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so yesterday was 1 of the longest days in a long time!
woke up at 5am to cut my wig and get decent for my cameo in the new Far East Movement video.
I check my phone and check twitter to see Homicide’s dumb ass is still tweeting like 20 minutes prior! I’m like fool didn’t we get an early dinner so you can rest? (fyi, Homicide’s had a sleeping disorder for as long as I’ve known him. doesn’t matter if he’s played 2 shows that night, he just won’t sleep for longer than 4 hours EVER)

so I say fuck it, I get fresh….
meanwhile, I send over directions to Homicide because our cameo/scene is together (thanks KevNish and FM) and he’s like man…. I’m sleepy! NO SHIT? YOU GOT ABOUT 1 HOUR AND 15 MIN SLEEP! and what makes it worse is that, I had to leave the set by 9:30am IMMEDIATELY to run and grab my twin nieces and take them to Universal Studios which was already inked in their schedule over a month ago…. then run back and head over to Capital City for the world premiere of my show “The Clinic” smh….

so I get rollin down 6th street and not that I don’t wake up early because I do… but damn it’s 6:30am and I’m passing through my old hood! reminiscing over all kinds of shit…. pass by the Fantasy Factory and then release the set/loft is the same place we shot the David Banner/Lil’ Wayne video “shorty say”…..

As I walk over to the set, I check my twitter and see this…..

my fellow fam/high school alumnus got jokes huh? ha!

I get into makeup to cover up a pimple in my forehead and I see the Stereotypes in the house! go downstairs and get myself a breakfast burrito and some tums to try to avoid the BG’s early…. and then Homicide shows up and where does he go?
straight to the food and OJ (like I didn’t go there first too? well I didn’t hahaaaa)

the set…. well 1 of them, but homebase…

awww YEAH! (90% of the peeps out there saying that because of AM, don’t know that AM got it from Homicide)

you see the tapatio, it’s time to watch out!

so me and Homicide and Russ and DJ Quik head over to the street scene where me and Homicide got our scene at….. was in and out in about 1 hour, so it worked out beautifully…. if you are an artist and have been in a video before, you know it’s 80% waiting around all day!

I won’t talk about our scene because I want you to see it and I don’t want to spoil the theme for FM just in case they are keeping this video treatment/idea a secret (because they are secret agents! #ISA)

during one of our waiting periods…. a homeless guy keeps it extra real sleeping on the streets of LA

a few of the cats who were in the video… including my homey, pro skater Greg Lutzka!

time for our close up shot!

and right before we shook, I had to get a pic with the Stereotypes and DJ Quik….
(stereotypes produced FM’s album and been producing a ton of hits including Travie McCoy’s next single “it’s gonna be alright” which he just shot a video for #smallworld)

so I shoot off to woodland hills in the most trife LA traffic to get my nieces and my girl…..
we get to Universal Studios at 10am and it’s not very crowded. THANK GOD!
we immediately go into Shrek and then some other theme rides… then get on the TRAM….
it’s been maybe 12 years or so since I’ve been on this TRAM and I remember it totally different….
this time they got KING KONG 3-D which was the best part of the TRAM and the whole park (next to the simpsons ride) and it was just awesome, but waayyyy too short.
went to almost every ride except jurassic park since my nieces are only 8, I’m not gonna force them onto anything scary….. got their portraits drawn in a cartoon caricature and we ate like pigs all day #duh

finally left the park to get them back into the worse 101 fwy LA Traffic and by the time I got to my sisters house, I feel asleep and they love that EVERY TIME I GO TO THEIR HOUSE, I FALL ASLEEP! haha
I was beyond dead, batteries were drained and all that…. Nic passed out too and she woke up at 6:30am

I woke up mad late and missed my premiere party! smh….

sorry Danny and crew, much love though



some new diamond digital gucci watches . . . . this time fully flooded in Blue diamonds and another in Champagne colored diamonds…

and then the homiez from Royalty Entertainment and Success Entertainment who’ve been very successful in the adult entertainment biz and now messing with Music with their artist PINKY came by the shop monday afternoon to pick up their new piece….. smh it ain’t a game with them!


this shit is just plain ridiculous! especially in 2010! nobody can say shit! this piece is fully flooded from rooter to tooter…. silly ice everywhere! HEAVY AS SHIT, YES REAL GOLD, THIS ISN’T THE SOUTH WHERE THEY USE SILVER ON BIG PIECES. much love to the homiez and sorry I couldn’t do y’alls music video shoot yesterday, but I had a full plate and dessert! I hope you love this piece as much as me and Jeff love it…. shit is so ignorant! you did it right!, we made it right!

so now onto a whole other extreme….
back to the small stuff we’ve been making.
everyone’s been wanting and ordering smaller pieces, classy clean small crosses and such, so here’s some of them (nothing shown is over 2″ including the bails!)


fyi, the black cross is double sided and when you flip it over it is the mirror image of what you see above, so you get 2 crosses for the price of 1.5 lol….. and of course they can be made with any color gold or any color diamond scheme you want!

of course we stamp even the small stuff! got to! too many fakers

fully invisible set cross…. 2″ tall with bail included

remember that small yellow gold pave’/prong/invisible set cross from the other day? well here’s the 14k white gold version!

anyways… we just finished icing out a limited edition Breitling Skyland Avenger (official PVD super avenger) and I’m gonna take some pics….. working on some new pieces of course and got a lot ahead this week…. need to get up and hit this meeting then go downtown to pick up a new 1000% be@rbrick also gotta take pics of my spongebob 1000% be@rbrick too…. add them to the wall along with my CDG Happy Ribbon 1000% and my Pirates of the Caribbean 1000%

P.S. yesterday: pops surgery wasn’t excellent but they got as much of the tumor out as possible, it was a battle for sure….. he’ll be out asleep and in ICU for the next week. He needs rest and then they can start chemo. #pray

peace everyone!

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