exitED through the gift shop… entered into the bankSY

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so earlier today around 5:30pm, 3 guys and a ladder pulled an oceans III and jacked one of Banksy’s illest street pieces ever…. It was the one with the Security Guard and Jeff Koons poodle on La Brea and 4th street… FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!
if you look down at 2 previous blog entries, you’ll see that Sunday night or Monday morning Banksy hit LA with his crew and I took pics Monday afternoon and said to myself damn, this isn’t that hard of a jack move…. a plasma cutter or something could cut through that wall… next thing I see is how thin that wall was! RUMORS ARE THAT BANKSY STOLE THIS PIECE HIMSELF!

anyways, around 7pm’ish my boy Ashley hit me up and headed out to go see the piece, but it was already stolen… my boy Dale hit me right around 6pm on twitter, but I was already online chatting on ustream… smh…. 2 million dollars for this piece easy by 2moro morning if it’s not gone already… I’d hit up Sotheby’s and GET P A I D!

anyways…. Dale sent me a dope ass pic of the wall cut out WITH THE LADDER STILL THERE!
apparently the thieves had tape up and outlined the piece and did this obviously in broad daylight with a Van. FUCK!

once I finished my chat… I headed out to the piece to take my own pic…

lucky son of a bitch whoever came up on that piece…

anyways, i’m gonna call it an early night…. gonna go see Mickey Mouse 2moro!

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