CRUCIFIX FOR THE LORD’S GYM… a gift from Apolo Ohno to his Trainer

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so I got a unique request to make something a week or so ago….. actually Apolo had mentioned this to me a while ago, but I had so much other shit going on that I didn’t have the time to rush it….
but he is always getting gifts for the people dear to him in life and this time it was for his Olympic Strength trainer and long time friend….
Apolo said this about him and talks about him often when we hang out:
John is so loyal and honest and he would take a bullet for me…. In my opinion John is the strongest man in the world and He is the smartest trainer I’ve ever met… He’s been the backbone during my training”

for those 8 Olympic medals… THAT IS SAYING A WHOLE LOT! damn!

he showed me pics of this guy and I was like JESUS! his neck is the size of my gf’s waist… his arms look like a running back’s legs and he once squatted 1000lbs and can bench press 600lbs. which basically means this guy is a beast!

so he showed me a pic of the piece this guy wears around his neck and it’s a crucifix/cross with jesus nailed to a cross with dumbbells or barbells on it.

and then I hit up my graphic artist Chris who draws shit up in like less than an hour…. sometimes in 20 minutes!

and he came up with this remix!

and so then we took all that and remixed the shit out of this piece!

you already know how IF and Co does it….

wax on, WAX OFF APOLO SAN! jeahh.. right before it went into casting… that mold was cut inside an hour! I can’t even draw that fast! Jimmy don’t play!


that piece shines! it doesn’t need diamonds!
the cross was made with 14k yellow gold and it’s almost 100 grams (btw gold is $1275 an oz! it’s gonna hit $1400 soon) and we added a 26″ 14k yellow gold solid 5mm franco chain which is around 120 grams, so this beast set up heavy! and solid!

Apolo has very good taste and when it comes to his jewelry, he will only settle for 14k or 18k gold as some others have to resort to 10k these days due to the price of gold….

THANK YOU CHRIS WARFARE MR. 206 FOR THE PRECISE ARTWORK! without that proper layout, we couldn’t have made this piece a reality and with such precision. we made this piece after the artwork took chris less than 24 hours in around 2 days real talk. we cut the wax inside an hour which usually takes other cats weeks to a month sometimes! fuck a CAD machine… we do this by hand! uggggh #corea

I can’t wait to see the look on Apolo’s trainer’s face when he sees this thing… it was just so damn clean!

thank you again Mr. Ohno for your business. We appreciate it.
can we ice out your ice skates? pun intended?

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