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I see friends who call each other best friends…. and for the most part spend almost every single day with each other, but stay talking shit about each other once their backs are turned…. but the public and other outsiders don’t see that….

Then I see some friends who see each other a few times each year or maybe every other month…. but they know what it is off top; and right at the jump, they catch up without missing beat….

As you get older, sometimes it’s harder to reach out to your boy’s very often. That’s why people catch up on facebook or whatnot, but you can’t measure the strength of a friendship off just time alone. And it’s sort of a quality over quantity, but not always…. what I’m saying is that some people only have time on their side and at this point in my life…. If time is all I have between another person and more strife then pleasure, then I’ll let those years disappear like a fart in the wind….. If I fux with you then I fucks with you. It don’t matter if we don’t talk everyday, whatever, everyone’s busy, everyone’s got shit going on, even if it means you are at home with your ringer off and you’re just watching an episode of curb your enthusiasm, but really, you’re marinating some crazy storm that is going on inside your head and don’t feel like being fucked with…..

don’t assume what the next person is doing even if it seems obvious. when that person is ready, they’ll reach out, if they don’t, send them 2 fingers and a goodbye, those are cats you don’t want in your life anyways. people who want to be fed, but keep their mouths closed…. then get mad at you for not feeding them. too bad.

Some friends…. are just “work” friends… If you didn’t work with them, you’d never ever see them, but the fact is you have to see them everyday because it’s work and you want it to be a peaceful environment because that’s the smart thing to do, but as soon as work shit is done or you’re done with that job, you may never see someone…. I don’t like to play cats like that, but I know a lot of those who do, or did….

I’m kinda all over the place, but when it comes to something like a funeral or wedding or something really important, I have a few by choice that I call on, those are the same that I bring out to my dinner each year on my birthday…. but I also have a shit load of acquaintances that I’m very cool with. I just let everyone know what it is these days so they know they can’t jump outta bounds with me. I don’t ask for favors unless I’m ready to give a favor back 100.

so…. sometimes all you have is time between you and your friends, that don’t always mean shit. I didn’t see one of my good homies who was my best friend from age 3 to 13… we let 25 years pass without speaking and me and dude were like magic and kareem the moment we saw each other…. we didn’t dwell on why didn’t we reach out sooner, we just caught up on the good times and what we missed in each others lives. Some friends are just bitter, some have dirt on each other and it makes them insecure, but because they’ve known each other so long, they always say, I’ve known them for so many years….. blah blah. As you get older, you’ll see who fades out of your life. I don’t worry about who fades in so much, because the screening test isn’t a joke.

lastly, money will fuck up any relationship. don’t loan money you weren’t willing to give. once you give, it’s gone. especially to someone who really needs it. If you can help out your “FRIEND” then help them if it doesn’t break you. otherwise that loan will turn into some ugly shit most of the time. Everyone in my crew has to be able to hold their own weight. No use in trying to piggy back off someone who is a step away from falling off.

just some worthless babble…
or maybe not?

LA – lotta fake homies, lotta fake busy.
never “just” settle for the sake of settling.
never try to “catch” people. if you’re worth finding, someone will.

remember this…. for the 1000th time: it’s CHESS, NOT CHECKERS!
peace everyone

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