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like them slim ass cigarettes….. from Virginia, they just gon continia” (man I swear to god andre was sooo cold and still is with them verses)

and keep doin what these cats have been dreaming of doing since they were teens or even younger.
because for 4 asian americans from LA, this shit is a dream and it’s beyond color lines….

Like a G6 is a bonafied nightclub smash hit….

last night was their album listening party and the night before was a sold out show on their 2nd day of their Tour with Mike Posner……

They’ve been doing shows with everyone from Lady Gaga to Pitbull to LMFAO to Black Eyed Peas and just over a year ago, they were working mostly on homey love….. I’m fucking proud as a motherfucker to know these cats and they will always remain the politically correct and sound peeps that I know…. WITH FUCKING LAW DEGREES! FROM UCLA, LOYOLA LAW! I mean COME ON! They got shit to fall back on, but this music shit is what they know and usually I tell peeps in the music biz to NOT follow your dream if it’s in music because man, your chances are slimmer than those cigarettes from Virginia lol…. BUT these guys have come a long way…. radio hits, club hits, paid club appearances and paid tours, next thing is the gold and after that the platinum (reggie noble) seems like everyone is behind them these days.

here’s some pics from the show at House of Blues Sunset Strip the other night:

I was lucky enough to have my baby accompany me to the show….

I’m all access with the artist band…. FM LET’S GO!

patent leather supra cabernet assaults (thanks JOY)

accessorize! lol…. Hermes Belt… BB chain… her initial game is on point!


in the dressing room….. Virman going over the set like a quarterback

backstage with Stereotypes and FM….

like buckshot shorty said… “ENTA THA STAGE”

when you see the neon lights turn on inside their spacesuits…. you know it means 1 thing: BLAST OFF!

the crowd is ready for a Far-East Movement… PUN INTENDED!


who rocks the party? F FUCKING M

Of course, I got my p-diddy on and jumped on stage…. lol… they always show me so much love, it’s awesome….

after their show, we went back upstairs… seen the homey Mike Posner and he had on his homemade Donnie Darko chain which he had made (I couldn’t make it in time)

and his necklace holding the chain was made by Dave Chappelle’s son out of macaroni and other things you can find at Michaels Arts & Crafts lmao lol jk….

we shook there and headed over to Ruen Pair for the most official authentic Thai cuisine in LA


so yesterday, I just held it down with Pops….
last night was the album listening party for Far East Movement for their 2nd album “Free Wired”
the event was at Hyde and me and Homicide rolled through to show respect and love to FM…..
everyone from Snoop to Bruno Mars are on the album…. shit was sounding real real good
the event was packed and I saw a lot of familiar faces and some real OG faces….
it was their night and their time to shine


need I say more? champagne showers you bitches!

good luck on tour guys… much love, god bless and stay away from them shipsekki’s!
see y’all in November! CONGRATS!


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