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they call him kid retro 23, but if he knew my steez, he’d never come at me with no sneaker shit…. lol. BUT AT HIS AGE, I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY FOR THE NECKLACE THAT IS HOLDING THIS CHAIN I MADE HIM!!!!!
so he might get to laugh at me instead?

how many times do I hear, you got them VVS’s?
and how many times in my head or do I actually say SHUT THE FUCK UP RETARD.
now how many times do I have to explain this? the price of SI diamonds would be an E class, which is nice no doubt. but the price of VVS quality diamonds overall would be the S65 class. so we’re talking over triple the price! most people with their eyes can’t tell the difference when it’s with diamonds that small (0.01-0.05) but when we use what we internally call “JONAS QUALITY” diamonds aka VVS diamonds which is not very rare, but not often… you can see them shits shine and the difference is when you get lotion or dirt or soap on your piece, that shit will still shine no doubt! it’s just a WHITER and BRIGHTER stone overall…. So when I met the kid Dillon, I thought he was playing, he is one of the few I have overlooked by appearance and didn’t think he had that ice cold in his veins….

he wanted a diamond supply co unpolo logo iced out and like 4″ or taller and he wanted this bitch solid!!!!! I said, hold up famo, let me talk to you for a second lol…. he talked to me and he wasn’t playing games. so….

we made a stupid heavy 14k white gold piece (you rarely even see 10k gold these days) with a heavy 14k white gold solid franco…. and 22 carats of VVS2 E/F colored diamonds!
without further ado



that’s right bitches…
he’s bout that life! #diamondlife the piece is WET!
real talk, that’s that Jeezy white on white, that true BMF quality. nobody can say shit to my dude. he can hold his head up high at any function and nobody can even say anything about the quality. he’s up there with the 1% and the best. cats don’t even use real VS really. I cant think of the last time I seen a VVS jacob piece….

I showed the mold originally to Nick Diamond and he freaked out. like WTF?? WHO IS THAT? I WANT TO MEET THIS KID! damn! that’s reppin hard! so Dillon, you gotta come through to the block again when me and Nick are around and grab some gear. much love homey
enjoy and stay strapped! lol jk

shout out to the IE too


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