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WOW! what a longgg day! So every time I go to Soul Assassins Studio aka SA Studios, it’s good times and there are always stories, laughs, motivation and so much talent it’s just ridiculous. From the people who work there to the Car Museum to the projects Cartoon and Estevan always have going on to just infinity! This blog could be 4 pages long easy just on how I feel about Mister Cartoon as my mentor, biggest motivation in life and about how he is the illest artist to touch a pencil, pen, marker, paint brush or spray can and the best tattoo artist on the planet(client list of A list celebs is endless! from Pepe’ Aguilar to Beyonce to 50cent to Justin Timberlake to Nas to on and on!) who still keeps it gangster all day long and is an amazing father and husband to his family! Estevan Oriol is as well an amazing father/husband and also at the top of his game in his respected field! He is one of thee top photographers on this earth and his resume includes photoshoots from Robert Deniro to Al Pacino to real barrio shots to real penitentiary photos which put him where he is right now in the world. I’ve known both of these guys for 15+ years and they are always keeping it pushing…. from Cypress Hill to to Changing Brand logos(vans/nike) to Historical Album Covers to Countless outreach programs to their clothing line “JOKER brand” to Motivational speeches to no limit in their future….. these guys are to the Latino Community to what books are to a library.

So I went down there today (I used to live there practically) to see Estevan for a few reasons, 1. because we just shot for an aussie mag called “freestyle” and I wanted to see some of the negatives and 2. because Estevan had an event thrown by VAN’S celebrating his photography and naming it “ICONOCLASTS”. we’ll get more into that later. It’s never a short visit there, with a full feature hollywood film being produced by Brian Grazer to a graphic novel to countless photoshoot spreads to an average day at the tattoo studio and eye screwing countless unbelievable cars, you could lose your mind…. so let me show some pics.

click on the pics to enlarge them.

here’s some of the negatives of my photoshoot with estevan (he made me actually look decent, which is hard to do! lol)

here’s a pic of 1 of Cartoons like 18 priceless lowriders… this one is a 1939 dodge bros and it’s fully done up from the guts to interior to EVERYTHING! he even painted a retarded mural


here’s Cartoon’s infamous 2 million dollar ICE CREAM TRUCK fully finished! it’s an actual ice cream truck that is fully operational and has hydros, a paint job that took over a decade to finish and this is honestly a masterpiece…. it was displayed inside the peterson auto museum for a while… I remember it when it was only like 30% done. that was not a misprint, this car is valued at like 2 Mill tickets! shit is theee illest vehicle ever.


next up is Cartoon’s 1948 Chevy Convertible Fleetmaster… shit is ridic! peep the custom Cartoon Coca Cola cooler


If I were to take pics of all the cars at the museum, it’d take another 40+ photos…. trust me!

the 2 captains of SA studios

Cartoon making fun of my sunglasses

Estevan gettin ready for the Vans event…. I fucks with VAN’s, but sorry, it’s SUPRA all day fam! just about to head to the event…. Estevan in front of his 1947 Chevy Fleetline outside the event….


it’s just not a SA event without the Tacos!

a few scenes from inside…
and there was a silent auction for some serious memorabilia

f.y.i all the posters display @ the exhibit were pictures taken by Estevan

me and my brother SKEE! reunited… congrats on the new KISS FM show!

estevan with some of his fans

fresh ass booth that had all of Estevans negatives blown up

me and CatDick Jr.

Justine & NERV

OG Lepke, me and Estevan clownin!

there were free copies of RIME magazine being given out….
and whaddya know? your boy Baller has a 4 page feature in there

while all the madness was goin on, Cartoon was tattooing a client in his new shop @ the Last Laugh Store

Legendary DJ MIKE MESSEX handled the tunes for the event. Great to see you again Mike, I’ve known Mike since I was barely old enough to drive!
there were tons of peeps in attendance from Stacy Peralta, Henry Rollins, Geoff Rowley, Joy Bryant, Mena Suvari, Big Lucky, Lil Lucky…..
so many shout outs, it’s just unfair…. but always great to see all the SA fam!

love you guys for everything.

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