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so this entry won’t be just about the clear be@rbrick and it being my 37th 1000% in my personal collection… but also about some random shit goings ons… ya dig?

THANK YOU MR. E aka aMYstirrE for holding me down on the comme des garcon rare be@rbrick at such a gangster price all the way from Hong Kong! other cats need to step their game up…
this clear Happy Ribbon be@rbrick was a collab with Dover Street Market shop(in London, UK) x Comme Des Garcon of course…. was produced in 2006 and only 150 were made so it’s really really a rare piece!

(click to enlarge images)


thanks again and again Mr. E! I will be in touch if I need anything in HK!

so onto some jewels….. as we’re making 40 custom pieces right now. YES 40! in the worst recession I’ve seen to date! no, not alloy, not cz’s OR EVEN CLARITY ENHANCED DIAMONDS! but VS stones with some 14k gold!

here’s something we made for a customer 2 days ago
the different style jesus piece… people call the “kufi” jesus
FYI “YESU” means Jesus in Korean…


oh boy!
it’s about 250 grams which is HELLA HEAVY! and belongs now on a heavy ass cuban chain keeping it classic NYC shit! I love it when New Yorkers spend their hard earned bread with us here in the west coast.

we got a lotta cool smaller shit to show soon…. some I can’t show due to the clients request and due to the fact that they are x-mas gifts…. but the smaller 1.5″ to 2″ pieces are winning right now! Also a cool g-shock that is very affordable as it’s only iced out in 1 certain area!
stay tuned!!!!


last night was a private invite only party at Factory 413 for the Crooks n Castles x KR3W collab release….
Joy did a wonderful job putting it together and the dopest part was it was a east coast meets west coast feel….
we had on 1 side of the dj booth…. my homey DJ QUIK and to the right of him…. another legend JUST BLAZE
crazy, cuz I’ve been bumping into Quik at a lot of places…. and to be quite honest? I was such a fucking fan of his when I was a senior in HS it’s sick…. I remember having his mixtape back in 1990 with the remixed gang related verses off “quik is the name” and for a minute Compton was really running shit in the music game…..
over to Just…. I’ve been 1 degree of separation from Just Blaze from at least 10 close friends…. from the Rocafella camp to the sneaker fam and niketalk, to LRG to the jewelry cats and now to my filthy KR3W! was good catching up with my Dunamis famo lol… fyi Just Blaze was 1 of the 1st 3 cats to own or rock a Dunamis Timepiece….

so they were bumping everything from Dre to Dipset and just keeping the party moving…..
meanwhile I watched the punk ass Miami Heat get their asses handed to them by the punk ass Celtics and could only think all night, damn how much of a bust is Miami? smh…. My Lakers lost, but I wasn’t even trippin…. 8-1 and we’re good! see you at the finals for our 3-peat

so anyways…. drinks provided by Belvedere and they were pouring the 100 proof so cats could get liquored up faster….. lots of familiar faces and positive vibes going down…. everyone chillin, smokin, drinkin and having a good time.
thank you Joy, much love to my supra/filthy kr3w fam Angel & Muska… can’t forget Dirt and the rest of the kr3w!

some pics

me with Dennis aka co-founder, co-owner of Crooks….

me with the one and only Justin Blaze…. yes my specs are prescription now

Chad Muska, me and a guy I don’t remember his name, but prolly is the most important cat in this pic



yesterday was the final funeral ceremony for my pops (buddhist) so it might have a been a little quiet on my bbm, facebook and internet yesterDAY….. much love…. still fucks me up and prolly is the main reason why I feel weird every single day and night.

p.s. if you didn’t know, now you do… YM doesn’t stand for Young Money…. Drizzy Drake can confirm

everyone have a safe great weekend!
my girl’s having a photoshoot for her bikini line Lollime tomorrow, so she has a couple girls to shoot for her new lookbook and I get to stare at them and not feel funny about it….. then I might have a get together at my place to watch the Pacquiao fight or head down south to watch it at the homey Paolo’s crib!

and p.p.s I got kanye’s album a few days ago and listened to it and damn the beats are on point…. production got that vintage sound to it with the dope breaks and samples… but fuck the autotune and overall lyrics need to take a hike and come back to the OG yeezy… a couple cool metaphors. but man I feel like the lyrical content is lost…. no direction #okbye

take care!

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