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I just don’t do that shit….. I mean, if I like something I’ve seen somewhere else, I mean maybe I might post it here, but highly unlikely…. unless its something I break bread with or fucks with hard! like Supra, Platinum Motosport or L-R-G(if and co doesn’t count because it’s my company and it will never debut anywhere else but here) I want to post things I’ve seen myself for the first time or actually took pics of. whether it be a new chess board or a bitch(excuse me, I mean female species, beautiful or ugly… my bad)

not to mention names…. but I do blog when I have the time to write, I like to write, I can’t just copy and paste naked pics of rihanna or do what Kanye does with his fashion or bird likings or Perez does with his lame left hand slaps…. I do me, talk about whats goin on in my life right now; shit that makes me laugh or angry, etc….

it’s so fuckin easy and not personal to post pics of T-Pains new gigantic chain that everyone has kinda seen…. now if my boy Zahir who made the chain actually gave me pics before T-Pain posted them on his twitter, then I’d have an exclusive lol. just sayin though….. I don’t copy and paste unless its something OG! and I didn’t see it on any other blog.

aite, gotta go….. new Supra fall samples in, jewelry to make, food to eat, gotta get my cuticles suitable and gotta chase that paper.

I love you

p.s. I won’t front, I miss my bro Jonas(fam, my bad, but you know what I got goin on)
and I MISS TYLER TO DEATH. shit breaks my heart on a daily.

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