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this is history in the making…..
even though it took around 3 months or more to actually make this video, it was close to 25 years in the actual making since the first day Homicide touched some turntables….

he’s come a long way and in LA, I’m proud to say, he and myself have broke a lotta molds so that cats can get paid in this DJ game…. he did his thing with over 15 million records sold with Sugar Ray and never forgot his hip hop beginnings with being the Alkaholiks DJ and running around pasadena with groups like Mad Kap to running around LA landmarks like World on Wheels, Skateland, the Roadium, the slauson swapmeet…. the good life, ballistyx and so much other shit! came from a very humble humble home to being broke as fuck and then finally deciding to do something with his talents…. to afford him lambos, benz’s, bmw’s and mansions from here to Miami Beach…. taking care of his moms and his family…. I’ve been there with my dude for a long time now…. we’ve said goodbye to some close people, the closest ones in his life like his dad and our brother AM….. this is a reflection of where he is now and how all the homies have come together to bring out the 2nd wind of Homicide’s career with F.ill U.p M.y C.up!

shout out to my Party Rock family: Red, Sky, Goon, Ian, Fartbox…. we all grew up together…. along with the Black Eyed Peas and DJ Lethal and Rakaa with all of Dialated Peoples…. there are so many cameos in this video! shout out to my bro Derrick aka Fat Lip from the Pharcyde for showing love!!!! shout out to my homey Nas for the cameo… shout to my brothers Far East Movement for showing love…. shout out to my brother Mister Cartoon…. shout out to my boy Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty…. shout out to my brother DJ SLEP ROCK… big shout out to the homey Dante’ who we’ve known forever and has been touring the world with BEP and making shit happen since day 1 and has NOT changed a bit! we really have always kept it west coast and kept it 100% LA! but we’ve been all over the earth DJing… collecting shoes and sharing our SWAG with different cultures…. I remember the first time I went to tokyo not broke and came back with toys and homicide had the same shit and didn’t even know he copped from similar stores…. we have been battling like brothers over stupid shit since the 90s! from kicks to whips to random cool shit we’ve collected from across the globe and now we’re onto these 4 footers and 1000%’s and we’re just gonna continue to infect the internet with our SWAG

it’s AMC until I die homey

I’m glad I could help out with the making of this video too!
much love always

don’t let that “bear” get you

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