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“in the words of the late great Willie Bullock” he told my brother Craig aka Homicide….. and his sister Ashley…. “don’t let that bare get you” bare fridge, bare feet….. BE@RBRICK! hahahaha

Homicide has officially lost his damn mind and joined the darkside of be@rbrick collecting. He was more into the 400%’s, but then realized the money and chase was in the 1000%’s…..

Craig came over last night to show off his super rare few joints, but we got so much heat coming it’s crazy! this is just some shit for starters!
peep game:

the D@Mo series are super rare and were inspired by the movie KILL BILL…. the Jack Sparrow Pirates of The Caribbean is retarded rare and the Comme Des Garcon(yes the couture clothing brand) in collab with Colette Paris is also stupid rare and a beautiful all clear vinyl!
yes some of them are rocking Good Wood Jesus Pieces… and of course the pirate is about to drink some of that rose ace of spades! don’t sleep on the CDG be@r holding $10k in his hands… what could I do? he gaffled me for it!

be@r’s got back… yes homo

face off….. creezy vs. ben beezy’s….

we got a new clique and to live on with our legendary AMC name(RIP our beloved brother DJ AM) we will always live on with our collecting game, from Cars to Be@rs so…. we’re gonna call our medicom collection crew : BNB aka the Bad News Be@rs!

again, these be@rs don’t talk back, they just chill, don’t ask for much (except the pirate and CDG who jacked me for my drink and dough)

just watch out for that BE@R!

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