dear jewelers…. 15 carat diamond/gold G-Shock

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Dear Casio,
I know you’re gonna miss me, for we been together like supras and kr3w tees. vaiders with lrg fleeces…. purple label shit with the IF logo peep it….

we just finished makin a beast!
15 carat diamond beast 6900 G-Shock
almost 95 grams of 14k yellow gold…. (attn: jewelers, stop using alloy or 7k gold and then rhodium it to pass off as gold, shit turns brown! stop it!
nuff said, we run this… got 4 g-shocks being made right now and we got mad projects in the works now…. back like cooked crack as I said. the grind never waits for nobody.

of course we tattoo all of our g-shocks now to provide authenticity so you know you didn’t get it from c-shock or some shit… wtf are ziamonds? smh

p.s. just shut the fuck up… we workin

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