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for real though,
hanukkah and christmas and a crazy week


we celebrate it all! but not kwanza
but the menorah and xmas tree are looking very fresh!

monday, I had to shake down to Carlsbad to the DGK headquarters to deliver these sick ass DGK diamond and gold pinky rings I made for Stevie Williams and the DGK skate team…
their movie premiere was the next night and he wanted to surprise them, so I made 12 before a crazy deadline and during our craziest christmas/holiday season ever….


but look how they turned out doe but those pics suck huh? ok….


and on the inside of every ring, I lasered each team members name next to our IF logo and to make it even cooler when presenting this to them…

I had LED lights inside of the ring box!  obviously my boy Stevie was very impressed and happy….

so I went home in some shit traffic… thank god for that new fast trak lane on the 110!!!! man we was in the Ghost doing a buck! so tuesday was mad work, mad orders and no breaks… with all that, London gives zero fucks and will make sure I’m late to everything lol smh

tuesday night was the premiere of the DGK movie “Parental Advisory” and I had to show up to make sure I personally handed each team member a ring. damn sidebar I need one of these rings, they’re sick!


don’t trip, that’s just my reality tv crew filming the event!

there’s a lot of different cultures and skin colors on that team, but all one love. I love this picture

and it was good to see Jack and some other cats who skate for L-R-G

so we walked up to the red carpet and there was only maybe 2,000 people waiting to get inside. shit was like a black friday release of $50 ipads smh!

seen my boy Jason from Native who also did a lot of commentating for mad skate contests… picture taken by Willie T finally got passed the MOB and did a little press.


and the man of the night….

man I’ve known Stevie for 10 years and I remember when he started this company, so dope to see so much growth over a decade… shit we were in a parking lot talking about Atmos in japan and Evisu jeans and now we talking about copping ferrari’s and cribs out of town

to be honest, there were so many people there, so much crazy shit that I just fucking left. like for real. I couldn’t deal anymore…. so I got home and swooped up Nic and London and we hit this spot called TOWNE and the shit was pretty damn official!

you know I’m a sucker for a good burger!!!!
btw, I was at Golden State yesterday and you know they have the best burger in LA if not the country and Guy Fiery was walking out and just did a special on that place. FUCK! I hate it when the low key popular spots get blown up! oh well…

back on the grind..
thursday, same shit! had to get the Rolls detailed and headed up to the Pheed house! to see my boy Tony Deniro and check out Trinidad James who pretty much is the hottest rapper in the game right now.
while the car was getting detailed, I had to stop next door at this spot called ROFL cafe

that fried chicken sandwich with the mexican coke doe!!!
but them french fries were suspect

when I pulled up, Trinidad was shooting a video and he had a trained famous pomeranian in the drop top with him and in his left had he had chicken wing bone. amazing. fuck

we chopped it up and got formally introduced and Trinidad fucked my life up…. he said, “bro we done already met before. at your supra TK release party at Wish ATL and I got a picture of you bro. I’ve been a fan and been following your movement for years now” He then said he even came to the after party at the New Era store and I was like damn, thank god I’m nice to everyone I meet. that’s crazy… so we connected and I got him some supras and of course one of my watches and we chopped it up a bit.

I had to check out the Pheed house and really sit down with the man who taught me how to ball. the guy who no joke opened my eyes to a whole different world… this guy Tony? fuck… first round draft pick in the NFL, won the BCS NCAA championship with Notre Dame…. engaged to Jada Pinkett when it meant something, dated Halle Berry, so many other bad ones… always had ridiculous fly whips and also a multi platinum producer…

well this is his baby now and Pheed is the newest craziest illest social media network. I have yet to master it myself, but go register yourself and do yourself a favor. they are on the verge of taking shit to a level that instagram and twitter and other sites can’t…. and for celebs or entertainers, you can OWN your own content! and get paid!!! just go to their site now and peep game

beverly hills mansion in the hills? how cliche’! I FUCKING LOVE IT! keep doing it TONE!

speaking of Stevie Williams, they built him a half pipe skate ramp in the backyard!! of course there’s a pool and just so much going on. it’s really a cool house to hang out at!


I’m behind now about 2 more blog posts… but I got content for that ass!!!!!

much love and everyone have a great weekend!

I will post pics from the diamond supply holiday dinner and this new sick fucking hat I got from Michael SA tomorrow!!!


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