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yes, I have some nice PVD chains to show you guys, but let me finish(yes kanye)

What random and boring weekend, but it was just what I needed….
me and my girl hit up our usual 2x a week hike at Runyon Canyon…. ate a healthy breakfast then got my day started and didn’t have to vomit from all the exercise…. YEEEEAAAYUHHHHH!

later in the day, I got to link with a homey of mine who I met off Niketalk and back in the day who’s also down with the G.O.O.D. folks (ye, ibn, don c) and we haven’t talked in a long ass time! he copped a lot of OG 1 of 1 methamphibians back in the day and my guy Ian always dressed fresh, kept it consistent with the grown man steez and always pushed something less obvious… lol. He was in a new body Arnage this time smh lol…
We sat down at the Polo Lounge and I didn’t know what to expect, but he tried on a bunch of different things I brought and loved the quality, but decided to keep it G and went with a tight prong set diamond stud chain…

this is what Ian works with lol… not the typical gucci or LV type cat… I fux with you Ian!

As we were having our lunch, it was pretty open inside which was nice, but I heard some girl screaming loud talking like she was me but prettier(not so much anymore smh) and that girl was Kimora Lee…. I remember when she was a seat filler for award shows and then when her and Russell hooked up and I was hoping she didn’t see me because she is 1 of very few people who could out talk me smh…. I’ll end this part of the story right here, because fucking just because haha.

Anyways, I shake out of the meeting late and decide not to head back to “IF”, but instead I decide to head home and watch as many episodes of True Blood as I can possibly watch…. I can’t believe I’m so late on this shit! I once channel surfed and thought this show was based during the 1800’s because of a scene I saw and some of the ads looked really gothic and old, but DAMN! they do bad on this show and get their major fuck on! other than that, the story is really good and I’m NOT into vampire shit…. I made some Tofurkey sandwiches for dinner which is my new addiction…. vegans/vegetarians have come a very very long way since garden burgers, etc… this really tastes like meat, so I’m substituting this for turkey or whatever meat I was eating in sandwiches indefinitely.

oh yeah… I finished making the matching diamond buckles for my boy Rex’s 16 carat (now 17 carat diamond g-shock 6900’s)


woke up to a tofurkey egg white sammich and some granola and yogurt (I’m really trying to lose 8lbs) and because I went to bed so early… I woke up at 8am WTF? man… for those who don’t know, I’ve been waking up around 7am to 8am for the last 3 months and getting a lot of shit done…. but never on the weekend am I up and about at 8am… I was kinda confused… but my girl wakes up this early every day, so she’s used to it. We head to go say Hi to moms in ktown…. grab some treats then head down to IF…. I check my mail and see my boy Ryan Loco has given me the illest gift someone could give me in the year 2009 (no joke)

illest wallet I’ve ever owned, already putting it to use! THANK YOU RYAN!
Ryan hosts Tap Out radio and has been heavily involved in MMA activities from sportswear to management for the last 5 years.

while I’m out working/chillin…. my boy Johnny is over at the L-R-G sample sale with his kids copping some clothes… his son JC is 16 years old now (I remember when he was 3!) and I would like to thank everyone who showed up to the sale and used my blog coupon! Appreciate it!
Johnny sent me some pics that are too cute to not post


my god daughter getting lost in the big clothes…. L-R-G does make toddlers/kids clothes now

So we head over to the Grove to check out Shrek and I’m like eh, looks good, I’m kinda hyped, but whatever, I’m sort of over 3-D as it makes me dizzy sometimes… BUT after watching Shrek Forever, the final chapter, it was one of the best movies I’ve prolly seen this year, no joke… during the movie I’m texting back and forth to a friend negotiating some deals on Kaws 4 foot companions…. shit ain’t no childs play like the 1000% be@rbrick’s…. these shits hit $10,000 + per companion….. smh… so I got 1, but I want all 6, so I bought a few and added to my collection…. and I’ll be picking them up later this evening with the help of my homey Alex because Homicide is being a hater and won’t let me use his truck haha.

Head back to the crib and decide to stay indoors because I’m too disgusted with myself at this point to be outside in public after spending that kind of paper on toys(could have bought that Nissan Cube fully loaded and some rims!)…. but I gotta tell myself the shit IS art and these are true art sculptures and are worth a lot of money and Kaws is done making anymore 4 foot companions for Medicom corp.

So we head back home and watch some True Blood and a movie I tivo’d called My Sister’s Keeper which is based on a true story about a family who has a daughter who has leukemia and decides to have another child specifically as a donor child to prolong or save the life of their daughter with cancer…. the donor child daughter gets keen to this and sues her family for medical emancipation and all kinds of shit breaks loose in the movie…. shit was emotional and I was like damn! 2 good movies in 1 day? lol

while I’m feeling like a complete dickhead for spending a lot of money earlier in the day…. My boy Jordan texts me and tells me about his recent dickfuck purchase…. He bought a prop from one of the original Batman movies…. he bought a Penguin from the Batman movie with Danny DeVito in it. lol

after I saw this pic via MMS, I felt a lot better about my purchase. lol….. Jordan you crazy fuck!

As I’m about to lay down and sleep…. I get a frantic call from my friends from Do More Media…. Dustin and Cody…. I don’t know if their girls read my blog, but all I can say is I saved the day! thanks for the Veuve rose’ guys!

wake up early again, but got in 8 hours of un-interrupted sleep…. I see my boy Alchemist is on ustream from his airplane seat, so I decided to talk some shit….. he’s like YANGGG! YOU 1/2 JEWISH PIECE OF SHIT lol…. I retort and that’s how I speak to all my loved ones…
then me and my girl head over for some family time at my Mom’s shop….

killer Cam

As I have a flashback to my childhood when I used to be forced to go to Church every single sunday (fyi I hated church) I have a conversation with one of my old korean chingoo’s from k-town and he tells me a fucked up story…. typical Korean religious bullshit that could only happen to a religious korean family smh…. So his parents are getting a divorce because his mom over the last year has been giving this con man at their church (I believe he is the pastor too smh) who promised his mom that Jesus would come to their house and change their lives! My boy’s mom gave the guy almost 2 million dollars of their family’s life savings! 2 MILLION DOLLAR$$$$!!!!! Once his dad found out, he went bezerk and big time spazzed out! She said Jesus is really coming! what is wrong with you! So the dad said “If Jesus comes to our house on May 20th, I’ll forgive you” …. well Jesus never showed up smh…. I asked my boy this….. “real talk though, BUT WHAT IS JESUS REALLY CAME?” lol

anyways, we spend time with my entire family and I missed out on my boy Kai’s new store opening at Kingsbury on 3rd street…. “SHOP LIKE KINGS” sorry fam, I will definitely stop by today or tomorrow.

finally head over to my girls house and her mom cooked Chicken Adobo for me! man…

chicken adobo with potatoes and rice and a dr pepper while watching my lake show? are you kidding me? I’m in heaven!

watched my depressing Lakers lose to the punk ass Suns, but I’m like you know what? we’re still 10-3 in the playoffs which is tied for best with the Celtics… we play like shit and still barely lose…. Bynum you big waste of space! you’re softer than soup! 4 fouls and 2 points? smfh…. anyways, we’ll see Boston in the finals… it was written.

headed over to Yogurt Land to get right and end my night on a brighter note…. then headed back to the trap to clean up…. got restless and didn’t go to bed til 3:15am which is the latest I’ve been up in a few months…. but was up bright and early this morning at 8am!

btw, took only 1 hour to write this blog today!


okay, peep game…. great deals and REMEMBER THIS! SHIT SELLS VERY FAST! so act fast!


this is PVD on black GOLD fully flooded pave bead chain with black diamonds…. weighs like 60 grams and has over 35 carats of black diamonds on it


these set ups are:

Smaller Rosary Bead chain(33″ long) with 4.5 carat black diamond cross
Medium Rosary Bead chain (31″ long) with 7 carat black diamond cross

for serious inquires, hit up and me or my cousin will reply asap.

thanks and have a great week!

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