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So I wasn’t planning on goin out last night, but my man Fabolous hit town with Dream for his album release party and he hit me up cuz he needed some shoes to wear for the club (this is @ 9pm) i’m like fab, the stores close @ 9pm, he’s like cmon man, you don’t know anyone who sells out the trunk? lol. anyways, we’re different size shoes, but I came through. he needed all white adidas shells or all white forces. I had the all white adidas of course. deadstock fresh…
anyways, I hit his telly and we head out with the street fam and security and bullshit ass car service(I’ll kill that guy) we roll up to the club and it’s funny cuz I go to area and got mad love already so, they’re treating me as well if not better than they’re treating the celebs or talent. We get there @ 10:45(maybe the earliest I’ve ever been there ever) and it’s packed to the limit. We sit down and my fam, Emil, Jags and Ahmad have a table just across from us. Start Poppin bottles, when someone hands me a blue DC(shoes) circular object. about an hour later I lose my mind. Kayla Collins rolls up to say hi and chill for a second, my man Shaggy Brown is the full service homey, came thru in the clutch in many ways from providing the good positive energy and the good kush and the safe drive home. I didn’t bring my camera thank god becuz I woulda lost it, but I did take over 100 pictures easily. Dream hit the stage and got started performing his hits…. then Fabolous hit the stage to perform “rockin that thang” and the stage area was so hot literally I felt like I was gonna have an asthma attack. Kanye walks up and is real normal OG kanye, runs up a song after Loso finishes his verse and Rocks the place. I was too faded to stay in that area, so I shook with security back to the table. shout out to my mans Don C, IBN, Nick Diamond and damn, I really can’t remember, but there were many peeps up in there. I got about 21 minutes of sleep last night. like my man tony deniro said…. you can rest when you’re dead. I said around 10am KILL ME!
pics: (courtesy of Steve Bitanga) click to enlarge

taken ^^^ with my camera phone, lol

smh… I didn’t even know that was christina millian & she said hi to me 3x or so, I really didn’t even recognize her with that crazy hair.

more pics of the entire night can be found here

oh, I hit the kanye west video feat. Keri Hilson and I couldn’t last to be there more than 8 minutes literally. it was being filmed across the street from 1 of the gyms I work out at.
anyways, I’m sure there will be tons of pics. but I have a headache! I know they’ll be sent to my myspace guaranteed.

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