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So I’ve been to a few charities in my time… but I’ve also participated and raised money for a decent amount of charities and foundations…. this time I was supporting a great one and my friend(almost family, 30 years of friendship with our families having over 40 years of friendship easy) Anita Ko whom which I’m also collaborating with on some Diamond encrusted G-Shock’s.

Anita has a very high end line of jewelry that only sells in the most elite boutiques around the earth and has the matching clientele list to match the quality of her work, you can view her line of fine jewelry here: ANITA KO JEWELRY

Anyways, Anita has some very charitable friends and we have a lot of close mutual friends in our circle, so I knew it wouldn’t be a boring time, but more importantly, I knew it was a great event to check out and I’m very proud of where Anita is in her life…. 31 years ago, I used to tie her shoe laces, now she’s helping me out lol. My boy Tendaji Lathan(Sanaa’s brother) was on the 1’s and 2’s and much respect for a fellow Cal Be@r and fellow DJ! I got to see an old og high school homey of mine Scott Caan and also chill with my buddy’s gf Laura… smh at you not being there!

NOW, as for the actual charity/cause…. its for a camp called COMFORT ZONE CAMP and it’s for kids who need a place to be to grieve, so they don’t feel left alone, usually kids who lost a parent or sibling come here and this place is their fun place for them to play or release. for more info go to: COMFORT ZONE CAMP

here’s a couple pics… I have a pic of me and Anita someplace! but damn, I forgot we took a pic with the photog’s and not with my cam… oh well! I’ll be showing off her watch early in the new week!

in my linen skinny suit, I swear you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t doing it lol


me and Laura “Do the Roar!” Katzenberg lol

oh btw, there was some really really cool shit being auctioned off! like everything from Dinners at 5 star restaurants to high end jewelry to shoes to items off the Cleveland Show and a lot more

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