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ATTENTION EVERYONE! IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DOWNLOADED DJ HOMICIDE’S NEW FREE MIX CD…. THEN UMMMM. DO IT NOW! My blog was having issues yesterday, so it wouldn’t let me post the link on here or even update my blog period! well I think everything is okay now, so please download the dopest mix cd out there, no extra extra shit, no screaming or crazy amount of fake co-sign/drops, just some dope shit!
fuck the fact that I’ve known this guy for almost 17 years, the music speaks for itself! My guy Homicide has evolved with music as others are standing still. while others try to follow the legacy of my late homey DJ AM, Homicide continues to lead the pack. Scratching skills? check! mixing/blending? check! was djing pre-serato? MOTHERFUCKING CHECK! From being the original DJ of the hip hop group “Tha Alkaholiks” to being the DJ for the 13x platinum Sugar Ray…. Homicide don’t need to google artists or music, they google him…. he’s pretty much the best well rounded DJ in the country….. click the link TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO DOWNLOAD! SORRY BUT FOR SOME REASON WORD PRESS WON’T ALLOW A DIRECT LINK TO THE DL SITE SO CLINK ON THE LINK BELOW AND YOU’LL FIND THE DOWNLOAD.

(click on image to peep his CD cover…. lol, so genius)

the cd is really fucking great…. been bumping it all night, will continue to all month and on til his next joint

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