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so as the wall is nearly complete….
another addition to my vinyl medicom 1000% be@rbrick collection was made yesterday thanks to my aniki Hiroshi!

check out his website here VOTAN tokyo
For anyone who’s followed me since 2002 to 2004 and knows about my partnership with Methamphibian and such must remember Hiroshi’s store ESSENSE japan which was our flagship account located in Yokohama….

well he knows my hobby/habit is bad and helps me out finding steals on 1000%’s….

so this is the 1st collaboration between the high end paris boutique (Colette), the couture clothing brand (Comme Des Garcon) and the toy company (Medicom).
this be@rbrick was released late July of 2004 and only in tokyo and paris in very limited #’s

it’s has semi gloss and glossy black parts, but is all black, there is writing on the back but is very faint and can only be seen by putting the be@r at an angle or obviously flashing a light to it

peep game


and the wall updated….

just waiting on SOMETHING CRAZY to put up, then I need to build the 2nd be@rbrick wall…


last night, me and Nic were checking out a furniture store on Melrose just east of the strip….. and came across this cool ass restaurant. it’s called Paddy Rice and it’s a new Vietnamese spot that obviously specializes in Viet/Pho Cuisine….

I honestly thought I was looking at some futuristic fusion type coffee shop when I walked by…..
the entrance is all glass and the glass windows are from floor to ceiling and tall. there are a shit load of lcd flat screens that are all on and you can tell off top, whoever designed this spot is def a professional architect. Inside there are 2 different styled chandeliers and that’s the reason why Nic stopped me initially…. because the lighting was so fresh inside lol…. the tables are light colored wood and all simple but modern. So we walked inside…. wasn’t the usual Pho spot you walk into in k-town or chinatown and def not like any in westminster…. these peeps spoke english and they had the basic menu, but some really cool extras. I got a lychee iced tea and it was really fucking good…. I got my pho and I’m lightweight disappointed because I can tell off top that there isn’t any MSG in the soup! smh…. I love that extra salty MSG flavor in my pho…. but the taste was definitely there and I could obviously tell this is a super healthy alternative to Pho for a healthier clientele. I was impressed. Nic got the shrimp spring rolls wrapped in clear rice paper which is kinda the usual, except they added Avocado to them and she murked them before I could get a bite in….

they had a fresh ass dessert list too, but I’m going back sometime this week to try the other dishes!
too bad they don’t have banh mi’, but all good… this is much closer than going east for some Pho and like I said, it’s not the typical hole in the wall decor…. google Paddy Rice Los Angeles; they’re located on Melrose between La Brea and Highland.

aite, time to ship some jewelry out, get some things lasered, finish a sick Cartier watch…. start on some new designs…. and then it’s time to wrap up my guest bedroom…. need to hit 2 furniture stores and then gonna hit a fresh dinner with some homey’s later


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