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So there will be an x-mas blog, but I’m just getting back home and getting back into the world…. so please be patient.

I announced a couple weeks ago that I was making jewelry for 1 of the big 3 outta Miami…. and we did that. So now I gotta show y’all how ill the piece came out. My long time friend (almost 20 years) Gabrielle Union is Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend and every x-mas she hits me up for something for him…. so this year she thought maybe they were gonna exchange meaningful personal poems and homemade gifts…. but he hit her with what he wanted lol…. which was a yellow gold custom chain and a nice white diamond stud earring!

only thing is she hit me 11 days before x-mas and I had A GANG OF SHIT TO DO already! so I came up with some designs and turned them into reality and had to do this 3 days before xmas because I was headed to the bay and mannnnn…… I already made him Zion and Zaire dog tags, so he wanted something else that would be related to that and obviously this is something very dear and personal to his life…. I intended to fuck with him and turn down the offer, but he’s always been cool as hell and his girl is a close friend…. only thing is last year, he wasn’t such an enemy…. this year he is all the way the enemy, well next to boston, they’re right up next to that…. Soooo I thought about putting up a lakers logo on the back, but then I thought, this is for his son, so let me fall back and get into professional mode and also design this shit from scratch….

I came up with a few ideas and none really were worthy…. then I thought, why not make 2 Z’s like dog tag size and style and have them hang the same way? AWESOME! is what Gabby said….. but then, I searched maybe 1501 fonts(true story) and finally found 1!

I bbm’d this image to Gab and she gave me the thumbsup…. I think she just trusted my judgement truly and knows I would handle the jewels dept better than anyone she knows…. and I/We did!

again, we had to rush this shit because we had so much other work to do!

molds were cut and ready to cast within 2 hours of me sending that image to my cousin….. the bigger tag is around 2″ tall and the smaller one is like 1.4″ tall…. Gabrielle made sure she told me he is NOT into wearing anything hip hop’ish or hood lookin….. so it had to be classy….. I said “YOU’RE TALKING TO ME!” smh lol

So once the pieces were done, we had to make sure the laser was A tight on the back and btw, of course we only used the best white diamonds for D Wade….. on the back, we put a Zaire for his older son and Zion for his younger son and of course our “IF” logo…..
we used a strong yellow gold bead chain to hold everything together and here’s some pics


these shits actually came out super duper dope! so I may have to bite my own steez and make “B” letter dog tags!

I had to rush these over to LAX and meet Gabrielle at the baggage claim in deep holiday traffic and then shoot over to my crib and pick up my girl and head to the bay!

oh shit! I forgot to take a picture of the stud earring, but it was a 1.5 carat VS2 G color white diamond set into a yellow gold screw back setting and that ain’t cheap at all! so much love to Gabrielle again and much love to Dwyane Wade even though he came into my town and fucked off my Lakers…. sigh

I got offered amazing seats for free from D Wade, but declined them, because I had to spend some time in the bay with my girl’s family….. so He said I can have HIS seats in Miami anytime I come thru….. I showed major love on the price too for the jewels…. best believe when I touch down next in the MIA I’ll be in all #purpleyellowpurpleyellow

there are a bunch of candid and personal pictures from when Gabrielle gave them to Dwyane Wade for x-mas at our friend Essence’s house party…. so as soon as Essence emails me the pics, i’ll post those up too…. but what was cool was that D showed me crazy love on twitter 2 times! She said he loved them and was rockin them early!

aite y’all…

I got a lotta running around to do.
again, it was dope to add another elite NBA All Star to my list of clients even though we already did some work…. this was something I am much more proud of compared to the last thing we made him.


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