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So today I go to see my doctor for a full physical and so far so good! (I find out the lab results 2moro lol) but overall my doc said I’m looking much better than my last physical…..all the tests he gave today looked really good!
anyways, I had a good but long day today. I’m still trying to get over not having a motorcycle BUT, I booked 2 big clients today… 1 a stock broker from san diego and the other a multi platinum rapper from new york(I can’t say who because in this economy, there are so many cut throat thirsty jewelers who stalk my blogs and forums I post in, they’ll offer the jewelry for free to my clients like idiots, but at the end of the day, with I.F. & CO. you’re paying for the experience and the work…. the ice is free!).
I also got my costume ready for the party @ the Roosevelt. WE’RE GONNA HAVE FUN! the party is also my very close friends b-day bash Masha! HAPPY BDAY MASH PASH! you better find a baby sitter for Harlow cuz we’re gonna get foolish. The Halloween bash is hosted by Marilyn Manson and the music will be provided by the world famous Mix Master Mike! I got my tix from Masha today and I’m glad there will be a roped off vip area

Masha and me outside Barneys (miss the OG days of sushi ko @ the glen with you & Nicole)

It doesn’t have to be cristal or dom p to have a good time! lol. at first I’ll come clean, I was very reluctant to try a $6.50 bottle of wine, but F it, this shit mixed with Sprite is crack! and remember I only had 7 alcoholic beverages total in the year of 2007, so it’s a nice feeling to be able to have a bottle of hooch every so often I deserve it, thanks babe. hahaha! ain’t nothing wrong!


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