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I got a message from my brother Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM’s best friend Kevy Kev last week and he asked for my address… I just gave it to him and thought, maybe some new music? a tee? who knows…
on friday afternoon, I got these:


WOW. damn…. thank you Kev and thank you A.M.G. for giving me inspiration.
the certificate is to really say fuck you, my boy was a legend and we cataloged his shoe collection! shit is official!

I had to dig through my iphoto to find them on his infamous wall….

yeah homey, good times at that crib on Orlando

after I received that awesome gift, I had a great meeting with a colleague of mine of something potentially big…. then after I hit up Diamond Supply to pick up my new Fall 2012 collection which is probably my favorite collection out of all since 1998. for real though

The hoody’s are crazy! the small lion logo tee isn’t out yet and there are mad hats I didn’t post. much love to my diamond life crew

speaking of which… later that night; I had Nick Diamond and his lovely girl and their daughter come over to our home for a nice cuban dinner…
we chopped it up, played with the baby and ate some bomb ass cheesecake.

both of us jumped on the popular page about 4 times each that night lol. but it’s crazy, when you have kids, you will hang out way more with your friends who have kids too. fact

the next morning, jumped over to fairfax for the opening of the diamond store to release their fall 2012 line and then I got lunch with Nick at golden state and then headed over to supreme to catch up with my boy Jeff

messed around with photoshop too. awww shit got home and had a heart to heart with my wife and did some more preparing for the baby…. then we headed over to Old Town Pasadena to just kick it and grab some food

nothing special, but noodle world has really good food and they got official boba as well

watched a few movies that sucked including “Lockout” with Guy Pearce which sucked shit and “Get the Gringo” which I have no idea why the fuck I ordered it…. and some other shit. TV was terrible this weekend… but I did catch up on some OG Looney Toons which put me in a great mood lol. damn, they don’t make them like they used to.

Sunday was a chill work day

this is what’s really moving right now. the micro jesus pieces are too, but damn these are going crazy!

yesterday I shipped out a lot of jewels and then went for a hike by our house

thank you Angel for these sick ass new supras! the new camo owen’s aren’t just comfortable, they look cool too!

I’m getting ready for Agenda show on Wednesday and Thursday, but I also got personally invited by Bentley to witness the new Bentley SUV on Wednesday… hmmm, shit man. I dunno! I also get my Bentley back from Diamond Black Exteriors on Thursday morning in time for me to stunt over in Long Beach with my new whip! wait til you see how that shit looks! it’s gonna be WET! and I just seen the new samples of my new watch with NEFF and it looks piff! and we’re still releasing the jesus tees and BB hoodies next month in chicago, stay tuned!

over the weekend, I read something by my idol that stuck with me:
“empty your mind. be formless, shapeless – like water. if you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. now, water can flow or it can crash. be water my friends” Bruce Lee


p.s. got to catch up with catdicc Jr. yesterday, he used to run around town for me and with me, now he’s a boss and will have me running around for him. it was good just chilling and pushing the B up to 110mph around turns and watching korean gangster movies at the crib….

peace y’all

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