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So my man Nick Diamond had an episode of Fantasy Factory being shot at his store (LOCATION) and it was to also celebrate the collab between Diamond Supply and Drama(from fantasy factory’s) new clothing brand Young and Reckless. Nick had a very decent bar, invite only because of the shooting of the show…. had Ciroc sponsors and Coronas on deck… the kush was provided by everyone…. of course my dumbass brought a chilled bottle of vintage Dom Perignon!

Ocho Cinco showed up and showed mad respect for my jewelry game… to see more, make sure to click the link below

So I got there early with no expectations really…. Phil Jackson said, “have no expectations and you’ll never be disappointed” …. so parked the whip and walked in like 7:45 (party was from 7 to 11) and it was light, but Drama and Rob Dyrdek had just walked in…. a lotta familiar faces inside that I just saw in Las Vegas… but it’s all love there. Even though Diamond doesn’t sponsor me, I respect his gangster and likewise… I still want to do a t-shirt collab as it’d be only right IF & Co x Diamond Supply….

I got to chop it up quickly with the homiez Rob and Drama…. Drama had on a super duper fresh ass PVD black Rolex Daytona and I mean the official shit, not that BS cats downtown LA and NYC tryna do, but the joint you see John Mayer rocking early(John is a crazy vintage/rare rolex collector) and actually Drama said, he got it from John Mayers boy…. so peeps are just chillin, socializing, etc… they are filming this entire time, so it’s kinda lightweight stuffy, I stayed out the way, chilled out… Ocho Cinco walks in and I never met cat before, but I’ve read some of his tweets and dude is clearly a character… we get formally introduced and chop shit up bout jewels etc… I said fuck the dumb shit and cracked open the bottle of Dom and handed it to Drama and then to Nick and a few breezies…. then handled that bitch…. DJ Politik had a playlist pre-approved by MTV to rock and then when they finished filming, it was on and cracking… Politik got to get his spin on and things started to pick up… there were a ton of bloggers in the house; glad to see my lil bro bro Chris in the house… once the liquor started to infect the moods, things like I said got poppin! remember this is a retail streetwear/skate shop! Tweets and TwitPics were flying around like the flu…. I thought Chanel(fantasy factory) was being funny style with not replying to a tweet, but I forgot my page was private and she requested me, but I can’t approve it from my phone(only weak feature about openbeak) but it’s all good now….

here’s some pics:

just walkin into the spot..

Drama trying on a Young and Reckless jacket on camera….

a few pieces from YR’s new clothing line….

the outside patio seemed most poppin because the bar was there and you could smoke… until it rained (but even during the rain, it was crowded)

I had the black on black jewels, Drama pulled out the black on black amex card on me lol… fuck you drama!

Chanel showed up with some of her cute friends……

and then they did SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! (cue Eric Dlux & LMFAO)

there isn’t a harder working private party bartender in LA! real talk…. oh yeh, don’t sleep on that berry Ciroc, shit’s PIFF!

Ed O’Neill aka Al Bundy’s son Kev D showed up….LOLOLOL beakkkkk!

the men of the evening….

crazy lookin sake huh? shit reminded me of Henny & Hypnotiq aka Incredible Hulk

this photographer from France just showed up somehow…. and was showing me and Nick this book he made that he shot of Los Angeles and it looked like it was taken in the 60’s, 70’s… but it was like last summer and it was hella dope ass vintage looking… he took a few flicks of me and Nick and that’s the camera he used… not digital

this is the book…. trust me, I don’t give too many props, but the book was fresh

the highlights of the party/evening outside making a network with Ocho Cinco was seeing my old friend HIP HOP. For those of you who have lived underneath a sombrero for the last 14 years may not have heard of Jay-Z, Just Blaze, Kanye West and Lil Wayne; well Kyambo(HIP HOP) Joshua owns the management company and is Kanye, Weezy and Just Blaze’s manager, was also the former VP & President of a few major labels and his career is not ending anytime soon….. Me and HIP HOP go back to when I was an OG rocafella team member 1995-2001… he was the head A&R for Rocafella and always loved staying behind the scenes…. like his brother BIGGS(co-ceo of rocafella). Kyambo gave birth to kanye’s career, etc…. it was good to chill, talk shit and catch up with him… Hip Hop rolled up with my fambam Alchemist and another triple OG showed up too…. my boy Cesario aka BLOCK who went from being a venice local gangbanger to photographer to producer and directed the amazing documentary on Christian Hosoi….. so obviously I chopped it up with a lot of og fam and lots of tastemakers were in attendance there….. good times… OH AND SHIT, I’VE BEEN ON A ROLL LATELY! haha, I asked Politik if I could spin a little bit and damn, there were a lotta cameras on me, so I was not nervous, but embarrassed because I still don’t know serato and even Politik could tell I’m a straight vinyl type of DJ… but I rocked a lil something for like 45minutes….

Chad just walked in…. the boys choppin it up at the door…

the main room…. rockin out

cameras shooting some b roll…. and Angela Simmons walking in

me and the host of the evening Mr Tershay

Mik Jagga (co-founder of Greedy Genius, now CEO of passport shoes), Hawaii Mike(CEO/Editor of LTD mag) give me a feature motherfucker! please? haha….

ocho cinco and cuatro dos!

Alchemist(fuck that, he’s a legit true hip hop legend in my book) and my patna Hip Hop (kyambo) the realest mogul in hip hop today!

me and a dj legend in the making…. DJ POLITIK, he’s only 21 and been djing for 8 years and remembers my days when I wasn’t so rusty and could actually cut some records up!

yep…. K-Town on the turntables… 3rd time in a month! comeback time? NO! photo taken by Bo

awwwready… threw on that Wacka Flocka and some dirty south shit and the place got loose!

and I had to take a shot of this… crazy ill…. I’ve seen a good amount of L-R-G tats by fans, etc… but I’m still amazed how much the Lifted has touched some of these cats

shouts out to the rest of the homiez I don’t think I mentioned in the blog: ibn, Joy, Cottonmouth Lou, lax to jfk chuy, Lumbo, Bubbs, Dagen, Danny Cho, Mink and of course the diamond staff/team…. if I forgot you, don’t be mad!

after the diamond party…. I went to a spot…. but all you really need to see is this

CATCH MY DRIFT??? Ace of Spades Rose’…. Ace Magnum and then just regular Ace….
BTW, was up since 9am and didn’t have a single thing to eat but Dom P and Ace of Spades until 3:20am!

so I went to Du-Pars for some breakfast and laughs with friends….

good day everyone… the month is movin righteously!

the following are from my homegirl, the beautiful Talisa Monet’s blog

thank you Tal for the pics…. btw, why the fuck are you so damn sexy? haha, soooo photogenic too! DAMN! I don’t know what it is, but something bout a lady puffin on a blunt is so damn proper! ha!

always PEACE!

I like these pics the best I think…. photo credit (Chris Lee CtotheJL)

me and Chanel…. the only reason anyone watches Fantasy Factory right?

I’m in the matrix…. fuck it let the fish burne! lol

attn: jewelers, if you’re going to bite my frogman, please do it correctly smh…

Everyone gather around and check out the fresh shit lol….

Ipod vs BBerry? naw… Chad wants some jewels (peep nick out in the background lookin like a sucka! haha menace II society drop…. Nick u was gettin it in with the champagne!)

choppin it up with Rob… showing him the Black on Black diamond set up

gettin my lil cameo on with Nick and Drama…

I give this party 2 guns up! Baller Approved!

young and reckless…. yes we are… well… me, rob and nick aren’t, but we’re reckless! HA!

aite, y’all… appreciate y’all peeping the blog!

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