside, people left and right were like hey you’re apolo ohno! you’re an awesome ice skater! you’re great! hey great smile! hey you wanna bang my wife?(joking)
and they treat us like this? damn….
at a 5 star restaurant?

anyways…. the manager came over, comped the dish and brought out another…. by this time we’re all almost full except for Apolo….

the main courses of our brunch come and man….
the girls each got smoked salmon with bagels and cream cheese platters which were amazing….

I got a three egg white omelette with gouda cheese and mushrooms…. and potatoes and english muffin… (not shown)

Apolo got the Huevo’s Ranchero’s (not shown lol) which was outstanding!
and the special breakfast enchiladas….

the food was excellent, but the girls were freaked out over the worm dancing with the stars(literally)

so we headed out and shook in the maserati to magnolia!

shit was soo good… we got a dozen cup cakes, a couple cookies and some brownies…. smh….
from coconut to red velvet to double chocolate to vanila to banana, to just gluten extra fuckery!


so we went back to my house and murked the desserts…

we finished all of them except for 4! (brought home Nic’s parents a few and my mom 1 red velvet)

Apolo had to shake and we had to go visit my pops as he’s finally having surgery tomorrow to get that bumba clot tumor out of him! (THANK GOD! I pray for it to be a successful surgery!)

as we got to his hospital room, my step brother was giving him a manicure, which is good! but I don’t see why my female cousin or mom wasn’t doing it? lol…. all good…. gave my mom the red velvet cake and hung out for a little bit… she was in a very good mood, so that made me very happy since she hasn’t been eating really and both of them have lost a lot of weight! NOT ME because I’m a fat pig!

we left the hospital to let pops rest and shook over to glendale…. it’s been a few weeks since I’ve visited Nic’s family…. so I was hyped because Nic’s mom always cooks me the best food!

we hit up the glendale galleria for a quick second to grab some shit from bath and body works…. some nice scent refills for our diffuser…

then it was kill myself with pop my belly time with the chicken adobo!

chopped it up with Nic’s fam for a couple hours….

then headed back home for some TRUE BLOOD!!!
damn last nights episode was gooooooddddd!
well we got NFL! #RAIDERS!

watched Entourage and it sucked! surprise! it’s really been bad, but last season was worse…

so anyways…
I got a lot of work to do and a watch to deliver!
tomorrow we are CLOSED! and I’m taking my twin nieces to an amusement park and also shooting a special cameo for Far East Movement’s new music video for their 2nd single…. AT 7AM IN THE MORNING!

fuck my life!

and then after the entire day at an amusement park, I have to shoot back over to Hollywood for the premiere of my TV show “The Clinic” which I’m co-starring in a couple episodes…..

back on the grind!
much love!


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