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yes I promised you guys pics of the new black silver pvd stuff we got in… BUT because I was busy this week catching up on internet biz, most of it has already been sold at our store…. but I’ll post pics of what I have left because I BROUGHT IT HOME! don’t worry Mayor! I got you! I GOT YOU! you take your pick and choice of what you want famo….
so now on to the next one…. For those of you with Expensive Tastes and money to burn and ain’t really trippin off the recession? well this is for you….

Next time I’m on a 1st class flight and I notice the person sitting next to me is wearing a nice watch, I would like to see them bust out with these…. 5 carat black diamond headphones for their iPod! yup… pave’ set… clean with that black pvd plating on them

these shits are just ignorant…. WANT TO SEE MORE? of course you do…

click on the link below: 


and that’s how we do…. don’t be mad, btw, if you’re gonna make a shitty sony digi cam video, don’t be subliminal, I wasn’t subliminal. lol…. I’mma hit Canal Street soon and btw, that work is trash dun dun, you should let me or my cousin cut your molds or at least design some of your pieces. shit is sloppy….

so now that, we’ve been moving the Jesus Pieces well…. (we’re also making smaller ones soon with different shapes i.e. kufi jesus) We had yet to make a yellow OG jesus piece with white diamonds…. We made this one this time with a prong set thorn/crown instead of a pave’ set one and spent time cleaning everything up… enjoy and inquire via email or call us


thanks for reading… gonna head down the coast today, then swing by a friends to watch the pacquaio fight… but I will post pics of the black diamond and black silver pvd things I do have left…. some nice rings, solitaire chain, bracelet and 1 big cross/big partial iced out beaded chain…

god bless, enjoy your day

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