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had this list been about jesus pieces and crosses, then…
let’s just get this out of the way,
Frank White aka Notorious, aka Biggie aka B.I.G. would have been in the top 5 just off GP.
he was not the first to rock an official jesus piece, but he was one of the first and he made that Jesus piece what it is today. He made it platinum (literally)

so with that, He would have got on the top 5. trust me, I’ve been around hip hop since 1980 and I’ve loved and looked at jewels since then too. if you’re going to contest me about stupid things, get facts please, not speculation

Tito aka the original Jacob was the man who birthed the Jesus mold that eventually became remixed and made better by jacob and between him and Manny, they were super OG’s before Jacob…. Jacob just had a way stronger diamond connect and investor

without further ado…..


now as for an honorable mention list….
lets get to those crosses!
Macho and Fat Joe copped 2 crosses from me, one ended up being sold and traded and then back on Cam’ron’s neck.

I can’t believe I didn’t make it to this cameo…. I was too busy being an idiot! this song/video “make it rain” changed the game of hip-hop for a good minute

and for the losers at Aviannes who said they made cam’rons cross…

really? ummm naw, that’s my uncle putting the finishing touches before I dropped it off at Joes hotel

and thats in my hands so you know how big a 50 carat cross is!

we made a glacier blue diamond one too that was the reverse colorway of Fat Joe’s and sold it to Bow Wow


and then cats keep telling me the I-95 chain changed the game


I personally liked the I-10 piece better, but what the I-95 repped was sick too, just in street talk and what that pipeline is responsible for….

so back to my honorable mention list

I fuck wid it E-40 SickWidIt chain I’m assuming made by Highline probably cost him around $40,000 and one thing is he definitely got a deal. the execution is pretty good

this was really close to making top 50, but damn, his stint was so short in hip-hop. he did kill it for a couple years because he overexposed the business releasing an album every week for an entire year! I used to work with Percy aka Master P and Boz so I remember those crazy days the Tank was running over everything, but again, it was very loud, hard and a short stay. I liked the chain. but it wasn’t my top 50 but I will pay respect

now if we’re gonna talk about gimmicks? I had to choose between 2 of Jasons Chains, either this or the Garfield one and I rather it be a lamborghini that worked and drove over a cartoon character.
I’ll give it up for Soulja Boy because 1. he had the same lambo and 2. he’s a youngster who pulled it off.

if there’s anyone you think I missed, then say it here, say it now or forever hold your peace!

please just don’t mention anything about Waka or Gucci.

thanks again to Complex magazine and let’s see what y’all got to say

btw, p.s. we moved close to 60 micro jesus pieces this week with the sale! over 20 baby jesus pieces and 2 full size jesus pieces!!!! it’s gonna be a good christmas

also, I got something special coming for my boy Drizzy……

oh yeah, I’m good…. we good lol YOLO!


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