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so yesterday I got this email on my day off…..
I decided to respond to actually see how fucking retarded a person could possibly be?
I mean for real?


what a piece of shit…. smh

anyways, got in a funky mood probably because of pops, so I walked down to Rodeo Dr and got some lunch at il Pastaio….. while I was eating, I saw this

lunch was real tasty…. again, a vegetarian meal….

got real bored, weather was so so…. so when I get in a funky mood or really bored, I buy gifts…
while I was shopping, I saw Joan Rivers filming a show and creating a scene and all I can think about is how Sam Ronson destroyed with the collagen joke on twitter a few weeks ago…. smh

ran into my step brother on rodeo drive too and it was so random….
but all I can think about is this deep in the back of my head;

okay y’all… don’t wanna bum anyone out.
I got a shit load of work to do.
gotta head into the store right now, but stop by Apolo’s commercial shoot to pick up something, then run errands…

I was supposed to leave town sunday to this morning, but I was waiting on some uncertain things to clear up…. fuckin sucks cuz I woulda loved a few days out of town.

got a tattoo appt with my brother Mister Cartoon tonight to almost finish this back piece…. I got maybe 2 sessions left!


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