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naw not talking bout my big homey/ex boss Dr. Dre…. I mean ME!
enough is enough!
back around late 2006 to late 2008 I got up to 200 lbs.
said fuck this shit… I need to get right!
before my bday in Jan 2009, I lost 48 lbs! thanks to Adam aka GOAT Goldston….

so now starting today I need to lose like 10 or 12 lbs…
I’m around 173 and want to get close to 160 for my boracay, philippines/asia trip diet!

I got the magical supplements (all natural vitamins, no extra shit) that I used back a year ago….
and I’m not eating red meat this time around….

so to kick off my diet?
my girlfriend decided to show her cousins a good time (since we missed the OC fair this week) with some deep fried snacks…. the old school way! now we got a deep fryer, but that shit is a nightmare to clean….




SMFH!!!!! I can’t even front… the deep fried twinkie was crazy good! we attempted to deep fry ice cream, but we would need the actual deep fryer to do that… fux it

now speaking of deep frying shit and frying pans and skillets….
my boy E-Dazzle thought I didn’t know what time it was? he don’t know I’m back to the future, all time zones covered…. no watch on! GOOD SHIT BRO BRO! haha

youngsters won’t know what the fuck this is… in fact 99.9% of the readers of this blog won’t know what this is.

anyways, hit up Runyon and got a great hike in… ran into the homey Dennis from Crooks and was shocked to death to see him! haha. good shit D! damn you was dolo too! wow, my girl has to wake me up and kick my ass to get in shape!

got a few more orders this week, the Gucci watch with white diamonds flew off our shelves… thanks everyone.
I got a piece I’m making for a 18 month old boy! smh hahahahaha

just booked my trip to Vegas for Magic and I’m headed to the Bay next month for sure…. along with Houston next month…. still haven’t got my conf. for Caribana in Toronto yet…. meanwhile, I need to get out of town again…. but still waiting on pops condition to stabilize.

p.s. I just ordered my Fall 2010 L-R-G gear and WOW! in 5 years, I haven’t seen a line this ill! shit is all what I love and loved about this brand! all the clean basics and nothing extra-ISH! so much clean shit.. they introduced a skinnier jean, a true skinny instead of the slim straights and mad henley’s and just clean button ups! they also introduced a Skinny Fit woven shirt now, so you don’t have the wide shirt syndrome!

thank you jonas, jesse & gully

fuck man! re-tiled the floor, replaced the vanity, all types of shit…
also moved around a lot of shit in the crib…
gonna have another small private garage sale very soon… and best of all;
I got my 3-D flat screens coming!

everyone have a great weekend…
I want a new car btw

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