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so on Saturday night me and homies were invited to a shoe release event in honor of our boy Adam aka DJ AM hosted at a place thats owned by scumbags(you’ll see) and I had no expectations and didn’t really know what to expect, I just knew I was gonna see homies and pay homage to my brother who passed late last year…

Its cool that they did a shoe, but this was already in the making, what would be even doper is if they really paid ultra respect and made a memorial shoe for him, but maybe I’m askin for too much. so anyways…. me and Homicide pulled into the parking lot, we saw a long ass line outside the spot and as we pulled in, we ran into DJ Premier…. talked some shit, then parked. As we’re walking into the venue, ran into all the fam, from Vice to Chelby to Jupiter to Kev E Kev, etc and so on….. we walked in to chop it up with some homiez who I haven’t seen since the memorial/funeral services for AM and then we went upstairs to say what up to DJ Spider and our brother Alchemist…. there was a second where the guys all decided, let’s get up for a minute each and cut a record up in memory of AM, throw on a beat and a cut record and scratch for a bit…. so Homicide did his thing, Kev did his thing, Vice did his thing, some other cats did their thing and even Tina T did her thing; now peep this, scratching was one of my favorite past times, but I HAVE NOT TOUCHED A RECORD OR TURNTABLE IN 6 YEARS! so after a long pause, I said fuck this and couldn’t get right into a groove unfortunately, but scratched for my bro AM and I was rusty as a bitch…. I never been afraid of crowds, because I’ve been in front of them, so it was just my arthritis ass hands to blame.

anyways, they held a raffle every 30 minutes it seemed and Alchemist started to DJ and I decided to be guest MC, get my shout outs and DJ Clue on…. I did an interview for the event and took some pics, but it was soo great to see so much love inside the spot. I think cats felt special to be around friends and fam of Adam aka AM. I ran into some really old school homeys, W.C. and Crazy Toons! wow!
as me and homicide are great at doing…. we never stay til an event is finished, we always shake early….. so no more blabbering, some pics


Vice rolled up in a soccer mom whip! haha…. awww yeah Craig!

awww yeah Spider!

keep it B-Sides or keep it poppy & current?? hmmmm

kev, kt, nealchemist(lol) and craig

give me the mic!

Vice had to get on the mic to embarrass me even more smh

my heavy ass hands!

fyi, Alchemist did not play any commercial hip hop! literally for the 1st hour! haha, he finally threw on I wanna rock by Snoop and some Gucci(I’m shocked to death he even had Gucci in his serrato!)

keepin it kosher!

don’t know what kind of face this is….


the crowd was feelin the tracks played by Alchemist… fyi that is not kevin scott in the TRVS DJ AM tee lol.

crazy toons, dj revolution & moi

DJ Premier on the cut! legendary shit!

DJ Premier AF1 (thank you to the guy who let me flick shots of the shoes)

DJ AM dunk, the side dots represent the dots that are on the Technics turntables….
RIP AM, I love you and miss you, again, I wish we coulda spent more time when you were alive, but it’s a hard lesson I will learn to not take anyone in my life who is a REAL FRIEND for granted.

craig… my fellow kr3w member JOY! and mr. long face!

shout out to my boy wilmer valderrama who always comes out to support almost all DJ’s… we got some good laughs in about Tadao huh? hit him on twitter @willyville

p.s. You know I walked into the spot rockin Supras ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

for more pics of the event, check out my boy Adrian Sidney’s site BARTABZ.COM

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